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It's starting to get close to that time of the year again....MHWF Health Reports.

Please do not forget every MHWF adopter needs to print, fill out, sign, then have their vet sign a copy of the MHWF health report each year and send them to MHWF with at least one full color, full body shot photo of their adopted horse. These forms can be sent in only after spring shots, etc. have been done, but must be received before June 15th!

Forms that do not include the required photos and both your signature and the vet's signature, as well as every line on the form filled out will not be accepted.

Please take these forms very seriously and make sure to get them in before the due date. This is our only yearly requirement in regard to adoption horses and we must take them very seriously. Failure to get your accepted health report in on time is a breach of contract per the Placement Agreement, signed at the time of adoption and grounds for removal of your adopted horse.

MHWF does not want that, so please make sure to get this form completed and in before June 15th, 2017.

Here is the direct link to the form: http://www.equineadoption.com/HealthReport.pdf

Thank you!

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