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Good luck at the show!!!
I was working in the office at the Broken Cinch Saddle Club horse show this weekend when I saw a pretty horse being led around that I thought looked familiar.  My guess was verified when Brooke's mom came to sign the two of them up for classes.  It was BabyCakes!  She looks wonderful!  Brooke and BabyCakes were doing the trail in hand classes.  It was so nice to see them out and in person.  Thank you Brooke and family for taking Baby Cakes and giving her this extra special chance.  You guys are great!  I only wish I would have thought to take a picture😉
BabyCakes and Brooke took first place in the Youth Division at the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge on Sept. 22nd at Jefferson!!  Woohoo!  They were absolute rock stars in every way.  BabyCakes was so relaxed with Brooke and handled everything like a pro.  You could really see the bond between those two, and their performance in the Freestyle brought tears to my eyes.  I'm hoping to get video of that performance to share here soon!  

Here are a couple of pictures.  

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Donna R
Brook and Baby Cake's performance in the Free Style was amazing!  I'm so glad you have it on video to share.  I would love to see it again.  Great job Brook and Baby Cakes!  
Unfortunately, I don't have it on video because my phone was acting up and it went dead, but hoping that someone else can share because I know there were people recording it.  😉  

This is part of her Freestyle performance, and hopefully this link works.  😉  

This is so heartwarming.  What a beautiful job they both did as a team. [smile]
What a beautiful video..great job Brooke and Baby Cakes.
Kate G
I'm a fan. Baby Cakes is such a pretty looking little mare. The video really shows her build well and she is filled out nicely. She seems brave and intelligent. The pair did a great job. I hope she is adopted soon by someone who will appreciate her. 
Thursday, October 4, 2018


Giving horses a second chance, with love

She trains horses to make them better suited for adoption

By Gay Griesbach

For the Daily News

Brooke Kiefer spent the summer putting her compassion and skill toward finding a new friend a good home.

Kiefer, a junior at Slinger High School, and the 11-year old mare named Baby Cakes competed in the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge on Sept. 22.

When Brooke told her parents about the contest, they thought it would be a good way to see what it would be like if the teen spent the time and attention required on a horse that would not belong to her.

"The idea of this was to train a horse so it could be adopted by someone else. When you work with a horse for the summer, you can’t help b ut get close to them, even if you can’t keep them. I was impressed with her professionalism," mom Heather Kiefer said.

Qualified competitors were given a horse to train for 90 days before the Challenge and Kiefer was assigned Baby Cakes — a champagnecolored unknown breed at the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation in Pittsville.

Baby Cakes was one of 27 horses that came to the foundation as a starved yearling from a Trempealeau County rescue, according to information from the foundation’s website.

After applying TLC and training, the horse was adopted and lived with a wellloved friend for eight years, but due to family issues she was returned to MHWF.

Although only 16, Kiefer, who had been riding since she was 5, had experience training horses.

With the help of trainer Amanda Lane Sommer, Kiefer trained Aurora, a 9year-old strawberry roan mustang mare that came from a Bureau of Land Management auction.

As a yearling, Aurora was taken to a Bereau of Land Management facility in Oregon, where she lived until she was 4 years old. When put up for bids the first time no one was interested, but the mare got lucky with her second online auction in November 2013.

Brooke had seen photos of the mare, but when she met the horse at the BLM facility in Mequon, the teen saw the horse’s true potential.

It took time and gentling to gain the wild mare’s trust — it was in June of the following year that Kiefer was abl e to ride Aurora.

The patience she showed with the mustang came into play again when she took on Baby Cakes.

"I wanted to give her something to do other than sit at the rescue," Brooke said.

Although Baby Cakes had some knowledge, many of Kiefer’s signals confused the horse and she had to re-teach the mare.

In addition to working with the horse, Kiefer cleaned her stall and fed her morning and evening.

Brooke, who would like to become a trainer, said the experience helped her gain knowledge and, she hopes, helped Baby Cakes become more adoptable.

"She seeks out opportunities to learn more in situations where she can also make a difference for a horse," He ather Kiefer said.

When the pair showed up at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds for the challenge, Kiefer admitted she had competition jitters.

"This was (Baby Cake’s) first show, but it went very well," Kiefer said.

And Kiefer walked off with the title of Youth Division Champion.

It may have been Baby Cake’s first show, but Kiefer has had a lot of practice.

She showed at the Washington County Fair as part of the county’s 4-H Equestrian

group, competed twice in open mustang shows in Missour i and earned a championship title in the walk/trot division, participated in the Extreme Makeover Mustang Open Show in Kentucky and won a versatility award at the North American Western Dressage Show in Missouri.

Kiefer is a member of the SHS Equestrian Team and the group will participate in regional competition Oct. 1214 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and at the state competition at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison the weekend of Nov. 4 Baby Cakes is back in Pittsville and still looking for an adopter.

As of Sept. 26, the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge Facebook page said five of the 10 horses competing were adopted and there were two additional that had pending adoption applications.

