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I hope she gives you as many great memories as she has me. Shes a great horse, I'm happy she has found a new home.
Congratulations Kate! You've just adopted a spectacular horse. I'm happy and sad at the same time. Silly me. Happy that she is going to a new home to be fussed over and loved, and sad that she is again going farther away from us. If there is ever anything you want to know about her, I would be happy to share her life story with you. I know where every little scar came from. I hope you and Babs have many wonderful years together.
P.S. She hates to jump. LoL
If you have any questions, i'm here too. She is amazing and I'm glad that someone appreciates her as much as I did. Always here to give you some insight on an awesome horse and partner... Ps... she really does hate jumping lol
Kate G
LOL, I am getting the message that she hates to jump. Is that right? No worries.

Even though I'm an English type rider, I'm a former hunter rider. Key word is "former". 

I would love to hear Babs' life story. 

Next week, if all goes as planned, she will be arriving to her new home. 

I tend to post a lot and try to post updated pictures as much as my technology cooperates with me. 
Donna R
Kate, I'm so glad you like to post updates!  I wish more people took the time to update once in  awhile.  I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures with this beautiful horse.
Congratulations to Babs and Kate!  Super cool!!
Kate G
I am happy to report that Babs arrived safe and sound to her new home this afternoon. I really lucked out because she really is a wonderful horse. She took everything in stride. She walked calmly out of the trailer and over to the barn. She got to explore the indoor ring and stretch her legs and roll. She admired herself quite a bit in the mirrors on the wall (even nickered a little to herself, LOL). Overall, she was very quiet and curious. She then spent a little time in a stall munching on some hay and looking out at the comings and goings of horses being ridden, put away, etc. Eventually she got a little impatient and pawed a little bit and paced as there was more commotion and horses calling and horses going home from their lessons. She called a little bit. Especially to the noisy baby (almost yearling) who was missing his pasture-mate because his pasture-mate was being ridden. So, we went outside and Babs went into a paddock to look around and smell the smells and eat more hay and wander and look at all the sites and meet the mare across the fence. Babs wasn't flustered at all. Nor was she overly impressed by the ducks across the way or the occasional chicken or peacock wandering by. She thought the windmill and the pond were somewhat interesting and the dog agility course a little farther yonder with it's awkward shapes and bright colors. But alas, eventually those things lost their novelty too and besides they weren't one bit intimidating to her anyway. I put some zinc oxide stuff on her nose because the halter must have shifted enough times to rub what few delicate hairs she had across the bridge of her nose right off, leaving a pink bare spot behind. Put some on her pink muzzle too. And some fly spray. Doesn't care too much about those things but she doesn't really protest either. In a few days, she'll move over to her pasture with the other senior mare and a gelding. And probably in the next week she'll have a therapeutic massage. Who doesn't need one of those? I have pictures of all the events today but apparently I need to update my iPhone before "it" lets me do anything. That's a process that will take awhile. 
Sounds like she is going to be quite pampered. 🙂
Kate G
Looking out.jpg Looking at her self.jpg Outside.jpg 

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Thank you for letting us know how things went and are gong, as well as the photos!
Donna R
Oh pretty girl, look at you!You look very pleased with your new surroundings.Thanks forsharing, Kate!
This makes my heart so happy.  Babs is a very special girl and many have grown to love her very much, and are all so happy that she has found such a great home!!  
Barb S
It's hard to believe that she's 25. She's such a beautiful girl!
Kate G
Once again, I have to say it. I am so lucky to have Babs. First of all, nobody can believe she is 25...I mean, 26. 

I took her out for a little spin this morning before it got hotter than blazes. Judging by the way she has handled herself so far, I knew I could just get on her bareback. (I love to ride bareback.) She was so good. She was curious but confident because she got to see the other side of the farm where there were all new faces to greet her. I love it.

We just did walk and trot. She was nice and relaxed quickly. We're working on proper brakes for now.

And she doesn't care one whip about being hosed down. Stands like a statue. 

God steered me in her direction. That's what I think. 

We celebrate every adoption, but I admit we do celebrate a little harder when a horse over the age of 20 gets adopted, because too many people seem to look past them.  It warms our heart when someone sets that number aside and gives one of these great horses a great home!  Thank you Kate!  

We snapped a couple of pictures of Babs before she left (a hauler picked up Babs for Kate), and I completely forgot to post those...we had never done any up-to-date pictures to show people what a knockout she is.  

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Donna R
Beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Barb S
Gorgeous!!! I love the older horses their old souls are good for my soul.
Beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Donna M
It looks like you and Babs are meant to be. 
Kate G
Babs is fitting in like flynn. She is so wise and smart and becoming a barn favorite!

She got her first chiro treatment today. Had a few adjustments here and there and she seemed to really like it actually. Then I took her out for a few minutes of grazing on the lawn and then let her back out with her buds. She promptly rolled. 


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Lisa B.
My horses love chiropractic adjustments, almost as much as treats and rolling in the mud.
Barb S
Laney loved her first adjustment also. Plus she got the Magna Wave done before her adjustment. It's great to see her melt when Emily works on her.
Thought I’d send a recent photo of Babs, taken yesterday after riding and taking her out to let her snack on some lush greenery. She is with her “beloved” buddy, Cocoa here. The two are very close girlfriends. Babs has turned out to be the perfect fit for me in so many ways. I’m really enjoying being her person.

- Kate G.

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What a great update!!
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