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Big Dan - 22 yrs.

$300 - In honor of Roy's story (see below), his passing and in honor of all the people who showed their love and support for Roy and his story, MHWF promised to take on another horse that needed a little help. Please meet Big Dan. Dan is a 22 year old Percheron gelding. He is a very, very big boy. Are you ready for this, he is 18.3 hands tall, the biggest horse that we have ever had come into MHWF. You have to see him to believe him. His size is striking, even to people used to big drafts. Having said that, Big Dan is ultra sweet and very laid back. He gets along with his herd mates very well and is a big old giant baby. Why Dan? Other than the reason we mentioned above, Dan's owner had a pretty horrible family tragedy and has been struggling lately because of it. It is not cheap to feed Big Dan and as much as she loved him, the cost of his senior feed was just too much lately, so she reached out for help, like we wish Roy's owner would have done. So Dan comes to us pretty thin and in need of a lot of hoof work, but he does have all his shots, has been kept on a de-worming program and other than needing to put on some pounds, is in pretty good health. We commend this person for reaching out before things got too bad, a very nice person who simply had a run of bad luck.

Big Dan was originally a horse for competition pulling. After he was retired from pulling, he has been mostly a pasture pet who has been ridden a little here and there. A giant teddy bear with a ton of personality, wait until this mountain of a horse fills out a bit, what a sight he will be!

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Debbie M.
Thank you for taking in big Dan, he is very handsome and tall! Now you can say you have a "draft" in the barn! Looks like he is very sweet. I used to sit on 2 draft horses a neighbor had, that he used for field work instead of a farm tractor. Almost needed a ladder to get on! Seems like he would be very mellow. Bet that would be a cute picture with him standing next to one of the ponies! Please keep us informed on how he is doing.
Oh no! I'm in love again. :-)
Kim B
Awe...what a cute little fella, he looks like such a sweetheart. Glad he is with you guys and looking forward to watching his progress.
18.3 hands....wow! I want to see him in person!
Kim B
Jurita...that is exactly the same thing I told my husband last night...LOL. 
Don and Marianna
You have to love these gentle giants and I can truly say that Dan is one of the biggest that I have seen.  His soft eyes can tell you his story.   So sorry his family ran into tuff times and I hope things will get better for them. As hard as it is,  the owner did the right thing for Dan,  and asked MHWF for help.   I have to admire that person.   Wished there were more people out there like that - ones that would sacrifice for the love of the animal. 

OMG he's huge!!! How would one even brush his back?? Glad he's in your care.
What a HUGE and beautiful guy!!  Love the pic of him with Scott...amazing!
Thanks for including a picture with Scott for scale- that is mind boggling.  I leased a part-draft once that was 17.3 and he was hard to brush without a stepstool.  You'd need a ladder for this one.

Very happy that you were able to take this guy in. Does this mean we need a Hay Drive - Part 2?
Scott: MHWF
We swear Big Dan has already put on some weight [smile]

Also....Faith has a new best friend!
Donna M
Wow! Looking forward to following Big Dan's progress. What a handsome guy! 
How in the heck did you get him to MHWF, what sort of trailer?  Wish we had him in our pasture.

Some vittles and a bit of rehab he is going to one stunning boy - As Donna said, will be fun to follow his progress [smile]  Mental note; look into a fund raising idea at the MWHS next to Big Jake hehehe
John, Big Dan will be available for adoption as soon as he is ready.  

We got him home in our 3-horse slant load trailer.  We were told Big Dan doesn't tie well, so we closed the slant from the last stall in the trailer that made it like a regular stall for him and then tied him.  He is so big that he took up 2 stalls of the trailer.  He was hesitant to get in because he had not been trailered for so many years, but with patience and encouragement he did just great and hauled like an old pro.  
L.O.V.E.  ...just sayin'
Gypsy's mom
Sigh, I just love drafts, and Big Dan is one big beautiful boy!
After seeing the size of Big Dan, I am convinced that there no horse that Scott and Karen can't handle. Love that comparison pic Scott! Forget the mounting block, you'll need a ladder to get on this boy's back.

All kidding aside Dan is a stunning horse, he will turn heads for sure!
Don and Marianna
Today, we went to the annual Covered Bridge Festival here in Indiana.   As we were walking around there was a big covered wagon being pulled by a big beautiful black Percheron.  We wanted to get a feel on how big "Big Dan" was at 18.3 so we walked over to the owner and his horse.   Needless to say the closer we got to the horse the bigger he was getting.   We got to meet 16 year old "Pete".   Well have to say, "Big Dan" is still the winner [thumb]    Pete only stood 18.2 !!!   Love these gentle giants. 
Gypsy's Mom
Just curious, do you remember how tall Princess the Shire was?  She really turned heads when she was out in our pasture.  Just wondering for comparison. 
I remember Princess very well, having spent a lot of time with her.  As far as her exact height, I cannot say for sure, but I would say between 17 hands and 17.2.  Dan is much taller.  [smile]  The reason I can remember that is because I would always compare how tall the really tall horses were compared to my Hercules, who was an almost even 18 hands (a bit over) and Princess wasn't as tall as Hercules.  Princess was very "big" and had a very big presence.  
Gypsys Mom
Thanks!  That puts it into perspective! 
Scott: MHWF
We are also very happy to report that Big Dan is packing the pounds on really fast, much faster than we ever expected. A few more pounds and another trim or two on his feet and we are hopeful that we can make him available!
Hey Christine... A.D. O. P. T. Just sayin
Hmm, I could swear I promised not to be in the adoption video! Right Donna R.?
Problems with being 18.3 hands tall:  Pooping on your good friend's neck.  Yep.  Faith got pooped on and I had to clean her up.  Faith and Big Dan are really great friends and Faith was standing with her head right by his behind, and yep....  ooops.  
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