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Belle has some super exciting news to share!  She got adopted today!  

We are so thrilled for Belle and her new family.  Amber along with her husband Matt came with their children, Riley, Malia and baby, to meet Belle today, and they all loved her. Belle is such a sweet horse and we are so excited that she found such a great family.  Amber has plans to eventually get Belle into endurance, and we look forward to hearing about their adventures together. It sounds like Riley and Malia have stolen Amber's horse from her, so Belle is going to be Amber's girl.  😉  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Amber and Matt, and a big congratulations!  

Here are a couple of pics from adoption day today.

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Great news!  Congratulations to all.
Congratulations to Belle and her family!
Barb S
Huge Congratulations to Amber, Matt, and the kids! Even bigger Congratulations to Belle! Looking forward to hearing about your many adventures😊
Belle is doing great! She is soooooo sweet!

- Amber

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Congratulations to all!  Glad she is doing well already in her new home.

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Such a beautiful mare.
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