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Belle - 20 yrs. 

$400 - Belle is a 14.2 hand Morgan mare. She is built like a tank, is sound and healthy, well broke and as you can see, she is an easy keeper. Belle has been by herself for the past few years so it will take her some time to get used to the herd life, but she is a very sweet mare, in excellent condition. She is a pretty spunky mare yet and does not have a lot of wear and tear, so she has a lot of good years left in her. Easy to catch, leads, loads, all the things a horse should know. She is a veteran trail horse, always ridden Western out on the trails. Belle is a very nice horse and we are happy to have her here at MHWF, waiting for her new home. Her owner only donated her because she has to move and cannot take her with. Belle has been loved and well-cared for.

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Cassandra PS
Ohhh, she is CUTE! 
Jenni O.
A Morgan! She's adorable. They are definitely easy keepers. My Morab mare was always an easy keeper, never had a lame day, and was in her mind-20's and was at the front on a hot and dusty weekend trail ride. Awesome, hardy and hard-working horses.
OMG. Lovely lovely mare.  
Jan H
Wowza!  She's a beauty!  Someone's going to get a wonderful horse.  Lucky you......
Belle went out to the big pasture this morning, after spending some time in the paddock yesterday and then in a stall overnight.  Belle has lived alone, was up to date on vaccinations and hasn't been in contact with other horses, so we turned her out this morning while we could keep a good watch.  She is settling in fairly well, no problems.  She spent a lot of time walking around smelling every horse apple she could find out there.  Her ground manners leave a lot to be desired, but we will work on that and we can't judge that too harshly since this is quite a life change for her and hope that her ground manners improve as she settles in as well.   It will be interesting to see what friends she makes, and I will keep you posted. 
Belle spent most of her day yesterday out in the pasture pretty much staying away from other horses.  My young horse, Diva, would have no part of letting her do that and be a loner, so Diva worked on Belle from time to time trying to gain her friendship.  By the end of this morning, Belle is following Diva all over the place and stood and called for her when I brought Diva out of the pasture for about 15 minutes this morning.  Diva made sure to introduce Belle properly to other friends in the herd, and I caught Belle and Inigo sharing a mutual grooming session this morning.  I ran back in the house to grab my cell phone to get a quick pic of that, and while not a great pic, here is a shot of Belle standing with Inigo right after their mutual grooming.  

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So sweet!  Great that Belle is adjusting after being alone for so long.
Pretty mare!  Glad she is learning to be part of the herd without much trouble.

Belle update #1.  

I talked about how my young horse, Diva, took Belle under her wing and is teaching her all about everything, and I caught some pictures yesterday of the two of them going about their duties.  Diva takes time away from her herd buddies to spend time with Belle throughout the days and show her around, help her gain her confidence, etc.  Diva is a very confident horse and seems to love to help and bond with others.  

Here are Belle and Diva hanging out, begging for attention from people and just hanging out.  

Update #2 coming soon...Belle using her new skills and using what she was taught by Diva.  

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Update part #2.  

Diva has spent the last few days taking Belle under her wing, as mentioned above.  It took Diva some time to win Belle over, but she is persistent and kept at it and was very kind and showed her around, making Belle feel at ease.  

We introduced a new horse named Alice yesterday, 3/17/2018 (information coming).  Belle took what she learned from Diva and welcomed Alice to the herd and showed her around.  This is absolutely precious and more than we could have hoped for.  Here are some pictures.  Belle showing Alice the water, helping her feel at ease, and taking her out to pasture to a round bale to eat.  

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That is about the sweetest thing I've read! Diva is so sweet and I love that Belle just followed in her footsteps!
"Hi.  Welcome.  Here's the good stuff. We like new horses.  When you know this, you can tell the next new one. OK? Dis what we do here."

What a sweet pair.
Jenni O.
What a great story! Diva cracks me up with her ambassador skills, and Belle sure picked right up on all of it. Love these updates. 😁
So very neat.
Awwww. That's nice Diva was doing her job and taking her job so seriously.
Tami H
Awwww, so precious!!! So incredible to see them all bonding!  Thank you!
"sigh" horses really are just so perfect.  Little pieces of heaven shared with us.  The size of Belle is very apparent when she is with Alice, Diva just makes her look short 😉
OK kill me now. As a horse crazy kid and adult my dream horse was a Morgan. The opportunity nevr presented itself and I was enormously lucky to,have have Arabians in my life. Adore them. My current trail.horse is a TWH who is a great horse with a big heart. Still have that childhood dream of a Morgan but I'm afraid at my age it's still a dream. If I could afford 3 horses I would be all over her (although Sky still makes my heart flutter a little). Ok, I'm not fickle. I adore Arabs, love my TWH but my dream horse is a Morgan. Go figure.
I will be back with an update and some pictures of Belle.  Here is a video of Belle in her first ride in the indoor here at MHWF on 4/7/2018.  


I should have done more video of Belle, but I didn't.  Belle does absolutely FANTASTIC being ridden and is very, very well behaved.  She will walk, trot and canter, and was very happy just walking along too.  Belle still needs some work on her ground manners, and what is funny is that she behaves so well under saddle even though she can get a little pushy on the ground.  What a gem she is.  Someone is going to be super lucky to call this sweet mare their own.  She has a great personality and love people and attention.  

Here are a couple of pictures of Chloe riding Belle.  Thank you Chloe!!  


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Nice movement on Belle...and Chloe!!  Posting with no stirrups....good job!
Yes, another adoption on Sunday!  

We are overwhelming happy for another super great adoption that happened Sunday!  Belle found her person!  Sheryl is someone who has been a supporter of MHWF for a very long time, but this is her first adoption horse!  Some of you who go on our Ukarydee horse camp trips may have met Sheryl the year that I did a little photo shoot for her while we were there, I think that was about 5 years ago.  It's been that long since I've seen Sheryl too, and it was so good to see her on Sunday!  It was such a surprise, because Scott set up the adoption appointments and I hadn't even realized she was coming.  Sheryl's sister, Valerie was the one really looking for a horse, but a few circumstances changed and Sheryl found herself looking for a horse as well, and who could think of a better way to add a horse to a family than adopting one, right?!  Adopting two saves four horses! 

What a super fun day watching these two beautiful ladies meeting and getting to know the horses.  Sheryl will be keeping both of the horses at her new place, and the horses will be moving there later in May.  Valerie adopted Lady and Sheryl adopted Belle!  I am incredibly happy that these two horses got so lucky to find such a perfect home, and I am thrilled that Sheryl and Valerie are going to have such a great time together and with these girls.  

We are going to do an official adoption day photo with Sheryl and Belle when they come back later in May to pick the girls up, and I want to do a photo of both of them with their girls too.  I did snap a couple of pictures while Sheryl was riding Belle and will share those for now.  

Thank you so much to Sheryl and Valerie for choosing adoption and giving these wonderful horses such a great home!  See you both soon!  

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Jenni O.
Congratulations! Maybe we will see you both at Ukarydee in the future.
Love this adoption story! Congratulations!!
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