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This will be Bella's thread where we will keep all future updates and photos.  Bella came to MHWF through the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses on 10/22/2017.  


Bella is a double registered 18 year old Tennessee Walking Horse/Spotted saddle horse mare. She is very thin and her winter coat hides much of that. She also has scratches and all four legs are pretty swollen. Bella is also very obviously depressed and shows little or no emotions so far, other than being very mellow and ultra-sweet. She will come around though and we will figure out all that needs attention as far as her health goes. We believe she is sound other than the swelling and scratches and we are told she is very well broke. Besides needing to be trimmed, de-wormed and vaccinated like all the rest of the horses, Bella is going to need some extensive dental work. Once all this is done, we expect a healthy, happy, sound, very sweet and well broke mare to emerge from her shell. We are excited about Bella's future because we thing she is a diamond in the rough. Stay tuned!  

Update:  Bella had full vaccines, teeth floated, dewormed, feet trimmed and blood work done on 11/4/2017 at Vet Day at MHWF.  Bella's blood work showed she was anemic and had low protein, and we are hoping to see this corrected with proper nutrition.  Her very odd presentation of "scratches" seems to be improving.  Odd presentation of scratches because they are higher up on the legs, not caused by mud, etc., like many times "scratches" on the pasterns that most people see.  These spots were very painful, some even almost bloody, and all above the ankles on her legs.  Spots vary in size from 3 inches across to down to dime-size.  

Update:  11/15/2017:  Bella is getting ExcelEQ oil at 3 ounces in the morning and 3 ounces in the evening in her feed.  The natural vitamin E and the properties of being anti-inflammatory with proper omega 3 to 6 ratio, as well as the pumpkin seed oil for healthy gut function, seems to be helping her.  The scratches are definitely in the healing phase and looking much better.  We have not seen any significant weight gain on Bella at all, but it hasn't been very long to really see much at this point.  We will keep everyone updated on Bella's progress.  

If anyone is interested in learning about the ExcelEQ oil that we use around here regularly, here is a link to a thread on this discussion forum about it:  
Or click here

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Susie K.
hi, curious if you ever received Bella's blood test results back for tick borne diseases? and if so how they turned out? thank you
We had blood sent to Cornell for the multiplex assay and we do not have those results back yet, but will surely report as soon as we do.  
Good news on Bella, no Lyme or anaplasmosis.  Now we just continue to watch her progress and gain weight.  Her "scratches" sure is healing up nicely. 

Bella is now turned out in Faith's pasture (Babs, Casey, Sky and Trace are turned out in the big pasture).  

We will continue to update on Bella.  [smile]
Donna R
Great news about Bella.  She sure is a beauty!
Good to hear on Bella!  What a sweet face she has!
that is really good news, so is Bella ready for adoption now?
Scott: MHWF
No, Bella is not yet available. She won't be made available until she is back to her full weight and has been test ridden.
Bella is doing great!  I may have mentioned this, but her severe scratches completely healed with all of the hair grown back.  Her blood work showed no Lyme or anaplasmosis.  She is feeling great and looking good with loads of energy now!   She still has a few pounds to go and fill in her top line before we can call her good to go, but we are happy to report that she is doing so well.  

I quick snapped a picture of her just a few minutes ago in this snow that we are getting today, 12/21/2017.

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Kara B.
She look sooo much better! [smile]
Thank you for taking her in and helping her!!!
She is a beauty!!!
Barb S
She looks SO much better. Another great job!
Mary S.
Bella looks awesome ! So grateful she came home with you! I hope I can come down and meet her when she's ready ! Love!!!!💜
Donna R
Wow!  Bella looks great!!!
Mary S.
Hi Karen, The horses are looking so good, God bless you and Scott and all your help...again, sure wish I was closer. No rescues for horses even close! Is Bella still available? I keep looking at her every day...she looks like a different horse! Hugs to all! Mary
Hi Mary, 
As soon as a horse gets adopted, we mark them as adopted and share on their threads on the forum (here) that they were adopted as well.  [smile]  Bella is doing fantastic, lots of energy and healthy!  She is still looking for her adoptive home.  [smile]  Bella just had her feet trimmed again today on farrier day as well.  
How is Bella doing, she is beautiful and looks great ears up and all.
Has Bella been test ridden yet? Any thoughts on experience level needed?
Bella has been ridden numerous times since coming to MHWF. She is a horse just about anyone with some horse sense can ride.
I want to add that Bella is doing really well. She lives in the pasture with Faith, Mac, and the babies, Charlie and Cougar. Bella has taken to being aunty mare to the babies and watches out for them. It's really cute and sweet. The only thing with that is that she was a little concerned this past weekend when bringing her out and into the arena, not paying attention to her handler off the bat like normal, being a little concerned that babies were okay in her absence. But, Karin, volunteer, hopped on and rode Bella with just halter and lead, bareback with zero issues. Bella is a really nice horse and very sweet, we just love her!
Donna R
Bella is a great horse!  A beauty too.  How sweet that she looks after the babies.  We have a 25 year old QH mare who does the same thing with our two mini donkeys.  It is the cutest thing!  She also gets a little out of sorts when she is taken away from them.  She settles right down though when she is taken out to ride. 
She is absolutely beautiful!
Some great news to share tonight. Bella finally got adopted!

The appointment for tonight was actually set to show Sky, but Sky ended up being a little bit too much horse for her potential adopter. I suggested Bella and she did great with her new adopter. After about an hour of riding together, they had each other figured out and it was a wonderful match.

We would like to congratulate Bella on her new home and welcome her new adopter, Dorita, to the MHWF family! 

Bella will be here with us until they can make the trip back to pick her up and we will do an official adoption day photo then. In the meantime, here are a few photos I snapped with my cell phone tonight with Bella and Dorita.

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Donna R
Congratulations Dorita and Bella.  You are adopting a great horse!
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