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Scott: MHWF
Belle is a 5-year-old Arab cross mare.  Please read below for more information and updates on Belle.  
Link to adoption application: 

6/24/2018:  This weekend, MHWF brought three of the Lucky 13 horses here to our facility. For now, and until we can do some more leg work and fundraising, they will stay here and we will work on the basics with them like being caught, leading, standing for the vet and farrier etc.

The three we brought over are: 

Hope: 17 year old Pintabian mare. She is able to be caught and leads. Very sweet, will need to be trained for riding.

Serenity: 6 year old sorrel mare, daughter of Cora. Serenity and Cora have never been apart and now that Cora has been sent off to her new foster home, Serenity can start to look toward us and the other horses for her security and can start to learn. Our ultimate goal is most likely to send Serenity off to a trainer so she can become more adoptable.

Belle: 5 year old dark bay mare, Arab cross who stands about 14.3 hands. Very sweet but timid. We need to be taught to lead, stand for the vet and farrier and eventually trained to ride.

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Pretty belle!
Donations to the training of Semper, Alex, Hope or Belle can be made through any of the "Donate" buttons on our website, or by snail mail to: 

MHWF Lucky 13
10990 State Hwy. 73
Pittsville, WI 54466

There were lots of people willing to help out and donate to get these horses Coggins tested, de-wormed, vaccinated, trimmed, dental work and food, but so far, only three people willing to donate toward their training. We need to get at least two of these horses, preferably three of them, out of where they are now and directly into training immediately. We are only half way through this project and the horses are only half way through their journey toward a new life. But, we cannot complete this without you and your support. Please consider making a donation toward their training today by going to our website and clicking on any of the "donate" buttons or by sending a check to the address on our contact page at: http://www.equineadoption.com

Belle and Hope have really settled in well to the herd here at MHWF.  They are both very sweet girls.  I will be now working on getting that matted mane of Belle's taken care of, along with halter training, leading, tying, picking up feet, etc., of course.  [wink]  😉  

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped last evening of Miss Belle.  

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Belle settled into the big pasture here at MHWF like a dream.  She is a super sweet girl and has been a pleasure to have in our pasture.  Yesterday, 7/29/2018, Belle along with Nedji were delivered by us to their trainer (at least 60 days, thanks to all of you who made that happen!).  The girls became the best of friends on their trailer ride to the trainer.  😉  They unloaded like champs and settled into their adjacent stalls at the trainer's place.  

We are excited to watch their progress and what this next chapter in life brings for the both of them!  

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Training is going very good. They are attached but are making new friends. Belle has picked upthe halter leading very well. Nedji s lunging well, learning how to be without her new friends, and learning how to relax and have some patience! She will be starting a new page on Sunday with the saddle.

- Jennie M. 

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Belle is doing great, easy to catch, halter, leads, ties no problem and is now picking up her feet good! She takes everything in stride! She is well behaved in the pasture with other horses and is easy to catch and enjoys attention!

- Jennie M.

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Barb S
Belle looks great under saddle and she rocks those braids
Scott: MHWF

Both Belle and Nedji are learning but had go back a step with separating them in different pastures. Both are now in different herds so they can’t see each other during the week, then weekends they can be together. Belle fits in with all the herds. She is boss in some, lower in others. Her personality stays consistent as long as she has a full belly. She started testing me this last week with some things, so she is starting to try and be her own self, not just a needy little lost girl. This is a good thing. She is becoming independent. We are cutting the grain down now, as she looking quite fat! She is starting with the bridle again this next week as she needs little more direction. She will start riding this next week. She hasn’t been ridden yet, but now that she is more confident to be out working by herself, it should fall into place. I will try get pics of her out on the trails. We pony her to see the sites with the more confident mares. She is going be good size for almost any rider and she is filling out beautifully.  She is now very easy to catch. I have also have clipped her without a big fuss and she very curious.

