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This will be Babs thread where we will keep all future updates.  

Babs came to MHWF from the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses on 10/22/2017.  

More pictures coming soon.  


Babs is a 25 year old Mustang cross mare.  She is a veteran of many trail rides and spent years doing 4H shows. Even at 25, she is still very sound, an easy keeper and has a ton of energy. She is sweet and well broke. Babs stands at about 14.3 hands tall and once out of quarantine, will have some great years left in her for someone who wants a great trail partner who still likes go and can do it better than most. She could easily pass as a 10 year old.  

Update:  Babs had full vaccinations, teeth floated, dewormed and feet trimmed on 11/4/2017 at Vet Day at MHWF.  
Quarantine period is over 11/20/2017. 

[babs1-oct26]  [babs2-oct26]


I love this mare. She acts half her age.   My Copenhagen is also a Mustang/Appy cross, is going strong, and is two years younger than Babs. I noticed that Babs and Pandora have those durable looking Mustang hooves just like Copey. His feet have always been great.

If I had room for one more, I wouldn't hesitate with Babs.  She has a lot to offer some lucky adopter.  
Donna, you have good taste, and thank you for pointing this girl out to us at the event and encouraging us to bring her to MHWF.  That was very good advice, this mare is a true gem.  

Babs came out for her second test ride on Saturday (12/2/2017), since coming to MHWF.  The first time we brought Babs out for a test ride she was quite nervous, having been through a lot and she still behaved very well for everything.  She was acting like she thought her rider was going to want her to go-go-go and just nervous.  I do believe Babs was gamed in the past.  Now on her second test ride here at MHWF, Babs did a lot better, having settled in and getting to know us and the routine.  Babs still had a lot of energy, but she easily figured out that her rider just wanted to relax and take a leisurely ride.  I do have some video of Babs being ridden on Saturday, 12/2/2017, but it will take a while for me to find the time to get that uploaded.  Until then, here is a picture of Babs with Rosa.  

Thank you to both Jurita and Rosa for spending time with Babs and riding her.  

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Wow...she looks fantastic!
Donna R
I agree with you Karen.  Babs is a true gem.  Thank you so much for taking her in!  She will bring some lucky adopter a lot of joy.  This horse has a lot of good years left in her.  She looks great!
Thank you for seeing that Donna. Yes she a gem. And she was gamed a lot. She loved every second. But not just games. She did pleasure shows as well. But she is not a pleasure horse. She will give a lucky person lots of years of yet.
Here is a little video of Babs being ridden.  The quality will be poor because I had to resize it very small in order to upload.  

or click here
I know this horse. she was used as a 4h horse. used for games and did pleasure and trail. she is a good solid horse. I'm sure with some riding she would be more relaxed. anyone who gets her will have a very good horse.
Donna R
Bump.  I was admiring Babs in the photos on Quest and Pandora's threads.  She is such a nice horse!  I hope people looking to adopt take a look at this sweet horse.
Thanks for bringing Babs back up, Donna!  You are so right, this horse is awesome.  She has loads of years in her for riding, she is completely sound and healthy, easy keeper, great feet and legs, and I dare anyone to come and look at her and guess her to be the age that she is.  We have had a lot of people here at the farm who see her and don't even believe her age.  Babs is such a good girl and super easy to get along with.  Very solid and reliable.  Babs is the kind of horse so many people are looking for!  
Donna R
Bump.  How is Babs doing?  This is a nice horse everyone.
Hi Donna!  Babs is doing just fantastic.  She is an EASY keeper, sweet, friendly and a super nice riding horse.  Babs also happens to be gorgeous as well... and everyone who meets her thinks she is half her actual age.  This girl has it all going on and we really hope to see the right person come along for her soon!  
I hope she finds a home soon. She really is a great horse. I enjoyed riding her for many years.
Barb S
Everyday I expect to see Adopted under Babs’s name.
Donna R
Hey petty girl!  Bump.  Time to get you back on the first page.  Don't overlook this special horse!
Scott: MHWF
We are blown away that Babs is still here too. She is an amazing horse, no bad habits, no special needs, does not even need grain. Sound, healthy, broke as well as they get and in better shape than most 10 year olds. We truly believe she has at least another 10 good years left in her, a confidence builder, safe, sweet, polite and experienced.
Hey everyone, big announcement time here!  You guessed it, Babs got adopted tonight!  I have a little confession to make in that I was working on this to be an adoption for myself, and a few people know about that, but the perfect fit came along for Babs and there's no way I could stand in the way of that happening.  Kate came along looking for a horse to add to her life again since her work hours and situation has changed to where she will have more time again, and even though Babs had not been on her list of horses to meet, Babs is the one that fit perfectly.  Kate is no stranger to adoption and she had adopted Alamar and had him in her life for about 3 years until some changes in her work forced his return (he is living the good life with his adopters).  Kate has been riding at the same barn, but really wanted a horse of her own to spoil again now that her work schedule would allow again.  We are so happy for Kate and for Babs!  

Babs is still with us here at MHWF until she can get a ride to her new home, but we did snap an adoption day photo on official adoption day, 6/4/2018.  It was getting dark on us, but this came out super cute!  

Thank you Kate, and congratulations!!  Babs is an awesome horse and we are thrilled she found such a great home!  
(I had already put some white cream on Babs' nose before we did the picture, that's why it looks kind of funny)

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Donna R
Congratulations Kate and Babs!  I, like Karen, absolutely love Babs.  She is a special horse.   I am so happy for both of you!  
Awesome news. Congratulations, Babs and Kate.
What great news! 
Barb S
This is fantastic news! Congratulations Kate and Babs! I’m so happy for you both!
Kate G
I'm so excited about Babs. I saw her on the website and was intrigued but worried about her age. And then I got to meet her! She is so cool. And then I thought, "Age? Eeh, just a number. What the heck." "Why miss out on potentially years of enjoyment because of a number." So, my plan is to dote on her and enjoy her. 

Speaking of age, I now remember a favorite schooling hunter mare at the barn I rode at as a kid. Her name was "Galley Guns". At 28 she was going strong in the show ring still and giving lessons. She was everyone's favorite because she was confident and bold. She even did a few low jumper classes too because she still had the speed. 

But Babs future doesn't involve showing (except for a fun show here and there). We're going to take it easy and enjoy life. 
Oh Kate, you are the LUCKY one to be able to adopt Babs!! You are going to absolutely love this mare ❤️ Congratulations!!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! I think you made a great choice. You're right, you can get many years of enjoyment out of her. She's low maintenance compared to many horses half her age.
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