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My long winded reply I deleted said much of the same Wendy and Christine, my goodness give an equine time and space to acclimate.  What really annoys me is how much stress the equine goes through (leaving friends, traveling and the process to make new friends then traveling back)  It took nearly 6 months for our others to truly accept Jett after we adopted him.  And yes, I agree, winter is a great time for one on one bonding.

I get it if a person feels the horse is just too much to handle on the ground or in saddle and there is safety issue or the equine is flipping out and keeps breaking through the fence due to whatever but even with that said; don't most anticipate having to provide some level of training and time?!
Last I checked they have a heartbeat not a 6 cylinder engine and airbags.  If that is what someone wants - get a mini cooper, hop in and ride anytime you want.

This is not just Suds I am referring too but I see this each year and I always feel bad for the stress it must put on the equine.  Well most horse people agree, some people simply should not be one.
Each horse has their own personality - that is what makes them so special.     Every breed of horse reacts differently to it's surroundings - sometimes taking longer to settle in than others, some more high strung than others.   When Chip and Dragon first came to their new home in May, Chip settled in to his new environment immediately.   It took Dragon a good while to finally get to where he was comfortable and felt safe and secure.   You just need to keep them time to adjust, have patience,  and most of all show them that they can trust you.  We now have two of the most sweetest horses ever, and most of all, they know this is their home. 

Sheesh, I have looked at Suds everytime he has been on here.  He is a bay whose name starts with S.  Clearly he belongs with Sammy, Spice, and Sarona.  Dan keeps telling me no [frown]

I am doing my best to ignore Suds, but he just keeps coming back and staring at me.  Someone adopt him please?

I do not have a lot of experience with thoroughbreds but what little I have is that they can be rather sensitive and thus - slow to settle in to a new place and feel trust.  I hope those considering him will look at this as a good trait, not a bad one.  Perhaps he'd be a good candidate for a person who is looking to make a connection and have a strong bond with their horse
Scott: MHWF
Ok, I think we have made the point. I hate piling on and since we do not really know why he came back either time, let's turn this thread back into the fact that a very nice horse that just about anyone can ride is here and looking for a new home [smile]

Andrea B.
He is an awesome looking horse.  I can't wait to meet him in person this Saturday!

I am interested in the gelding Bucket of Suds and I wanted to know his location to see if he was within the distance I am willing to travel.  He seems like a great horse and I would love to be able to adopt him.

Scott: MHWF
Mara, all of the horses listed on our site are here at our facility.
Hey!!!  There's 2 "Mara"s.  Cool.

Mara, all the horses (other than Annie, right now) are in central WI.  Come make the trip to meet them!

CC & Kim
To be honest, we are really excited to see him back & be available for adoption. We have been checking on him and Hope for a long while. We want to adopt both of them. But we just purchased our farm. It was a cattle farm before so it will need some work to fit for the horses. Do Hope & Suds get along well? If they are, we would like to put in the application for them. My daughter, Kimberly would like to name our farm after "HOPE". We will provide permanent home for both of them.... CC
We are a little behind on our paperwork and computer work today because we spent the day outside and will need to catch up on the computer.  Suds got adopted today and we will be posting about that soon.  

CC&Kim, if you are interested in adopting it is always best to get your application in as soon as it can be completed (when your place is complete and ready).  When someone is interested in adopting a horse or horses from MHWF, the application process isn't for just one particular horse, it is getting you and your place approved to adopt any horses that might be a good fit for you and your family.  Once you get an application approved, that application stays good and valid for as long as the information is the same (you don't move, etc.).  When you are ready, having an approved application on file helps when it comes time that you see a horse(s) that you are interested in adopting, because then it is just a phone call to make an inquiry and to set an appointment for a horse.  If you don't have an application on file, anyone who does have an approved application on file could wind up adopting that horse before you even get your application in.  I hope I explained that well enough, but if you have any questions you can email us or give us a call during our hours.  
Kara B.
[smile] Big smiles for Suds!
Jenni O.
Awesome. Can't wait to see who the lucky adopter is!
Lisa B.
Yay for Suds!!! (and his adopters too)!
Awww. I am so happy for Suds and his LUCKY adopter!!!  You hit the horse jackpot for sure!  Enjoy the long and happy life together [smile]
It's official, Suds left for his new home this morning!  We are really excited to announce that Kristal and Kevin K. adopted Suds!  They came and met a couple of horses and Suds was really the guy that won them over.  It is really super exciting because they recently got a new property and are just getting back into horses again.  Suds will join their new mare named Jewel, who just arrived to them last night.  We are very happy and excited for all of them!  

Thank you, and congratulations to Kristal and Kevin!  

Here are a few pictures from when they met Suds the first time on November 8th, and then the official adoption day photo from today, 11/13/2015.  

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Hey, how'd he score a rainbow hoodie?  Congrats to all - happy for all.
Tricia, we had the tie-dyed hoodies available on a fun auction a while back.  I scored one for myself too.  [smile]  We haven't offered them again because not very many people bought them.  

Holy Smokes Suds hit the jackpot!! Congrats Krystal and Kevin AND Suds!!  Make sure you post lots of pics and do lots of updates!! 

I remember when you offered them...I was low on cash at the time and missed the boat.  **sigh** The chocolate embroidered sounds nice too. sorry to hijack.  really happy for Suds and his adopters.
Suds is settling in great already with his new pasture mate Jewell!  

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Donna R
Congratulations on a great adoption, Kevin, Krystal and Suds!  And best wishes for a happy life on your new property.  Hope to see some updates from you.
Congratulations to all! How exciting!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Everyone looks happy, horses and humans. Enjoy your new horses!
Kristal Keipe
We are so happy to have Suds with us. I keep waiting for him to be nervous but the most I got so far was a little talking when I walked him around the garage to a shut off the water and he couldn't find Jewel. Today they were on opposite sides of the pasture and both were ok with it. They both have brought us so much joy already. Feels like they have been with us forever..I'm trying to get some pictures uploaded but my phone is winning. ...more to come soon
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