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Donna R
Kate, I'm sure you know I'm quite a Babs fan.  Thanks for the great update!  Keep them coming...[love]
This is me and Babs at night recently. It was a peaceful ride with only the crickets and us. One of those rides that is really relaxing and centering. Looking at ourselves in the mirror. This picture doesn’t do her justice. Makes her look a little “ribby” and gaunt be she is definitely neither. She was a little off on her right front a little recently but back to herself now.  No idea why she was off. Her legs looked pristine. I thought maybe she was working on an abscess or bruise. I suspect she might not have the typical “OMG my leg is broken” response to an abscess like most horses do. I think she is pretty tough and the stoic type. But like I said, she is fine now which I’m relieved about.

- Kathy G.

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Donna R
[love]  I think you understand her very well, Kate.  Glad she is ok now.
It’s wonderful to see Babs so happy! She really needed something do do again. One of my favorite things to do with her was giving her a complete grooming. The only thing she doesn’t care for is to have her ears clipped. She’s ok with scissors but hates the clippers.
She spent a lot of time over the years at shows. Gaming was her favorite, but she also muddled through pleasure shows. Trail riding was what I enjoyed with her. She has a trot to die for. LoL
I look forward to hearing more updates and adventures.
Kate G
I can't think of any occasion in which I will need to clip her ears so luckily I won't have to broach that subject with her, I don't think. 

She is a joy to groom. But she seems to keep herself pretty clean. 

The beauty of her is that I can just go and hang out with her. There is no agenda. She is 26. She has nothing she needs to prove. She's already done it, I'm sure. It's liberating. 
In the middle of my work day when it might be so hectic that I’ve even forgotten to eat lunch, somewhere in the back of my mind I retrieve this little moment in the sun with Babs very contently grazing.  In those few stolen seconds, I can feel a small smile spread across my face. And then shortly thereafter, back to reality and the day at hand. 

- Kathryn G.

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Peace and quiet and a good snack!  We all deserve that!
My daughter Leah likes to come to the barn with me sometimes. She enjoys Babs. She is not a “rider” per se but appreciates Babs demeanor and level headedness.  

- Kathryn G.

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Barb S
I was just thinking of you and Babs on Sunday when I was brushing out Dillinger. How lucky are we to have these to Seniors!
Couldn’t be happier that everyone else passed on these great horses 😊
Just got done enjoying a romp in the indoor.

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