Nedji lost some weight, but we started feeding her a mix with senior feed and weight builder. She is a smarty pants and can pick it out! She doing great with the saddle and bridle and getting more confident with simple riding, but she also took a step back, wanting to be with a mare that is here, so we moved her out with big group. She handles herself in the herd pretty well now. She is learning how the herd works and is also becoming more confident and more dependent on me. We have had great days and horrible days with separation up till this last week. She also did very well by herself, so she is making big steps this past week and becoming herself. It sounds crazy but with them being with the same horses, then moved twice, they are just now becoming themselves. Both do well with their feet, loading and backing the trailer, being tied up to the post or high line, cross ties….. they getting better. The have been clipped for bridle paths, fly sprayed, brushing, being stalled, etc. Nedji will crib but stays calm most of the time. I’m thinking that over the next two weeks we should be walking/ trotting and getting out on trails. I think we got over the big hump, figuring out who they are and that they can be without the other horses. This especially hard for Nedji. Both mares have Arab personalities and love to show off. They both have big hearts. They just needed find soft spot to land to let them figure things out. My job is to make them confident in everything they do so that anyone can handle them, and they can lead when owner needs to follow. They need to be confident and work with their adopter. No person or horse is perfect, but we can teach both to become confident and accepting to each other’s faults.  We will get some video together for you this week, some in the arena and on trails. We have some bridges and water crossings too. I’m going to get some video for you!

Jenni O.
Great update on these two. Looks like things are progressing nicely-keep up the good work!

Yes great update!  Glad they are becoming more comfortable and starting to show their personalities.
Belle is coming along in her training  😉

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Looking good!

Update 10-1-2018

Belle has now been in training for the past 60 days, but we felt that an additional 30 days would make a huge difference in making her more adoptable. Belle will be in continued training until the end of October.


What has Belle been up to you ask?  Belle is at the end of her additional 30 days of training, making it 90 days and I will share some words from her trainer along with some pictures.  

I have some videos that were sent through our Facebook page that I still have not figured out how to download, but working on that and will share the videos of Belle out trail riding and riding in the river as soon as I figure that out.  

Belle update from Jennie, trainer:  

October 9, 2018: 

Belle had her first Solo ride today around the farm!!  She is doing wonderful with everything and is nice and calm, quiet girl takes things slow but once she is confident she owns it and is ready for the next thing!! It’s been hard to find good weather to get out but we had two hours today and we didn’t waste a minute!! 

October 22, 2018: 

Finally a nice fall day to take Belle out for her first ride away from the farm!!  We loaded up and went to my family’s farm and she did great better than I expected even!!  We used the bridle with bit today, not her favorite yet but she has come along well.  She got to see new horses, her first Whitetail deer and big heavy equipment working on the sand piles and she took everything in stride.  If she wasn’t sure she just didn’t move till I made her lol  here are some pictures for you!!    

October 23, 2018: 

Beautiful weather again today so went out for our first river ride!! She was a champ once again never fussed just walked right in!   Still a 5 year old though has moments yet of a teenager. 

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Belle is such a good girl, and getting lots of great experience!  Thanks Jennie!
Sue J
Good update Jennie thank you for giving her a great foundation. Cute Corgi too!
Awesome!! Love seeing the progress all the Lucky 13 horses are making and their new direction and purpose in life. They truly are lucky because of all the people who rallied together to give them a chance. It all started with Scott and Karen at MHWF. Thank you!!!!! And all the wonderful trainers!!!!

Update 10-31-2018

Belle is now back from training and we can make her available for adoption. Jennie M. did a fantastic job with her and Belle has turned out to be a very sweet mellow mare. Easy to catch, loads, picks up her feet like a pro, ties like a pro and has now been on a handful of trail rides, down the road and even in the river....alone. Belle has a very solid foundation now and someone with a little riding experience will do great with her. She looks great too....thank you Jennie M.

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Just a picture of Belle on farrier day 2/1/2019.  Belle is a super sweet girl who continues to wait for the right person to come along for her.  😉  

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Belle is beautiful, how tall is she?

Hi Tracy, 
Belle stands about 14.3, but we have not measured her so that is a bit of an educated guess.  
Such a lovely girl!  And such a good girl too!
Amber H.
She's lovely! I'm talking to my husband about this sweetheart!
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