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Baby Cakes - 10 yrs.

$500 - If you have been a fan of MHWF for long enough, then you will remember Baby Cakes. She came to us as a starved yearling from the  rescue case in Trempealeau County 9 years ago that involved 27 untouched horses that we in terrible shape. Baby Cakes was one of those horses and was in the worse shape of them all. She was rehabbed, worked with, and eventually was adopted and has been in that same home for the past almost 8 years, where she got more training, a little riding and was a very loved friend. Baby Cakes is now back at MHWF due to family issues and we can once again look for a new home for her. If you search 27 Horses in Trempealeau County on the MHWF discussion forum, you will be able to find a ton more info and photos of her when we first met her, so Baby Cakes holds a very special place in the hearts of the volunteers at MHWF. She is now a sound, healthy 10 year old mare. She is current on her shots, trims, wormers and Coggins and although she was started for under saddle work, she needs time under saddle and those finishing touches. She can be very shy with new people at first, but once she gets to know you, she adores people and attention. She is good for the vet and farrier, leads, loads, time, etc.  She was started under saddle and has had a few rides in a round pen setting and has done very well.  Baby Cakes is a little thing at 13.3 hands tall, so she will need a light rider, under 150 pounds, someone with the skills and time to take her the rest of the way.  She is very sweet and stunning to look at.  

Here is a link to the old thread regarding the rescue situation that Babycakes (Topanga) came from:  

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Awww. Sweet Baby Cakes. Welcome back and have no fear. A new and loving home will be yours soon.
Jenni O.
She's gorgeous! That color-what is it, anyway? I'm not a color expert.
The color!  Very interesting color in that herd of horses.  Babycakes/Topanga is a champagne, and I'll be darned if I can remember what champagne she is (there are a few different types of champagne).  I am going to get one of my color expert friends over here to answer that question.  
I believe that is an amber champagne.

Absolutely stunning mare!
Ann G.
Welcome back Baby Cakes[smile].What happen to the other horses?
MHWF only had two of those horses, Baby cakes and Gracie. Gracie is still in her adoptive home in Iowa. Baby Cakes is here with us.

The rest were taken to other people and rescues.  If you follow the link to the original story, you can find more information and updates there.  [smile]  
Carly, you are right...I asked my color expert friend and she said amber champagne as well.  [smile]  
Jenni O.
Amber champagne sounds fancy. It's a very neat color.
Baby Cakes!!  Wow...didnt she grow up just lovely.....
I just love her face![love].My mare gave birth yesterday to a black roan colt and I named him smokey[smile].Don't you just love Spring!
Ann G.
I love Spring[smile] and I love this horse!
She is just stunning!   There has always been something "royal" about her and Gracie.  They looked like they had come from some very special breeding somewhere deep in their past that has stuck with them.

Babycakes/Topanga just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you all know she is just as beautiful as ever!  

Here is a picture of her from this evening after the sunset, 5/28/2017.  

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That picture is magical!
Jenni O.
I keep looking for a unicorn horn in that photo.
She only lets her unicorn horn show after dark and for special people, never on camera.  [smile] 
Actually her horn is there, check the ray of light between her ears.   Looks to be in the shape of a horn don't you think?
I don't talk much on here, but love reading posts. I still think she is or has mustang in there somewhere..........
Oh gosh..... Baby Cakes!  I still LOVE this horse. She is a dream horse.   I can sure relate to having health problems, I wish her former owners well.  Glad she is in good hands.
I can see her horn!!![biggrin]LOVE YOU BABY CAKES!!!
I have a couple of cute updated pictures of Babycakes/Topanga to share from this past weekend.  She is a very sweet and nice little mare, and I hope someone comes and gives her a good second look!  She is very willing and ready for you to finish.  She may be small, but she is mighty.  

She had some fun with us in the round pen on Sunday, 7/23/2017.  Cute shot of her checking out the rooster who decided to walk through the round pen.  

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Some really wonderful and kind-hearted people came and spent the day with us and the horses here at the MHWF farm yesterday.  Thank you so much Laura, Deb, Chloe and Terri!  It was a beautiful day, and I'm happy to say that Babycakes got to come out for a couple of hours for some good quality time and attention.  Laura did some round pen work with her, walked her around all over and even fly sprayed her (not to mention all the manure picking Laura did too!).  Babycakes seemed to enjoy everything and did great with it all too.  

Babycakes is a real sweetheart and has loads of potential, beautiful to boot!  Here are a couple of pics from yesterday, 8/13/2017.  

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Look who came out for some more attention and a little riding today!  Babycakes really did great, and a big thank-you to Jurita for spending the time with her and making this such a wonderful and positive experience for Babycakes.  This is a really nice little mare who is gorgeous too.  She needs the training yet to learn more about riding, but she has a really great start on her.  

Here are a few pics from Babycakes today, 8/19/2017:

Love this article about riding ponies:  

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