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In the course of a few days, Babs’ winter hair is in full bloom!

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Barb S
Babs looks great!
Jane Liess
She looks fluffy!
She looks great!

Nice to hang out at the barn where there is no COVID 19 worries.

Tried a Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle on Babs today. I think she really liked it! I did, too!

- Kate

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Barb S
Babs looks great!
Kate G
I had the rare opportunity to go up to the barn 2 days in a row so I was at the barn yesterday. I pulled Babs out of the pasture for a grooming session. No plan for riding. She had just been sunning herself and was covered in grime from head to toe on her left side. 

As I brought her out, I noticed she looked especially arthritic, mostly in the front, on the left than the right. I wondered whether it was because she was ridden the day prior or because she had been laying on her left side. 

Anyway, she has been showing her age I guess. Bound to happen. She is already on joint and "old age" supplements. Warm weather will help and being mobile. 
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