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Baby Cakes arrived safe and sound. Here is a pic of her and Allison just coming off the trailer at her new home!

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Thank you so much to Scott and Karen for walking Allison and I through the process of adopting Babycakes.  Allison has not smiled that big in a while.  We will be sure to post updates on here and on Facebook.
I seriously have tears in my eyes over this adoption.  I love it so much.  Allison there are SO many of us rooting for you and Babycakes!  Enjoy that gorgeous mare. 
Jenni O.
Donna R
Wonderful adoption!  Baby Cakes deserves a girl be loved by and love in return.  She is a great horse with a huge fan club!
Congrats to Baby Cakes and Allison
Heidi J
Oh, this soooo makes my heart sing. This little girl stole my heart years ago, so happy she has a family to call her own. Best wishes to Allison, Liberty and Baby Cakes. Praying you have many full years together. [angel]

Congrats little Cakes on your new home. 
Liberty B.
Just an update on Babycakes:

While it took a little while, she's settled in and has made friends at her new barn: both the equine and human variety. Other people at the barn make positive comments about her frequently. She still isn't sure about the barn cat.

Allison has been working with as often as her school schedule allows (we can't wait for warmer weather and longer days). They are working on learning about and bonding with each other.
Thank you so much for the update on Baby Cakes!  So glad to hear she is getting settled in.
Liberty B.
Babycakes and Allison competed in the walk trot classes at our county's 4H horse show. This was the first time out at a show and they both did great!

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This is the coolest thing ever!  Congrats!!  You and Babycakes look so wonderful together Allison!  
Barb S
How wonderful!!! ❤❤❤ What perfect partners.
Warms my heart!  [love][love]
Congrats Allison on your first show. Looks like it went very well for you and Cakes. 
This is so awesome!!! Thank you MHWF for giving this girl a new life
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