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Glad he is showing improvement! 
Don and Marianna
Lots of prayers coming your way.  Get well soon Big Dan.
Please GOD hold Big Dan in your arms and comfort him.  Please be at the Vet's side as they tend to his needs.  Please give him the strength to overcome this trial.  Let him know he is missed by all at MHWF.

Scott, what is the cost of all of these treatments?  Would a $500.00 Challenge help to cover the cost?  If so, start it as soon as possible!
Hello Josey, 

We were given a ballpark number when we took Big Dan in, but it is by no means a solid number and much of it depends on how things go in the next 24 hours. As of yesterday, Dan was showing signs of improvement, but not as much of an improvement as we, and the vets were hoping to see. Half of his face was still paralyzed and he was still leaking urine.

If all goes perfect, we were told that we are looking at a bill of around $1000.00. Tomorrow we should know more because tomorrow is supposed to be Big Dan's last IV treatment and with a little luck, his last day at the vet clinic. If he is cleared to go, he will then need at least 30 days of meds before his treatment is complete.

Thank you very, very much for the super generous donation! We can certainly use it and it came at the perfect time, as we should see the first draft of the vet bill tomorrow.
Tomorrow is payday. I will send a contribution then for this big love bug.
Jan N
Me too, like Karla Joy [smile]

Will send a donation on my payday. Keep strong, Big Dan !
Scott: MHWF
Big Dan gets to come home today!

He is not showing the recovery we hoped for and expected, but he does get to come home today. It appears that he most likely has had the Lyme's for a while now, but the Anaplasmosis is obviously new. The best we can do is bring him home today after his last IV treatment, start him on his daily meds and hope for the best recovery possible.

The meds go by weight, so he gets a huge daily dose, plus his 40 pounds of feed each day. He still has some weakness in his back end and still has some paralysis in his face. It's probably going to be a long haul for him.
Thank you Jane L. for your donation this morning!!!
Big Dan is now home and is super happy to be back, as are his buddies, Chilly, Faith and sort of Sheba [smile]

One month of meds and we keep our fingers crossed.

Thank you for the donation this afternoon too Karla B.!!!
That is great news!  If he is like the rest of us, he will do much better just being in familiar surroundings, always better to be home.

Praying for a quick recovery.

We are so glad to have Big Dan home!  Thank you all so much for your support!  

How about a little guessing game?  How much do you think Big Dan weighs?  He is 18.3 hands tall.  
Jane Liess
I'm guessing 1650 lbs.
Sandy K
I am so glad Dan is doing well enough to come home and I hope he continues to recover.
I am glad he is home too!  I am guessing he is 1,875 lbs
Jenni O.
1925#, although I'm tempted to say more.
Kara B.
2100 and when he fills out I can't even imagine what he will top out at lol
Scott: MHWF
Bob, I bid one dollar.

We did not think that anyone was reading this thread......guess they were, just not talking. Hmmmm.....
Don and Marianna
Guessing 2250 !!     Glad you are home Big Dan.......
ooooops not 17,250 but 1,725
Heather H.
Given his size I'm going with 2200.
I'll guess 2000 give or take 25 (before or after a meal?).  He'll probably hit 2500 at his full weight, but I don't think he's there yet.
David O.
2222. Nice fun number...lol
I guess 2600 pounds!
I just saw the thread on Big Dan. We hope he recovers soon, and is himself again. He was so friendly when I went over to talk to him and pet him. He sure is a big boy! My guess is that he weighs 1825 pounds. That lymes disease sure is scary. Keeping Big Dan in my thoughts and prayers. Sadie (Lady) and Phoenix are wishing him well soon too. Thankyou for all you are doing for him and everyone there with four hooves or paws.
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