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Bruester- 14 yrs.

$600 - Bruester is a 14 year old Percheron/Paint cross gelding. He stands at 16.1 hands tall, has all of his shots, a brand new Coggins, and recently had his teeth floated, so he is all ready to go. He is another one of those gentle giants, super easy going, friendly, gets along very well with the herd, leads, loads, ties, you name it. Bruester is also a veteran trail horse and we are told just about anyone who can handle and is not intimidated by his size can ride him. His only known issue is that he has a very hard time holding up his back feet for the farrier. Lots of testing has been done to try to determine why, but no answers have been found as of yet. We are told he has been this way for a long time and is has not given him any problems as far as riding, etc.

We will obviously need to work Bruester a bit and test ride him to truly represent him the right way. From what we can see so far, his ability to move and even full out run is unaffected. We will get him test ridden very soon and will update his info as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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Wow he's gorgeous!
Oh my heart ❤️❤️❤️ Very interested in him and can’t wait to see all the updates on him .
WOW! [love]  What a good looking guy!!!
Leslie V
What a cool guy!  That face and those ears! 
MHWF, Inc.

Update: 7-28-2020

Bruester got his first trim since coming to MHWF. Were were not sure what to expect as far as his ability to hold up his back feet to be trimmed. We have been told about drugs to get him to relax and even digging a hole behind his back foot to be able to get under it to trim it. As it turns out, and what we were hoping to find are two things....1. Bruester does not like his back feet picked up too high, and 2. He doesn't want to, and that's it. We had absolutely no issues trimming Bruesters feet at all and it appears that all it ever was was him using his size to intimidate and get his way. When he knows you are not intimidated, he can hold them up just fine. With that, any worries we had about Bruester not being sound or having some hip or tendon issue went away. We are confident that he is a sound, healthy horse. Now we just need to get him test ridden to make him available for adoption.

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Heike B
That's great news!!!
That is great news 😉 He is a beautiful fella! 

Gypsy's mom
wow! Maybe Gypsy needs a boyfriend. He is handsome. And that tail!
Glad it was nothing more than him just trying to get his way! Handsome little (big) devil 🙂
Oh my!  Your discovery made me LOL this AM.  Thanks, I needed that.  SO Glad he is just fine in his hinder and between Scott and Mike you were able to figure out his game.  😉
Walker does need a new mount......

Please see the update above, and now Bruester got a good test ride today!  Big thank you to Alyssa for coming to visit and also helping us out with evaluations.  It was so great to see you and Will!  

Bruester got test ridden today and he did amazing. He clearly has some good training under his belt. Walk, trot, canter, and right back down, no issues, no fussing, excellent. Here is the only problem, since he came into MHWF, we have gotten about 50 requests to meet him and try him out. That leaves us in a pretty tough spot trying to be fair and honest with everyone who is interested in him, while still looking for the best home. Please take this into consideration if you have inquired about him. There is only one Bruester and a lot of people who want him. Please also remember that even if you do not end up being the one person who does get to adopt him, it is only a matter of time until the next gem like him comes in, maybe that horse is already here, if not, soon. So, if you already have an approved application and have already inquired about him, shoot us an email between now and Saturday morning to throw your hat in the ring. scott@equineadoption.com  From there we will do our best to be fair and swim through the sea of people.

Bruester is really a great all-around horse for sure.  He did even better than we expected under saddle.  This boy has some really nice training under his belt.  He saddled up like a pro and stood like a champ for mounting.  He listened to his rider at all times and zero shenanigans at all and no pasture or buddy sour issues.  Under saddle he did walk, trot and canter fabulously (and he will go into canter from walk very easily).  He backs nice.  He side-passed great and turned on haunches, and would come to a stop with seat aid.  Not spooky at all - Caine the Great Dane in the bushes by the round pen didn't faze him whatsoever.  

