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He is looking great!!!
He is so handsome!  I love his face. 
Donna M
Wow, he looks great. Just looked back at his intake pics and he has come a long way! 
I just wanted to quick pop in and say that Big Dan continues to do fantastic!!  He is loving life and is a giant sweetheart.  

I snapped a couple of quick pictures today to share and the one is funny because the horse he is standing next to is Dahlia, a 16 hand TB mare.  He makes her look small.  That is just how big Big Dan is.  [smile]  

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Does Big Dan have a new girlfriend?  Don't tell me he's dumped Faith!
Big Dan and Faith are still the very best of buds.  Dan, Faith, Sheba, Mac and Dahlia live together in that pasture and all get along very well.  Faith was the first one to welcome Dahlia to their pasture and make her feel welcome.  [smile]  
Jenni O.
She looks tiny next to him! Good grief, he's massive. He looks great.
I quick put together a "before and after", since Dan is now very healthy and in excellent weight.  He has recovered fully and really is doing great.  You can see how much his top line filled out, and look at that neck!  

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Tall, dark and handsome--no wonder the ladies love him.
WOW!  He looks fantastic!  Faith too.. just amazing! 

Update: 5-7-2017

Big Dan is now back to full weight and is looking and feeling fantastic. He is 100% sound, healthy and has his feet trimmed, his shots, wormers and new Coggins and is ready for his new home. We are very pleased with how Dan has bounced back and are proud when people come to visit and say how good he looks.

This is great news! So happy to hear this.  [smile]
Time for some decent updated pictures of Big Dan!  Wow, this boy has come a long way!  Big Dan is drop dead gorgeous!  

Here are a few pics of Big Dan from yesterday, 5/14/2017, along with the before and after so you can see the big difference in him.  He completely kicked his battle with Lyme and anaplasmosis and is thriving.  Big Dan is no longer on a weight gain diet and is maintaining his weight very well, as you can see.  

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Name: big-dan3-may14-IMGL8516-copy.jpg, Views: 265, Size: 283.07 KB

Jodi N.
He is broke to drive, correct? Neighbor has a team of black Percherons and he may be interested.
I do not believe Big Dan has ever done any pleasure driving.  In his early life, Big Dan was used in competition pulling (no more pulling in Dan's future).  So in a sense, broke to drive, but no one ever got around to actually pleasure driving him as far as I know.  The people who had him had intended on driving him for pleasure, but I believe he was only ground driven and they never really got around to it.
What a change!  Big Dan looks superb.   I do wonder about that rather scanty (excuse me Dan) tail. Surely he can't have been docked (horri
Dan's tail is docked, unfortunately.  
Stunning, just stunning and, um, HUGE
Kim B
Wow...😵. What a stunning guy, he is looking great.
LOVE!!!  He looks AMAZING!!
OMG - So great looking [smile]

Don and Marianna
Absolutely gorgeous !!!!!![smile]
Wow! I don't usually comment, but man! This big guy is too gorgeous not to say something. Kudos to everyone involved in his rehabilitation.
WOW! He looks absolutely amazing and huge! The ground must shake when he canters [biggrin]
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