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Be A Blue Dee - 12 yrs.

$600 - Blue is a 12 year old APHA registered gelding. He will turn 13 on March 30th. He is a big boy, standing at 15.3 hands tall, but is also built like a tank, so he looks even bigger than 15.3. He is sound, healthy, broke to ride and has his brand new Coggins and his 2020 vaccinations. He also just got a fresh trim before coming to MHWF. Blue is super easy going, polite, quiet and very well-behaved. He has no special needs and is good for the vet and farrier. He leads, loads, tines and trailers very well. Blue's lost his pasture mate last year and has been alone since then. It will taker him a little time to acclimate to a new herd, but we are sure he is happy to be with other horses. He has been in the same home his entire life, since he was a yearling. His owners are good people and took great care of him. He was part of the family and it shows in his personality. He is sweet, yet confident and mellow. It has been a couple of years since Blue was ridden, so he is not for a complete beginner, but with a few refresher rides he should settle right back into riding. He has always been a trail horse, mostly riding around the property and has always been ridden Western. He comes with his bridle, bit and reins, which are very nice. This is another really nice horse who was treated and trained the right way and always have excellent care!

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Kara B.
wow hes beautiful!
Heike B
He sounds like he will be perfect for someone!!
My goodness!  What a handsome horse!
Barb S
Wow what a cutie!
He is gorgeous! He will certainly get a lovely home in no time! Is he broke to ride English or western?
Sue B.
Beautiful! Love his build ❤️
Jan N
Happy to see Tentative Adoption notice!! Blue is one I'd have considered except that I am really accustomed to, um, senior or nearly-senior horses and he is Young and Stylish yet. I hope he doesn't get caught up in transport delays due to all the COVID-19 issues on the human side. After all, horses are ESSENTIAL, right? (At least for many of us, lol!) GOOD goin' Blue!!
I am going to be able to share the exact same update on Blue's thread as I am here on Rolo's because these two lucky boys got adopted to the same home!  It just doesn't get any better than this, because these two boys instantly formed a bond and they were just the best together.  Constantly playing, mutual grooming and just being boyz.  

These two lucky guys got adopted by Jessica and her family, who also adopted a little mini named Patch from MHWF about 2 years ago.  They just left today and are at home settling in VERY well!  I've already gotten videos from Jessica showing Rolo and Blue playing together like crazy.  Two such happy boys, and so happy to be together.  As mentioned in Blue's description, he lost his pasture buddy about a year ago and was living alone, so it was extra special to see him so happy having a new friend.  Both of these guys rode like champs for Jessica and her whole family will be enjoying them a whole lot, along with Patch who they also adore.  

Here is a cute adoption day picture of Jessica with the Rolo and Blue.  We kept it to just Jessica coming to get them because of the COVID-19 situation and needing to be extra careful.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Jessica, and a big congratulations!  

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Donna M
Absolutely perfect!
Congratulations to all and I look forward to updates.
Yes! Blue found a friend AND he gets to go home with him.
I'm so happy to see these recent adoptions during this difficult time.
Kristin S.
I love this photo. Blue's face say's I'm in love and Rolo's face says "Hey lady, you're holding us up with all this picture taking. We've got places to go, things to do." lol!
Wendy W - WI
Congratulations on both horses!  Such lucky boys to stay together.  
Donna R
Great adoption!   Congratulations!!!
MHWF, Inc.
Blue and his pasture mates, Rolo, Patch and another mini 😉

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