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Congratulations to the adopters and adoptees!
I am going to keep everyone waiting in suspense for a little while on Belle's adoption, but will give away the fact that Ozzy and Belle got adopted to the same home and will be leaving soon.  More soon!
Time for the big reveal!  Well, it's past time for the big reveal but holy cow, we got awfully busy over the last couple of weeks with the MHWF fun show and trainers challenge sneak preview event with other things that came up as well.  

I am going to post the same thing on both Belle and Ozzy's threads since they were lucky enough to go to the same home.  Belle and Ozzy both got adopted to Alisa and her family!  Alisa is an MHWF volunteer who has spent quite a bit of time here at the MHWF farm.  Her family has wanted to get horses for some time now and they also needed two since they didn't have any.  Alisa fell in love with Belle when she came in but was not ready to adopt at that time.  Alisa watched as Belle went on to get adopted, and Alisa watched as that adoption did not work out for Belle and Belle returned to MHWF.  Fate?  I think so.  They were now ready and just waiting for the right horse to come along to make #2, and in walked Ozzy.  Alisa and her family came to spend time again with both Belle and Ozzy and decided to make it official.  They just had a few things to finish up at their place to be ready for the two of them, and when that happened we delivered these two wonderful horses to their place last week on 8/16/2018.  We had a big downpour of rain right before we left to deliver Ozzy and Belle, so they look wet in the pics.  

Belle and Ozzy are both amazing horses and Alisa and her family are amazing people too, and this is just such a great match all the way around.  We already hear how in love the whole family is with these two horses and how well they are both doing.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Alisa, and thank you for believing in Belle and Ozzy both.  We are so happy that they are doing so well and they found such an incredible home together!  

Here are a few pictures from official adoption day of Belle and Ozzy arriving to their new home.  As you can see, it was a super easy transition for both horses...that was as exciting at the introduction to the new pasture went, both heads down and grazing.  😉  

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Congratulations to everyone!  What a super adoption!
Scott: MHWF
Just wanted to let you know these two have adjusted really well.  They are enjoying getting loved on and always come to greet us when we go out. We can't even put into words how much these two have melted our hearts. They really are a perfect pair for our family. Thank you again for all you do!

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Updates on Ozzy and Belle that are well overdue.
It has been fun to watch the personalities come out as they have become comfortable in their surroundings.

Ozzy is so animated, he cracks us up everyday.  Starts out with his "I am a pointer" pose while eating grain, then he is off to work.  He has to make sure the kids get on the bus safely everyday.  He walks along the fence line as the kids walk down the driveway to get on the bus.  Super cute. Then play time!  He loves ripping it up in the morning, but Belle thinks it is very childish and wants nothing to do with it 😉  Can't forget his face when he gets his daily rubs.  He will even tell you if you missed a spot!   Such a fun guy!  He always has to investigate what people are doing.  Guarantee if someone is outside, he has to check it out and make sure they are not having fun without him 😉  I did manage to try and get a picture of him while my daughter was riding, once he realized I had my phone out he had to come investigate. He really has fit in well with our family and couldn't be happier. 

Belle is as sweet as they come! I love the older horse!  She is very much about routine. She will be at the gate waiting for breakfast every morning and knows that I come out for a quick petting session once baby goes down for first nap.  She stands so still and is so soft and gentle when she wants to be loved on!  She wants nothing to do with Ozzy's juvenile antics and prefers to just be left alone to graze.  Although she does love to explore our wooded pasture.  We have been working to clear paths in the woods and open it up more, but that hasn't stopped her.  She just blazes her new path and oh the little creek, she walks right through it.  Nothing seems to phase her.   Can't wait to get her on the trails!  When Belle first got to our place she shortly went into heat and oh boy was she a  little bit of a handful.  We were able to quickly establish ground manners and respect and now she is a gem.  Barely noticed she was in heat last week!  She does have a little bit of a sass side to her sometimes when the kids try to catch her.  both horses will usually come right up to us, super easy right!  Then on occasion she sees an opportunity to quickly sneak away and looks back, like " yes I know I am being naughty!" Never goes far, just a test to see what the kids will let her get away with!  She loves the attention and is an angel when being ridden.
Thank you again Scott and Karen for making this all possible!!

Alisa S.

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Love how well Belle is settling in!  What a beautiful girl she is and with a personality all her own.
Belle and Ozzy don't live far from the MHWF farm, and today we dropped off auction items that Alisa bought from the recent fun auction at her place on a trip to Marshfield.  As we drove in the long drive, we rolled the window down and said hi to both Belle and Ozzy and as we were leaving they had come up to say hello.  I couldn't help but snap a quick cell phone pic on our way out.  😉  Nice to see them doing so well, and hopefully Alisa will figure out how to get the video of Ozzy playing with the giant ball to us so we can share that.  😉  

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