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Jenni O.
Eww, Faith needs a new, shorter friend.
Nuthin says luv like a little poop.  haha!  I'm sorry Faith but that is funny.

  Funny to even think about, a new meaning for "sh?t faced"!!  

Karen, were you holding in the laugh before you had to clean her?  Hope she stays clear of that end in the future.

LOL...too funny!  Poor Faith...
Oh my!  LOL [wink]
I did have to laugh when I heard that Faith became target for a land mine from Big Dan! Poor girl, and you too, Karen for having to do cleanup. Someone will be very proud to call him their buddy when the time is right for adoption. When I heard what happened to Faith, I remembered the time when I had my last horse Jet in the barn aisle over Christmas week, and he missed a horse's christmas stocking getting land mines from Jet by no more than an inch. LOL That would have been awful to have to explain to that horse's owner why everything had to be replaced in that once beautiful custom made stocking. LOL
Big Dan got a trim today!  As you can see, he has gained quite a bit of weight already.  [smile]  We are comfortable making him available for adoption now to the right person.  He still needs to gain weight, but we will trust the right person to finish that out since he is gaining so easily and quickly.  

Here is a picture of Big Dan from today.  [smile]  

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Update 10-27-2016

Big Dan got his feet trimmed today, he has a current Coggins and is current on all of his shots. Even though he still has weight to gain, he is putting it back on at a pace that we have never seen before, so we are ready to make the giant available for adoption. Anyone looking at Big Dan should be aware that he will need large amounts of grain until he is back to his full weight. Once he is, then he can be brought down to a much smaller amount of grain. He will also need his adopter to work with him on picking up his feet. If you are not used to handling large, high energy horses, this is not your guy. He still has plenty of get up and go and a little anxiety, so he is not for the faint of heart or someone not strong enough to handle him.

He is looking so good!  He is gaining weight as fast as I do [smile]  Love this big guy
David O.
Oh my goodness! He looks absolutely fabulous! I definitely need to see the HUGE Handsome Handful on my upcoming visit!
How cute, Bag Dan adopted a mini "Scott"  Sheesh he is one big fellow
Gypsy's mom
He looks GREAT!
Scott: MHWF
When it rains, it pours.

We have a pretty sad update on Big Dan tonight. Yesterday we spent from 9 am until after 5 pm outside, evaluating and test riding all the new horses and a few of the ones that needed to be ridden to see how they are doing (Thank you Priscilla!).

We noticed in the morning that Big Dan did not seem himself, nothing specific, but not looking or feeling too good.  We kept a close watch on him throughout the day and by the afternoon it was clear that something was horribly wrong. He was wobbly, drooling, half his face is drooping, weak, tired looking and when we took his temp, it was 105.3.....super, super high. I went into the house and got him some Banamine right away. Within a couple of hours, his fever broke, which almost certainly saved his life, but he was still off balance and not looking good.  

First thing this morning, an emergency vet call. Blood drawn and a bunch of drugs.....then a long day's wait for the results from the blood work, which we got around 5:30 tonight.  

Sadly, Big Dan has a case of Lyme's AND Anaplasmosis at the same time.  No idea if he came in with the Lyme's or not (probable), but the Anaplasmosis was absolutely caused by a tick bite while he has been here.  
So, tomorrow morning after our farrier appointment, we have to load Big Dan up and get him to Plover, where he will spend the next week at Corriente Vet Clinic so he can get his daily injections, meds and can be tended to immediately if things get worse.  

Heartbreaking, yes, expensive, you bet......this Big Guy has been through enough already. Please send Dan your best wishes for a quick and full recovery. He has had a couple of pretty lousy nights and his week is not going to be much fun either.  

Big Dan is a fighter...this boy has been a trooper and really fighting hard to beat this.  
Sue J
Sending prayers and thoughts for Big Dan. Hang in there buddy!
Donna R
Oh no!  Come on big guy.  Positive thoughts for a quick and full recovery.
Hang in there Big Dan, we are sending lots of healing thoughts your way and hope you get well soon.  xoxo
Oh no!  I hope all goes well with his treatment and he is back to his big beautiful self soon!  Travel safe!
OH no!   So sorry to hear about it. Glad he can go to a clinic for treatments.. that is the best for him.

Hope he gets well soon.  How well I know that disease. [frown]
Big Dan loaded on the trailer a few minutes ago and is headed to the clinic now.  He really got hit hard with having both Lyme and the anaplasmosis, so he really does need all of the healing and positive energy he can get.  I hope he makes the trailer ride okay, and I will update as soon as Scott lets me know when they arrive to the clinic.  Thank you all for your well wishes!  
Jan H
Saying a prayer for Big Dan. 
Scott: MHWF
Big Dan is now at the vet where he will stay all week and have 24 hour monitoring and vet care. He seems to be doing a little better already, but we will have a much better idea of how well in another couple of days. So far and without any complications, the bill is estimated to be around $1000, so if you can help us the the big boy out by sending in a few bucks, we can certainly use the extra help. 
Big Dan has now gotten day 3 of his treatments and is starting to show some improvement. Hopefully this improvement continues and he can come back to us soon!

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How are they treating these awful infections?  Hang ion the big guy
Big Dan is getting the usual recommended treatment - IV oxy-tet for 5 days, and then he will be on oral doxycycline for a month after his IV treatments are done.  He is also getting bute to keep fever down (not sure if bute is still on board today or not needed).  
Hang in there, Big Dan!  Lots of healing thoughts heading your way.
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