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Donna M
I think EVERYTHING must shake when he cantors. [crazy][crazy] What a big beautiful boy! 
Scott: MHWF
Big Dan does move really nice, super flashy, big, big, big trot. Maybe one of these nice days we will get some video to share.
Oh my!  He is so handsome and I swear in some of those pics he's a little shy [smile]  Like holy cow how did I get so big again?!  Is he pretty quiet to handle on the ground? 
Scott: MHWF
As mellow as Dan is when he is in his pasture and with his buddies, he is not for the faint of heart when he comes out of the pasture. He has a lot of energy and anxiety and ground manners go out the window when he wants to go back by his buddies. I am the only one here that can handle him out of his pasture and he gives me quite a workout. Anyone can handle him in the pasture, but he livens right up when he is not with his friends. He does not have a mean bone in his body, he is just big and has some anxiety.
Did Big Dan have equine companions in his previous home?
Yes, Big Dan had 3 other pasture mates in his previous home. He has 4 here and is a pretty happy guy until you take him away from his buddies.
I love this big guy! Boy, has he blossomed in your care, thank you!!! Gorgeous!
He is gorgeous, he looks great.   Do you think he might like it at MHWF and don't want to leave that is why he gets nervous.  Can't blame the poor guy.  [smile]
Well I am definitely hoping being with you guys he will work thru some of those anxieties so some lucky person gets to have that big boy in their pasture! 
Jenni O.
Yowza! He's gorgeous!
Big Dan loves getting hosed down.  [smile]  


Scott: MHWF

Update: 6-4-2017

It is with great sadness and frustration that we have to report that we lost Big Dan last night. While we are not certain what happened, it appears that he went to roll or fell and simply could not get back up. We spent hours working to get him back up with no luck. Sadly, we had to eventually give up just before dark. That left us with little choice other than to have him put down. This was particularly frustrating and sad for us because other than a little weakness in his back end, he was a strong, healthy horse who was always happy and looked to have some great years left in front of him. We really liked Dan and when people came to MHWF, we almost always showed them Big Dan and how good he was looking right away. He will be missed a great deal and will be buried right here in the pasture where he can rest near his friends. This one was a little harder to take than most and we are very sad for his loss.

Little did we know that the video Karen posted that morning would be in his last hours. 

Jenni O.

I so sorry. Very heartbreaking, and so unexpected. ((Hugs)) to the both of you, and know we all feel some of the sadness as well. I know it hits you guys particularly hard bc you were the ones to get him back to good health and spent the time with him. You guys are really tough to go through this kind of thing. So sorry.
I'm so sorry to read this terrible and shocking news. But at least Dan's last months were happy and comfortable.
I am so sorry... Much love and hugs to you both!  I really don't have words.  Heartbreaking.
Awww that stinks ....sorry for the loss
Jane Liess
From the video in the morning, it really looks like he thought that he'd found heaven.  I think he just wanted to stay.  He'll be there always.  So sorry for you guys, but not sorry for Big Dan.  He truly found his home.
Lisa B.
How awful. I so enjoyed yesterday's video. RIP big Dan.
Oh my gosh!  How sad, I am so sorry to hear this.  He was loved and knew it these last months, that is what is important.  I just wish I would have been able to meet him.  Thinking of all of you.
Wow. This is shocking and sad news. I'm sorry. How disappointing and sad for you.
I don't know how you two deal with the heartaches. You are stronger than I.
Don and Marianna
So sorry to hear about Big Dan.  The big boy looked like he was doing so well and really thriving.   He definitely was an awesome looking horse.   We know how hard this has to be on you guys.  Many hugs to Scott and Karen.  
Diane B
Ohh, so, so sorry to hear this.  He had transformed in your care into such a beautiful boy!  Thank you Scott and Karen for giving him what he needed these last months of his life.  RIP Big Dan.

Leslie V
OMG - I am so sorry!  The bath video was so sweet and he was so content and happy.  My heart is heavy for both of you...  Godspeed Big Dan, you will be missed.
I am so sorry to hear about Big Dan. Was not expecting to read that when I clicked on his link. It must have been quite a shock to lose him when he was doing so well. Thank you so much for taking him in and loving him to the end.
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