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Thank you very much to Jan N. and Kathy K. for their donations to help with Big Dan's treatments last night. Thank you very much for helping us help him!
Sandy K
I am glad Dan is happy to be home and really hoping he continues to improve . I will guess he weighs around 1750 lbs. , although I am bad at guessing . He is one tall boy ! I must say , as sick as he was , I was really impressed with that fancy trot he mustered up enough energy for at the vet's .
MHWF would like to thank 3 special people for their donations today. These donations were not specifically for Big Dan, but that is where they will go. 

A big thank you to Barbara W. for her very generous donation.

A very big thank you to Laura R. and Deb W., not only for their donations today, but also for making the trip up from Madison and spending the entire day with us here on fall vet day. Thank you both very, very much!
Big Dan's weight.... he weighs in right now at about 1750 pounds.  Unfortunately with him being sick, being away from home and all, he lost all of the weight that he had originally gained when he came here.  Big Dan has a great appetite and is eating very well, so we have no doubts he will pick that weight back up quickly if he continues to do well health-wise.  Thank you all for you continuing love and support for Big Dan!  
Today when we called the horses up for breakfast, they all ran up.  That included Big Dan, Faith, Sheba and Chilly.  It was wonderful seeing Big Dan show off that beautiful trot!  The neurologic damage to his hanging bottom lip is still there (a bit better than at day 1 of the onset), but thank goodness he can retract his penis into his sheath now.  That was quite the worry for many reasons, but especially with the cold weather coming up, so we are really happy he has regained that.  We really hope that Big Dan can make a full recovery.  
I'm so glad to hear that Big Dan is starting to feel better. Him trotting over is a very good sign! It sure is nice having this warmer weather right now, so everyone can take more of it in before the real cold starts heading in, which it sounds like is coming up soon. Thankyou for the update!
We are already seeing Dan's weight come back up too, so that is also a good sign.  [smile]  
Gypsy's mom
Was wondering how this big beautiful boy was doing?
Big Dan has been doing well enough that he had his teeth floated today!  [smile]  He has already put back on quite a bit of the weight that he had lost from being ill, so we are gaining ground with him.  Now that he's had his teeth floated and got the sharp points and hooks taken care of, he will probably continue to gain weight much more easily.  Big Dan has a great appetite and is moving around very, very well now.  I think a couple of pictures might have been taken today that we can share later on.  The vet is still here but I had to come in the house and get back to work, but Christine is here helping out there with Scott and I know Christine snapped a couple of pics of Big Dan this morning that she will probably be happy to share.  [smile]  
A couple of pics of Big Dan from yesterday, 11/25/2016.  

Thank you again Dr. Suzanne!!  [smile]  

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Such a big boy!!!  Glad to hear he is doing better.
Gypsy's mom
So glad to hear and see he's doing better!  Such a looker!
Oh Good. So glad he is getting better.  Just thinking about the big guy..thanks for posting the update.
I can officially say that Big Dan is once again full of himself.  [smile]  He is doing great.  He has a lot more energy now and moving a lot better than he did when he first got here to us.  

Update 12-12-2016

We decided that just to be safe, we would extend Dan's medications a couple of extra weeks and in a few short days, those will be done. We are happy to say that Dan has made a full recovery and is not only feeling good again, but has even more pep and vigor that when we first met him. We can now make him available for adoption to the right home. He is very big and high energy though, so anyone asking about him should be aware that he is not for everyone.

Thank you for the update [smile] So happy to hear that Big Dan is feeling good and is doing so much better!
Yesterday (12/13/2016) I watched Big Dan and Chilly play for quite some time.  It was really wonderful to see Big Dan play like that.  
glad to hear that Big Dan is feeling better and having fun!
Kristen D.
I met Big Dan, the day after Thanksgiving, when I visited and took "Muffin" home. Big Dan left a HUGE impression on me! He had his teeth floated that day and was a bit woosy. He reminds me of my black tennesse walker Jack, who was my very special once-in-a-lifetime horse soul mate. He lived to be about 30, and was "born good".

God Bless Big Dan, and find him a wonderful adoptive home.
We are so happy to report that Big Dan continues to do absolutely fantastic!  He has had no set-backs at all and has gained a great deal of weight.  His coat is nice and shiny and healthy, and he is a very happy boy and well adjusted.  He is a big love to really loves to be groomed.  

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped of Big Dan today, 1/15/2017.  He just wanted to say hello to everyone and to thank all of you for your support and help and good wishes through his fight of the Lyme and anaplasmosis.  Big Dan is so happy to be around and loving life!

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Big Dan looks great! I love this guy, looks like a big teddy bear! I am still wishing
He's gorgeous![thumb]
Like a Chubby Checkers on steroids.

Sandy K
It is great to see big Dan looking absolutely wonderful . What a nice looking big boy !
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