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Looking great!
Baby Cakes/Topenga is a really sweet little horse. She came right up to me in the pasture and I led her out without a halter. Just put a lead rope on her. She was calm in the round pen while I was riding her around. I have the feeling if you spent time with her you could really make a strong connection with her.
She had a horrible start in life but a great new beginning. I hear her former adopter is a really great trainer so she have her a nice start. Who wants a special little horse to finish? I think she's going to be super.
Oh if I could get her I would! She is gorgeous and I am small enough for her! If only college wasn't so expensive!
She is beautiful and I would love her, but my gelding REALLY likes the ladies... if you know what I mean... 😑
hi, would Baby Cakes be able to carry 200 pounds?  includes rider and tack?
Probably, but that would be very close to her limit.
Susie K.
hi, do you know if Baby Cakes has had any trail rides? or how much riding she has had?
Babycakes has not been out on any trail rides.  She is very green, started under saddle and had some rides in a round pen type setting.  She does have a great start on her and is a no-shenanigans type of horse.  
Jurita came over and rode her favorite horse, Babycakes (I do think they look great together too!).  Babycakes is such a sweet horse and such a pretty girl.  She is awaiting someone to come and meet her, take her home to bond with and finish out her training.  

Here are a couple of pictures and a short video clip from Saturday, 12/2/2017.  

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Jenni O.
Baby Cakes is a sweetheart. I met her Saturday and got the impression that she won't be difficult to finish. She just needs time and consistency.
Kate G
She is really a cool color and she looks very level headed and straight-forward. I bet she has a lot of talent waiting to blossom. 
Babycakes looks really nice in the roundpen!  I agree, very level headed and just waiting for an opportunity to shine.
Anyone want a cute little horse with unique color? Here ya go. She looks great in a hot pink halter by the way.
Kate G
How's Baby Cakes doing? Thoughts I'd ask. She seems like such a cool little mare. 
BabyCakes is doing great!  She is such a sweetheart.  I wish she were either a little bigger or someone on the smaller side would come around for her!  

Yesterday I was standing out by the pasture with my camera and caught this pic of BabyCakes and Josh, as they insisted on drinking out of the same side of the auto-waterer.  LOL  So cute.  

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oh wow...what a great photo!
#TeamBabyCakes! Brooke is coming to pick up BabyCakes at the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation this morning (6/22/2018) for the start of the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge!! We are so excited for Brookeand BabyCakes and wishing them all the best! Please stay tuned for updates on this beautiful pair.

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