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That is awesome news Jean, thanks so much for sharing!  I'm so glad that you are enjoying Buster so much already and love hearing updates! 


I forgot to post a pic of Buster that I got here in the pasture before you adopted him Jean, here it is.  I thought you might enjoy it.  :) 

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This is one AWESOME photo of *Buster*... beautiful.


Wonderful update, and gorgeous photo! Congrats again!


very very hunky boy!

Jane Liess

THAT would make a great calendar pic!

Denise from Denmark

OMG!!!!!! I know and work with Jean !! she is awesome!!! he is in good hands with her .. Congrats Jean so glad you found your new horse!!! : )


Congratulations Jean and Buster! 

Jamie B
Karen, that is such a beautiful photo of Buster. Thanks for taking care of my boy for me. =]

Took Buster out for a ride this past weekend. It was a little chilly, but we enjoyed ourselves. I rode with a friend who had just seen him for the first  time. He was very impressed with him. The words I recall him using was "I'll trade ya horses!" My answer was"NO". I am excited for trail season to start,I am like a mother with a new baby, I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW HIM OFF!!!!!


Hi Jean, thanks for the update!  It makes me very happy to hear how well you and Buster are doing together!  Maybe you can show him off some time this year at an MHWF trail ride too.  :) 

Thanks Karen,

Do you advertise for the trail rides you do? I would love to come and ride with other people who have been blessed like me!!!

Jean, we will be sure to post about any trail rides we do this year right here on the forum.  It will be great to see you guys! 


Buster Brown - 15 yrs.

$500  - Buster Brown is a 15 year old registered QH gelding. He has always been a 15.2 hand, big, muscled out boy. He is current on everything, shots, wormers, trims etc. He is also one of the best broke horses you will ever ride. He has been used exclusively as a trail horse for the past few years and is a safe, sound, reliable horse with great ground manners. He leads, loads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. Buster is back for one reason only, he is deathly afraid of cows and goats. This is something his adopter worked very hard on, but was not able to get him over. Funny, he is not at all afraid of donkeys, but goats and cows are terrifying to him. Apparently nobody ever told him that he was a QH and was bred to work cattle. So, Buster is looking for a home with no cattle or goats, Llamas are probably not a good idea either. If you are looking for a great ride and do not ride anywhere where you might encounter these various scary beasts, this might be the horse for you. We cannot say enough good things about Buster other than this fear of cattle and goats. Just about anyone can ride and will appreciate Buster. Someone is going to be very lucky to have this boy in their pasture for sure! We love these older pics of Buster all shed out in the summer, so we opted to use these instead of his fuzzy winter hair photos.

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What a gorgeous head and eye Buster has, summer or winter I bet! 

Christina - NY
I don't blame him, I'm not too fond of goats or cows either!
Kim B
I had called on this beautiful guy the last time he was up for grabs.  I was sad I missed him, he is going to make someone really happy.  My husband had already texted me today saying "no you may not call on the horse"  :(  I hope he finds a home soon.
Ohhhhh poor Buster! He needs to hook up with Emma, that girl knows how to put the fear of God into goats!
John B.
He is a great looking boy.  I give Jean a lot of credit for trying her best on this one and am sure he will find a home soon.
I have only seen photos of Buster Brown but he always looks gorgeous to me! I wish I could meet him in person. Just for fun Travis....no more horses or mules...I promise!
Kara W.
Holy wow gosh he is a beautiful horse!
Oh me, oh my! What a handsome fella!!
Jean R.
I was the one who had Buster for the last year. I just wanted to say that the only reason why I brought him back was his fear of cattle. It was a very hard decision for me to make but it is the right one for Buster. I love him very much but was unable to even ride him around home. Every direction I ride in I have cows, and that is very upsetting to him. He is sooooo well trained anyone can ride him. He has very good ground manners, and and is great for the vet and farrier.I could walk right up to him in the pasture with a halter and lead and he would stand right there! I can't say enough  good things about him! If anyone is able to give him a home where he doesn't have to see small farm animals, you will not regret it! I admit I cried on the way home after dropping him off but I want him to have a stress free life like he so deserves!
Maybe those considering him could use some clarification....Is it the sight of cows at any distance or just if he has to work with them?  For instance, I have neighboring farms with many that moo all the time but I do not ride near them.  I guess I mean, what is a safe distance before he gets stressed?  He looks like a picture (pittcher) from a book or poster.
Jean R
As soon as he smells cows, hes on the look out for them and gets aggitated. When he can see them he starts getting really worked up. When you start to get close up, he starts losing control and if they run toward him, he looses it. The farther he can be kept away, the better!
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