I took a bunch of video and did manage to get a short video uploaded to share this evening (uploading can be an issue here when trying to work on internet and not use up all of our bandwidth), and a couple of pics of Bruester with Alyssa riding.  😉  

By the way, that is a snaffle bit, size 6-1/4, that is from a draft bridle that is able to be clipped onto a halter - we used the halter that Bruester came with and clipped on the snaffle bit to ride.  

Here is a short video clip

or click here

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oh MY!!!  I bet you have people lined up to see him!    

I'm glad I already have my half Belgian, or I'd be bugging you to see him too. 

Good luck if you're in line.. he does look like a winner.. however, having had three half drafts in my years with horses, look out, they are smarter and stronger than even they know. [tongue]

Deb, you are so right, we had people lined up who wanted to meet Bruester.  That is the downside with this, there are going to be unhappy people because everyone wanted him but there is only one Bruester.  The up side to anyone who sent in an application who didn't already have one on file, at least you are now ready and approved so when the next "unicorn to you" comes in you are ready and set to go.  There were people who already have approved applications on file who contacted about Bruester as soon as he was listed on the site, before we even had him listed as ready to be adopted.  We never dreamed this boy would be as popular as he was.  We did this fairly and went in order as people had contacted us.  The very first person to contact us was Feleicia, and it turns out that after meeting Bruester, he was the exact horse that they needed.  They came and rode Bruester and everything was great and they all got along perfectly.  

Here are a couple of adoption day pictures of Bruester with his new people, Feleicia and Ralphie.  A big congratulations to Feleicia, Ralphie and Bruester, and a huge thank-you for choosing adoption!!  

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Another win for horses and people. Thank you mhwf for facilitating this awesomeness.
Leslie V
OMGosh - Big Congrats Feleicia and Ralphie!!!  So excited for you!!  Bruester is so cool and looks so sweet.  You are going to have a ton of fun with him!
Congrats to all of you!  He is such a gentle-looking giant 😉  Enjoy your new journey together!
Congratulations to Breuster and his new family!

Just out of curiosity, how did you explain to Breuster that his intimidation tactics wouldn't work?
Scott: MHWF
That was pretty easy, when a horse acts up, it is to get your attention, so I ignored him and we kept on trimming. Eventually he realized his tricks were not working so he might as well just stand still and get it over with.
Jenni O.
Congratulations! He looks really nice in that video.
Feleicia T.
Thanks everyone. I fell in love when I saw a Facebook picture of him the day he arrived, before he was ever posted on the site. He is exactly what we needed, a horse we can put anyone on. The grandkids love him, everyone who meets him falls in love. We are very blessed to have him as part our furbaby family.
Donna R
Congratulations Feleicia and Ralphie for your new addition!  I was looking small for a reliable mount for our grandkids.  You found it by going large.  Who knew!
I apologize for not answering your question sooner, Medusa.  Your question was, "Just out of curiosity, how did you explain to Breuster that his intimidation tactics wouldn't work?"

When Bruester came in his ground manners needed a little work.  That is something we are very used to and work on those things immediately when needed.  It's not a tough job, it generally comes pretty easily with most.  When we'd lead Bruester around and have him yield his hind, yield front and also back up, we would handle his legs and pick up his feet.  By the time farrier day rolled around, we were anxious with curiosity at how he was going to do for picking up those back feet and if it was something he was unable to physically do or not.... farrier went for his back foot and he picked it up just fine, no trouble at all.  When the farrier lifted it higher, Bruester protested a little, farrier accommodated by lowering leg at a reasonable level and as you can see the level that he was able to also rest the foot on the hoof jack.  A pretty normal level.  Bruester really was kind of protesting even getting his feet trimmed at all for a few minutes, and when he realized that he wasn't going to push anyone around, he stood to get all 4 feet trimmed.  Just a matter of a handler who wasn't going to let Bruester walk over them, in combination with the ground work and reminding him that it's a cool thing to respect people's space.  The thing is with these big guys is that even the smallest "lean" when they are getting trimmed is a lot of weight and can really throw people off balance, and if they start pushing their weight around a lot of people can get intimidated quickly and just let the horse walk over them.  No one here was intimidated by Bruester and he could tell that.  
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