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Good for you Kara. Next thing you know you are going to be riding like Stacy Westfall!

When I had my arab I always rode him bareback. I haven't ridden bareback in a long time but did one day recently and I was like, how did I do this all the time?!?!?!

Kara, you should be very proud of yourself...smile...I think what you two are accomplishing together is awesome!  Way to go!

Kara W.
Thank you everyone :) Like I told Lindsey it was one of those need to shout and jump up and down moments I was so darn excited :) I ride bareback A LOT this time of year... Mostly because I'm to lazy to put my HEAVY saddle up on my horse... but It kind of doubles as the girls I work with don't usually get one either so it help them with balance. I love riding in the winter bareback because It helps keep me warm :) I have news about my mom too :) she hasn't ridden much in the past 8 or 9 years until this year after we brought Cassie home. She has been riding Eli. She decided she was going to ride in just the halter and lead rope bareback on Wednesday... I'm very happy to say she was able to TROT both directions all the way around the arena and he was nice and collected for her and even did leg yields. I don't think I've ever seen her smile that big! 
So yeah it was a pretty darn good week :)
Today a friend of mine is coming with a bunch of bits to try for Cassie. Now that she is moving better thanks to the supplements and more work she gets to now learn how to bring her head down and start to use her body :) Just have to find a bit that she likes... the "S" hackmore is very good for trails and stuff but now its time to get down to some work :)
Kara W.
Well we found a good bit for Cassie :)
She give to the pressure very well and I pretty much can just use finger tips with her... She has a very light mouth and is relearning her leg queues.... My friend Erin came up has been riding with since we were kids and she was very impressed and says she has some VERY good training in her somewhere.... she is rusty but its there :) Erin was able to get Cassie to pivot on her back a couple steps each direction, and was doing circles and all sorts of stuff using only her legs to guild her:) Now I just have to learn how to ask the right way to get Cassie to do it.  I haven't ridden much in the pasts 2 weeks... This time change is killing my riding time since its dark by the time I get done with work at night... I attached a pic of the bit we are using with Cassie. I love the fact that I can ride with nice light hands and not have to yank and pull to get her to respond :) She does well with the hack too but her flexing and dropping her head are getting much better with this bit... so far we are working only at a walk and slow jog.... once she gets it there we will try for trot and lope:)
OK I'll stop rambling now :) 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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That looks exactly like a bit I had for one of my horses years ago except mine had copper inlay.
I cant even begin to explain the JOY that fills my heart when I read about my daughter Kara and her many accomplishments with her horses. Cassie and Eli are very lucky to have a mommy that loves them so unconditionally. Its every mothers dream when you love horses that you will have a child that shares that love. MHWF Scott and Karen I just want to thank you for bring such joy to so many people. Unless you have a connection with a horse you will never know the feeling. I have seen a dramatic change in Cassie since she came to Kara. There is truly a very complete connection with the two of them. It brings tears to my eyes just knowing how complete this has made her. I am a very proud MOM with a wonderful daughter :) 
Kara W.
Cassie and 4 of my teen girls I work with at the barn 2 to 3 days a week. 
Cassie was able to give two to the girls their first ride on a horse ever. To see the smiles on their faces just makes my day :) 

Sorry the photo was taken by cell phone so I know its not the best but look at those smiles :)

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Reading both Kristal's and Kara's posts this morning really made my day, thank you both for posting and sharing.  :)  We are truly happy for Cassie and the perfect home she has. 

I love the picture!  Just think, those girls will remember Cassie for the rest of their lives and that very first horse ride.  What a wonderful job you have done with her Kara!  You two were really meant for each other. 
Jenni O.
Kara, you will get there with the hindquarter/forehand turns.  I am still working on it with mine.  They all have a little bit different buttons to push and it just takes practice to figure it out.  The best advice given to me by a horse trainer's daughter was to imagine you are sitting on a beach ball.  What way do you want it to move and how do you lean to get it there?  That helps you figure out which seatbone to sit on, and if you need to lean back a little or not, and also where to put your leg.  Hopefully that is helpful and not a big "Huh???".  (Sometimes I think it's detrimental to us to see Clinton Anderson spinning around like mad on a horse.  It looks so easy when in fact it took a lot of time and a horse with natural talent to get to that point.)

And by the end of this month we will be gaining daylight again, yippee!  I hate the short days too.

I think that first ride may have started something!!  Looks like future MHWF adopters to me!
Kara W.
I had 4 girls out at the barn again today:) Cassie and Eli are just wonderful for them! I can not tell you the joy it put in my heart to be able to help these girls :) I wish I could do it full time as a job... but... that's not going to happen anytime soon... I emailed Karen some pictures to have her post for me :)   (thank you Karen!)
LOVE the smiles :)

What a great update!  It is so wonderful to hear that not only Cassie is doing so well, but also making so many others happy. 

Here are some pics of Cassie and her girls.  :) 

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mel d
What a great day for horse and girls both :)
John B.
Those poor horses being so neglected, no attention...

Happy people n happy horses always makes us all smile :-)

Cassie is looking good and it looks like the girls are really having fun.
Jenni O.
That's so cool. I would have loved someone to offer me that opportunity when I was that age. And those photos sure beat a lot of the photos I see teenage girls posting on FB.
Kara W.
Jenni O. that is the exact reason I have opened my horse up to these girls... There are just way to many other things going on that they could be doing. This helps keep a lot of them out of trouble :)
Kara W.
We had some fun in the snow today.
Took the girls selding behind Eli. 
Got the first "Family" pic with my two ponies, my dog Rocky, Boyfriend Tim.
I can't get the pics to work so I'm going to email them to Karen to post for me again:) (thank you)
Great pics Kara!  I'm a little jealous I wasn't there, that looks like so much fun!! 

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I remember sledding like that when I was young! Such fun!
That really does look like fun. I just bought a big sled to haul horse poop in and keep thinking how fun it would be to have one of the horses pull me around in it. (When it is clean of course) So far no one has volunteered. How did you get your horse to pull without being freaked that it is chasing them down?

Two more pics.....these are great!! 

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Kara W.
Eli was broke to harness prior to saddle. So he knows how to pull. 
Lindsey did follow him around a little bit without it connected to the saddle first... then I did a try run with out anyone in it. Then just chose to go for it... The fastest he will go is a canter. I tried to get him to give it a little bit more and he protested strongly to that :P (lil buck to tell me "Yeah right! I'm hauling  your big but and pulling people this is the fastest I'm going!") 
I'm thinking of seeing if Cassie would maybe do it next time. Never hurts to try. :)
It was a BLAST!
Great pics! Love the family shot!
That really does look like a blast!!  Great Pics Kara.
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