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John B.
Jean, OMG I am no expert but I sure have to say I admire you, please take that sincerely.  If what I interrupt, you did EVERYTHING you could, but you realized that Buster would not be happy with that environment (it was not about you, it was about Buster and you saw that even after lots of work)  You worked it with Buster to your best.  I admire your efforts.
I have seen people that became disconcerned over such minor issues as (he seemed off once in awhile, he was a lil aggressive, he was a lil antsy on trail, he did not have perfect ground manners, he did not get along with the other horses, I lost interest in him, blah-blah-blah,)  I can tell, YOU did everything possible for your beloved friend and I am confident that Scott n Karen will find your BFF a great home.  Somehow I know you will keep in touch with that new home.  The fact you cried showed amazing will and strength IMO.

He's a big beautiful boy..If only I could afford another horse. My gelding is afraid of cows as well.
Jean R.
"THANK YOU" John very much for all the nice things you said!!!!!! You are right it IS all about Buster. He is a great guy! I hope he finds a home soon.
John B.
How could someone not adopt a great looking horse (outside and inside) like a fellow like this???  (It won't be long Jean)  I don't know about others but ground n trail manners is paramount IMO.  Only took me like 2 years with my guy to get near where I think Buster is (not complaining at all BTW)  We have no cows by us and if at all pos. I would scoop up this great looking/trained fellow in a minute if I could...(but that would take away from someone's pure joy of having a lad like this)  Damn!  Darn good looking solid boy there.
Kim M.
Jean, I am so sorry for you having to return him. It is so heartbreaking, but yet, when you truly love someone or something, you do what's best for the other, not yourself. And we can easily see how much you love him.  
We can put a very happy spin on Buster's thread here, because he found himself a great home yesterday!  Jen and Tim came to meet Buster and they were a perfect match.  They were looking to add a horse to do some occasional trail riding and no cows mixed in there, so it is a great fit.  Jen rode Buster and they did great together too.  We look forward to hearing of their adventures together! 

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Jen and Tim, and congratulations! 

Here are a couple of pictures from adoption day, 11/4/2012: 

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Name: BUSTER-JEN-ADOPTION-NOV4-121-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1161, Size: 196.79 KB

Name: BUSTER-JEN-TIM-ADOPTION-NOV4-139-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1164, Size: 188.82 KB

Kara W.
YEA!! Welcome to the neighborhood Buster!!! He looked so happy when I drove by this morning. He totally won the horsey lottery being adopted by Jen and Tim!! :)

Happy Trails!
mel d
Not surprised to see this! Happy (cowless) Trails!
Hi Jen! Thanks for posting. I moved your post over here to Buster's most current thread...hope you don't mind!

Buster came home with us yesterday and settled right in like he has been there for a month! He is quiet and relaxed and follows us around. We are already very fond of him and think he is going to be just a super fit for our family. We will keep you posted on him!!! Thanks Scott and Karen. I really admire what you are doing with your facility and will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking! It was great to meet all of you!

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Congratulations to Buster, Tim & Jen!
Anna WI
You guys are just down the road from us. We need to get together sometime and go for a ride! So
happy to hear that we have an adoption horse so close to us!!
Jenni O.
Congratulations!  He has a kind eye.  Glad to see he won't be stuck at MHWF (stuck makes it seem like a bad thing, but I don't mean it that way!) just because he's afraid of cows.  He's too nice to be a total pasture puff.
Jean R.
I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE THAT MY GUY GOT ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!! Trust me you guys will not regret adopting him. There goes the tears again!!!!!! Happy ones this time! If there is any questions you would like answered from me, PLEASE don't hesitate to give me a call. You can get my # from Scott and Karen.
All I want is Buster to be happy! Thank you to his new adopters!
Jen D
Update on Buster - I have let him take his time to settle in and we had our 1st ride today (hard to fit them in around the weather and it getting dark so early). He was absolutely perfect. Not impatient while tied, enjoyed his grooming time and never pawed once.  Nice quiet ride around home - of course we had our Blaze Orange on!!! He is happy and stuffing his face! All is well :o)
Great update. Happy you got to get a ride in and also happy to see you let himhave some adjustment time. I personally think all horses need a little time to settle in to their new place.
Jenni O.
Ooh, and you are so brave for riding on the deer hunting opener.  I put on blaze orange to walk the dogs!  I'm sure Buster is fine with gunfire...as long as there is no mooing in the distance., he's good to go, right?  :)
Thanks for the update Jen, sounds like you guys are getting along great!  :) 
Jen D.
Just a cute photo my son snapped of Buster... he is doing really well, acts like he has been here his whole life.  He seems really happy!

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Awww, that is a great pic.  Such a kind, sweet eye he has.  Thanks for sharing Jen, I'm so happy to hear things are going so well! 

Jenni O.
Love the photo and glad things continue to go well. Buster has such a kind eye.
Jen D.
Buster Brown is doing well! Happy and playful ~ although my youngster is the instigator most of the time! I may do a Hunt Seat class or two with him this show season just for fun and possibly a lead line class with my niece. All is well and he is anxiously waiting for the pastures to grow.
Jenni O.
Thanks for the update.  You will have to get pictures if you take him to a show.  He should be safe from cows there, at least!

We're glad to hear all is well with Buster, thanks for the update!  I hope you can share some pics of your upcoming adventures, that would be great to see! 


Buster Brown - 16 yrs.

$300 - Buster Brown is a 16 year old AQHA gelding. He stands at 15.2 hands tall and is very well broke. Buster Brown is current on all his shots, wormers and was just trimmed. He has very good ground manners and is a joy to work with and handle, easy going and very likeable. Because of an old suspensory injury Buster is now a light riding horse for short rides around the farm and rides for the kids. Buster is a really nice looking horse and has proven himself to be safe and reliable.

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