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Congratulations to Buster Brown and his new family!

Sandy K
I see Buster is marked adopted . Big congrats to his new family !
Buster did get adopted today and left for his new home!  It was an extra special adoption because Buster made really good friends with Privet and they went to the same home together!  We are so happy for Janet and Jordan on their adoption of Buster and Privet and we really look forward to hearing about their new life together!  Buster is going to be helping kids learn about horses and I think Janet is really going to enjoy riding Buster from time to time too.  We are really happy for Buster and Privet and excited about their new life and we hope to hear some updates on the boys. 

It's funny, Jordan and Janet came to meet Privet, but Buster really stole their hearts in a big way too. 

Thank you so much Janet and Jordan, and congratulations! 

Here are a couple of pictures of Buster with Janet and of Buster with Janet and Jordan and Privet too on adoption day, 7/6/2013.  :) 

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Congratulations to Buster and his new family!
mel d
Sounds like another perfect adoption! Congratulations!
Lindsey N
What a happy day for Buster!  So wonder of these two wonderful women keeping Buster and his buddy together.  What a great future for Buster to teach kids about horses, we need more people & horses like that in the world.  They can still have a job even when their body isn't 100%.  I'm so happy for this one!!
Wendy W - WI
Such a handsome handsome boy and I love that last picture of the two (four) together.  Happy days for this beauty!  Congrats!
Buster Brown

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Buster Brown

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Jan N
What a lovely guy!
Looking good Buster Brown!!!!
He looks wonderful!
Always liked Buster. What is that pink thing on or near his foot?
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