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Sure, looks like you made two horses extremely happy!  They look great!
Bucket of Suds

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Jenni O.
He looks great! Any rides planned for fall? I bet it's nice now that the horses are all in one place.
He looks wonderful!
Kristal K.
Hello everyone....i know its  been forever since i have had a chance to post. Suds is a very happy boy! Now that he has two new friends in the pasture he has proved to be an absolute gentleman. We really have gotten a chance to learn about his personality and could not be more happy to have him as part of our family. Because we are very busy with Kevin's mom who lives with us and has some pretty serious dementia, we haven't gotten much riding time in but just having them here to help comfort me when i need it the most has been a godsend! i will also be posting on Suds thread with Cassie just to keep things simple. i do know that Cassie, Eli and their mom, Kara and all of the girls have been a much welcomed addition!
Kristal K.
Well as many of you know we have had a LOT of changes around the farm lately. We have gone from being full time caregivers to Kevin's mom to having to put her in a nursing home because of her dementia..she was there from just before Thanksgiving last year until the 15th of March when she finally found peace and passed away..never in my dreams could I have ever imagined how terrible of a disease that could be. Then we took a break and went to visit my mom in Florida.....that is an interesting story to say the least. Then we finally sold our Green Lake home and closed on March 27th. Now I find myself with a new job that is way more than I bargained for and I am away more than I care to be....so some changes definitely need to be made there. This all leads me to an update on Suds! Today we had a friend come out to spend some time with him. He has been left to just be a horse until now....oh boy this is going to be one fun ride! She spent about a half an hour with him and they have a love connection...perfect situation for both. He needed someone to spend the time with him and she needed to spend time with a horse again! Wow he did amazing 😄 Kara is going to be posting some video and pictures...but let me tell you that there a whole lot of happy faces at the farm today!!
Kara B.

Bucket of Suds 4-30-2017

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Bucket of Suds - 11 yrs.

$500 - Bucket of Suds is an 11 year old TB gelding. He stands at 15.2 hands tall, is sound, healthy, well-broke and current on everything. We have known Suds for a few years now. He is a good horse, very nice looking and has been ridden on trails, in the arena, in traffic, you name it. He is an energetic young TB so he likes to go sometimes, but is a fun, safe ride. Suds has some old pin fire marks on his pasterns from an old bowed tendon injury many years ago, but has never had a lame day and will make someone an excellent trail horse. Suds is in the shape of his life and looks and feels better than ever.

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Jenni O.
He looks great! He could live here, if I had room. This guy needs to get out on the trails. Okay, I'm sure he doesn't NEED to...but I bet he wouldn't mind a job.
My sentiments too, Jenni.  I wish he could stay here too, he is one of my favorites, and a really fun horse to ride.  
Do returning horses remember you and the resident MWHF horses when they arrive?
Medusa3, they sure do remember.  Suds only spent a few minutes in the paddock and we were able to turn him out and he hooked up with his old friends instantly.  He also still follows me around like a puppy dog in the pasture.  Suds and Danny have hooked back up like the old friends they were before.  Our herd leader, Pride, welcomed Suds immediately.  Only the new horses here had to figure out Suds and vice versa, but he already acts like he's lived here forever.  
Suds is back?!  Love him!  Someone is going to get very lucky.
What a handsome boy!
Suds, adopted?  Yes!  We knew this fabulous horse wasn't going to let the grass grow under his feet around here for too long.  Suds has had an unfortunate string of events bringing him back to MHWF a few times, but I guess that is the beauty of a horse being in a program who can look out for them and make sure they don't wind up in the wrong hands when leaving a home.  

McKenna and her grandma, Karen, have been looking for a horse for McKenna for some time now.  Those two want to ride together!  [smile]  While we have been looking for a horse for them for some time now, we just weren't finding just the right match, that is until Suds came along.  We are all very excited to see these two have some fun together!  We want to thank Ann for helping McKenna and Karen on their journey and for recommending MHWF to them.  Ann has a couple of adoption horses at her barn now, including Hollywood Super Babe, adopted some time ago, and also Abby the Morgan who was just adopted recently.  Suds will be spending a bit of time at Ann's barn for her to help McKenna and Suds on their journey before Suds moves to Karen's place with her horses.  

Suds is still here with us until they can make arrangements to come back and pick him up and I will do an official adoption day picture then, but I did snap a couple of pictures of McKenna and Suds riding in the round pen on 6/20/2017 that I will share for now.  

Big congratulations to Suds and McKenna!  We look forward to seeing you soon!  

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Congrats McKenna.  Many fun rides in the future with Suds.  [biggrin]
Looks like they are going to be a great team!  Love that last shot...so perfect.  Congratulations to everyone!
Lisa B.
Wonderful news! Enjoy!
Nice! Congrats McKenna and Suds.
Jenni O.
They look so good together! He really looks nice in English tack.
Donna R
Congratulations McKenna and Suds!  Great news! 
That is just wonderful!!! Congratulations, you have a gem of a horse!!
Seems like a nice match!
Today was official adoption day for Suds and McKenna!!  We are really excited and happy for them both and truly look forward to hearing about their adventures together!!  

Best of luck to McKenna and Suds, a huge thank-you and congratulations!!  

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