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Belle and Ozzy don't live far from the MHWF farm, and today we dropped off auction items that Alisa bought from the recent fun auction at her place on a trip to Marshfield.  As we drove in the long drive, we rolled the window down and said hi to both Belle and Ozzy and as we were leaving they had come up to say hello.  I couldn't help but snap a quick cell phone pic on our way out.  😉  Nice to see them doing so well, and hopefully Alisa will figure out how to get the video of Ozzy playing with the giant ball to us so we can share that.  😉  

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Belle update!
Since winter is showing no sign of stopping, I guess it is time for some updates 😉
Not to sound like a broken record, but Belle is as sweet as they come! Between the cold, ice, snow, and repeat, Belle has had the winter off from being ridden.  We got quite a few rides in before winter hit.  Belle is a horse my kids just jump on and go. Over the winter she has just enjoyed getting loved on and relaxing. Always the first to greet us and just lowers her head to get loved on.  She has taken a liking to my little guy.  For 18 months, I think he is already a horse lover! In the heart of all this winter, Belle and I had our moment that melted my heart!  I went out for normal checks and Belle walked right up to me to get pet, and then she buried her head in my chest and let out a soft nicker. I love her to bits.  Well, except for when she decided to poop in her water bucket right after I filled it (during the bitter cold spell).  When I saw that, I had some choice words and she took off running like she just got caught being naughty [wink] Old gal still has some spunk!  She still thinks Ozzy is full of it and enjoys watching him play, but every once in a while she joins in.

She really is such a great fit for us and we are very much looking forward to what this spring and summer brings for us!

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What a quiet and gentle soul she is!  Love the pic of her through the fence with your little man...so special.
While she was with us our friend came over, his father had recently passed and Belle was glued right to him. She had never seen him before. She is something special and I'm so glad so found such a great home!
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