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Looking great!
Baby Cakes/Topenga is a really sweet little horse. She came right up to me in the pasture and I led her out without a halter. Just put a lead rope on her. She was calm in the round pen while I was riding her around. I have the feeling if you spent time with her you could really make a strong connection with her.
She had a horrible start in life but a great new beginning. I hear her former adopter is a really great trainer so she have her a nice start. Who wants a special little horse to finish? I think she's going to be super.
Oh if I could get her I would! She is gorgeous and I am small enough for her! If only college wasn't so expensive!
She is beautiful and I would love her, but my gelding REALLY likes the ladies... if you know what I mean... 😑
hi, would Baby Cakes be able to carry 200 pounds?  includes rider and tack?
Probably, but that would be very close to her limit.
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