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They looked great together!
Sandy K
Congratulations McKenna . You two have a long happy journey together . Enjoy that beautiful horse !
Jenni O.
Such a cute adoption photo! Enjoy your new horse.
Karen B.
MaKenna and Suds had their first lesson with Ann. They sure make a great pair. Everything is going great. Thanks again for such a great horse.

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Karen & Scott
Yaay!  That's awesome, thanks so much for letting us know and for the cute pictures!!  
Ann G.
So happy for you both.Vary cute pictures.
A little update on Suds.  We hear from his adopter that he is doing well and they have done some fun shows too!  

Here are a couple of pics of Suds.  One with Suds and MaKenna getting ready for a fun show, Suds and his buddies and Suds and MaKenna in the sunset from a couple of weeks ago.  

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Jenni O.
Glad to hear Suds and his adopter are doing well together. 😀
Jan N
Lovely !
Gotta love a girl and her horse!
Awesome pics!
Suds did have back problems but, after a couple rounds of acupuncture and massage treatments he is all better. We have started doing back stretches, which he enjoys. Here is him bowing as one his stretches.

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Barb S
Awe, Suds has always been one of my horse crushes💕 Glad he’s doing much better.
Omg how beautiful

For some reason we forgot (or it got accidentally deleted) to put Suds' profile and intake pictures up here on his thread.  Suds is available for adoption right now.  

Bucket of Suds - 14 yrs. (2020)


$500 - Bucket of Suds is a 14 year old TB gelding who has been part of MHWF for quite a few years now, so we know him pretty well. He is sound, healthy, current on everything and a horse that just about anyone can ride. He stands at 15.3 hands tall and is a very seasoned trail and arena horse. Suds was adopted about 2 years ago and has been in the same home, being ridden by all member of the family ever since. The herd situation changed a bit in his home and he was bullying the two super laid back mares he was living with. Because of that Suds needed to come back and needs to go to a home where there is another horse that will be his boss. He is not a bully here, but the herd here at MHWF is pretty established and he fits right in, letting someone else be the boss. Suds is an amazing horse that can be used for just about anything, but is best as a trail horse. His adopter should be someone who can be his leader and partner.

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I have GOT to have this boy!! Seriously though. My application goes out in the mail tomorrow after I get a chance to print out pictures! No kidding this guys is basically my DREAM HORSE that I have been looking for my WHOLE LIFE! Keeping my fingers crossed! Please pray for both of us!
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