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I was wondering if he rides western? He is very beautiful tho!!!1 IN all of the pictures he was being ridden english so i was just wondering if he rode western
Suds was trained to be a trail horse after the track, and that is what he has been doing ever since. He has done a lot of riding in the arena and on the trails.  Suds will ride in any tack that fits him well, Western or English.  
Leslie V
Suds is so darned cute!

And he's a TB....  [thumb]

I would like to come and look at Suds.  He sounds like he is just the horse for me.  Like him I have done the jumping and showing--but now in my later years I just want to trail ride.  He would be the ONLY horse here, he would get all my attention and love.

When would be a good time to come and see him?  I have never been to MHWF, so I need directions.

Thank you,
Lisa B.

I'm glad to see you are checking out Suds.  Get your application in and hopefully you and I will be hitting the trails together soon!

Lisa B.
Great to see new people finding the site and these horses. 

But, keep in mind that horses are social and herd animals.  So you need at least two. But one can be a mini or a donk or a pasture pet. 
Mr. Suds found his home today!  We are thrilled to announce that Bucket of Suds found himself a great home where he's going to get lots of lovin'.  April and her daughters, Izzy and Emily, came to meet Suds today and everyone loved him.  Their friend Lisa, who adopted Pauli's Little Lena a while back made the trip with them and referred them to MHWF, so a big thank-you to Lisa too!!!  Everyone rode Suds today and really had a lot of fun.  Suds will be mainly April's horse, but it sounds like he is going to be doted on by everyone.  He is going to be keeping their other horse company, so I'm sure their horse is going to be very happy to have a companion too.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, April and the girls, and a big congratulations to you!  We really look forward to hearing about your adventures together.  

Here is a cute adoption day photo of Suds with his girls from today (9/6/2015).  

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Jenni O.
Congratulations, ladies! Maybe I'll see you around some day. Suds is beautiful, and fits right in with the family.
Just awesome! Congratulations everyone!
Barb S.
Yeah!!! Congrats Suds, April, and girls! I'm so happy you've opened your hearts and home to this very handsome boy!
Congratulations to Mr. Suds and his new family!
Lisa B.
Congratulations! We can't wait to see how things go with you and Suds(y)?!
Good to see Suds found a new home. Congrats.
Great news! Sud's has the sweetest face and is such a great guy, such a lucky family
Leslie V
Congratulations on Suds!  He looks like a sweetie - you'll have a lot of fun with him!
Wendy W - WI
He is so cute!  Congratulations!!  

Bucket of Suds - 9 yrs.

$400 - Bucket of Suds is a 9 year old off the track TB gelding. He stands at 15.3 hands tall. He was retired from race training after bowing a tendon, so his race career ended there. He was then trained to be a trail horse and that is what he has been doing ever since. He has done a lot of riding in the arena and on the trails. He does have an ugly scar on the front of his canon bone on his right front leg. It does not give him any trouble and he moves wonderfully, very flashy. Because of his past injuries, Suds will never be a race horse and cannot be used for speed or jumping events, but he will make someone a wonderful trail horse. He is quiet and well-mannered and is really cute too. Lots of training, still reasonably young, nice looking and sane, Suds will be a great partner for whoever adopts him.  Suds is a horse just about anyone can ride. He likes to go, but is always a safe reliable ride.

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Awww.  sweet Suds is back.  I hope he finds a loving home quickly.
I love this guy! There is one very lucky adopter out there!!! Let the phone start ringing now [smile] I am envious!
Just wondering why this wonderful horse is back at the rescue. I thought he'd found his forever home.
Sarah, I have to be honest in saying that I am not really sure how to answer that question, other than it just was not a good match I guess.  What I can be sure of is that Suds is an absolutely fabulous horse who is a blast to ride and just a fun lovin' guy to be around too.  Suds can take a while to settle into a new home, as we found when he first arrived here, and we were sure to share that information (and now I am mentioning that again here now).  Funny thing about that though, Suds was with us long enough here that he had settled in nicely and now that he is back it was obvious that he feels like he is "home" again.  He settled in right away and is right back in a regular routine here.  As a matter of fact, I just came in from letting him out from eating his dinner, of which he was waiting for us this evening right in the spot he knew to come for in for dinner by the paddock.  

We realize that this looks absolutely horrible for Suds that he was returned twice like this, and I am at a loss for words other than to say it was completely our fault, we messed up.  I apologize deeply to Suds and to the person who donated him, I really feel horrible about this.

We do not do much video of horses for the simple reason that it takes literally hours for us to upload video with our internet connection, but I am going to do some video of Suds for people to see.  I think that may help people to see that they do not need to be afraid to call about him and come and meet him.  I want to stress that his return was absolutely no fault of his own, and I feel absolutely horrible about this.  Suds needs a home to call his own and he cannot be bounced around any more, please someone come and meet this wonderful guy.  He truly is a gem, I promise.  
I am going to make a point to come and see him.  Perhaps Suds and I need to ride a bit together [wink]
I wrote a long reply and deleted it after further review.  
Sorry Suds you have had such things to deal with as change of herd dynamics and surroundings are very stressful indeed as we all know.  Wish I had room for ya bud, hang in there
Wendy W - WI
Time.......they need time to settle.  Not all, but I imagine most.  This boy is so wonderful and I know the right home will come along.  And......I might add, fall and winter is a great time for bonding as most people don't ride as much.  Just happy time getting to know each other.  
I agree Wendy!  I can't imagine expecting a horse who has been moved around, not to mention a couple of times, to be settled that fast.  They are individuals and they adjust at their own pace.  Some take longer than others and they simply need time....let them have some time!  This sweet boy would have PLENTY of time to settle here! 
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