"Adoption gives them a second chance to live their lives to the fullest; it lets them gain their full potential," Brooke said. For more information on Baby Cakes and other horses at the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, check online at: http://www.equineadoption.com.


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This pair did such a wonderful job.  
Donna R
I'm surprised Baby Cakes hasn't been adopted yet.  Brooke and Baby Cakes did a wonderful job at the Trainer's Challenge.  Their freestyle routine was absolutely perfect to "(I Had) The Time of My Life".  Brooke's beautiful, free flowing dress with cowboy boots pared with Baby Cake's free flowing movements were stunning!  I think there were lots of tears from bystanders during this performance.  Hats off to Brooke for her training.  Baby Cakes is a really great mare!
Kalisa N
How does she do with younger riders?
Hello Kalisa, thank you for your inquiry.  

How well BabyCakes does with younger riders would completely depend on how experienced those younger riders are, and seeing how she would do with them once she has had some riding training.  BabyCakes has only had a rider on her back a handful of times and she needs to complete her riding training before I'd consider her for children of any age, unless those youngsters are trainers or their parents are trainers who can complete that training before the kids got on her.  😉  While BabyCakes and her youth trainer, Brooke, took 1st place in the Trainers Challenge, their competition was in-hand and not riding.  Her ground work is awesome!!

BabyCakes has some super exciting news to share!  She is off to some saddle training with Katryna Miller of KJ Equine!  Some of you might remember Katryna from the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge in 2018, with her horse Sadie, and the pair of them took 3rd place overall in the whole challenge!  Katryna did a wonderful job training, and Katryna also adopted Charlie from MHWF last fall!!!  😉  

We are so thrilled that Katryna has taken BabyCakes under her wing and are very excited to watch this pair through this next chapter in BabyCakes life.  

Here is a little video I put together, and a cute picture of Katryna and BabyCakes from March 2nd, when Katryna came and picked her up.  

or click here

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Great. news for Baby Cakes!  I hope this will lead to a permanent home for her
Amanda M.
I adore Baby Cakes! She is a horse that I just keep coming back to over and over again. 
I bet everyone was wondering how BabyCakes is doing in training on this fine Friday, right?! We hope you are following along with BabyCakes in her training journey with KJ Equine, and we will continue to bring you updates! Things are going great and here's a nice little video that Katryna Miller put together for all of us, thank you Katryna! 
From intake to adoption, whether a horse is out of a bad situation and needs physical and/or emotional rehab or they are perfect healthy when they arrive, there is a recipe for their success in finding a good home. One of the most important ingredients in that recipe is training. BabyCakes had a great foundation of ground work and is now moving on to the saddle training portion of this journey, and Katryna is providing BabyCakes with a very important ingredient in her recipe for success! 
Thank you all for your continued support of MHWF and our mission in finding great homes for great horses!!

or click here
This is going to be one phenomenal little horse when her riding training is completed. She has been brought along slow, solid and right with her ground training. With her unique coloring and look, she is the total package!
So super excited for this journey with Baby Cakes!  Big thank you to Katryna!!
Katryna reports that BabyCakes is doing fantastic!  She is starting to ride her now.  Unfortunately, with all of the Wisconsin flooding, Katryna's area was effected and her arena got very wet, so things have been delayed a little bit (BabyCakes will be staying a little longer).  Katryna said BabyCakes is smart and picks everything up very quickly, and keeps a calm and cool head about her.  

Also, some real fun stuff here!  BabyCakes and Katryna were nominated and made it to the 15 finalists for a "makeover" with Forelock to Fetlocks body clipping and grooming services.  https://www.facebook.com/forelocktofetlocks

Finalist #2

I nominate Katryna Miller and BabyCakes! BabyCakes is available through adoption at Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc. this stunning mare (with the most luxurious mane and tail) was on of 27 untouched and starved horses from a seizure in trempealeau county. She’s come a long way and a makeover would be icing on the cake along with her training to help her find a new forever home!

Now it’s up to YOU! The winner of this contest will be selected based on which horse gets the most likes on their photo! Make sure to share your photo and tell your friends to like the picture on this post!  Winner will be announced on April 1st! In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected by random drawing. Good luck to all!  

Here is where you vote!  To vote, you click "like" on BabyCake's photo, it's that simple.  You must have everyone click on that original photo (that is a compilation of 3 photos of her) and like that photo to count as a vote.  😉  


or click here

I've attached the photo here so you know what you're looking for.  

Thanks everyone!  

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Very cool!

An update on BabyCakes from Katryna Miller at KJ Equine:

Sorry for the delay, BabyCake's training was put on hold for a little over a week due to all the flooding we had, but now that things are dried up for the most part we're back at it!

I've just been doing light ground work/desensitizing in that time, but today I was finally able to put the first ride on her [image]😉 she was hesitant at first but just got better as I rode around more. We did some trotting today as well! She gains more confidence everyday and I am so excited to finally be riding her.

This video is just flexing and her first steps under saddle.  

click here

Carla (Wis)
I would call this remarkable, in such  a short time! 
love it!!
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