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Lindsey N
I got to ride Cass last night and she was a peach! She's teaching me a thing or two about neck reining :) she doesn't seem to mind me too much! Kara was riding without reins at all..that definitely was something to see!
Kara W.
I'm not sure about anyone else's horses but Cassie has become very sassy with the weather warming up... (all the horses at the barn were just FULL OF IT  last night) Now if only the darn ice would melt so I could put a saddle on and make her work a bit... She is fine riding bareback in the barn, but you can't do much... I wanna get out in the arena and get some work done! I tried to ride her bareback in the pasture last night and decided I didn't have good enough balance to try and fight her to go slower on the icy slippry spots... so the ride only lasted about 5 min... i really can't wait till spring!
Jenni O.
It was beautiful here today.  But it's supposed to snow tomorrow and Monday.  And a lot on Monday, I guess.  WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! 

Not sure what the forecast is for you, but you might be doing your lessons/training in July at this rate.  You are going to love the lessons.  I wouldn't be riding at all if it weren't for the lessons I'm taking at an indoor.  Stupid ice.  Be careful. 
mel d
Sassy you say? Yep, Storm has the sassies also...it may look like the middle of winter, but he also has spring fever. With all the ice under the snow, I am just doing a bit of ground work out in the pasture...as in follow me, do not crowd, stand quiet while I groom. If he can do that at liberty, I am happy right now.
Kara W.
Got out for a ride today... Cassie is still a lil sassy but she is doing much better :)
Check out the video... Her hocks are feeling much better with workouts and MSM :)
We still had about 1 1/2 to 2 feet of snow in spots in our arena... but its slowly warming up and getting nicer out. 
Mom was riding Eli and I'm on Cassie.

<iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=457454354323326" width="720" height="1280" frameborder="0"></iframe>
i hope the link works....
Kara W.
Ok so I'm trying to figure out how to get the video uploaded from facebook to my computer... will let you know when I have it posted...
Kara W.

Maybe this will work....
Lindsey N
Ewe! All that snow!  The video does work :P  And I think Cassie looks amazing!! She is accepting the bit really well, hopefully some work with Erin and she will settle into things nicely.  I get the feeling she will do really well with some exercise this summer!
Kara W.

Well I got the tarp out last night :) Have a little to work on yet... I would say Cassie is not scared of the tarp but she wont walk through it yet... its ok its a nice challenge to work on :)
Scott: MHWF
Kara, apparently Facebook does not work well with this forum, as far as embedding goes. I would be happy to post it on Youtube for you if you wish?
Kara W.
I'll try to update it to youtube tonight when I get home from the barn.
Thanks... the other one is on my mom's cell phone so I have to figure out how to get it on my computer so I can upload to youtube as well.. I got a new HD video camera for my birthday do I've been playing around with it...
I'll see what I can do tonight. Sorry about that guys...
Scott: MHWF
No big deal, just thought I would offer help, if you needed it.
That's weird because it did show up once for me but now it doesn't.  I think Youtube is probably the way to go since the FB thing seems to be so touchy. 

You and Cassie are doing awesome! 
Kara W.
Well I can't get the video of mom and I riding to work on here... so here is a pic instead :)

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Kara W.
Ok finally got youtube working :)

Kara W.

Kara W.
Ok last one for the night I promise :)
Cassie is moving much better. She is picking up her back feet and not dragging her toes. 

Now on another note... My mom came up to ride tonight again... We went on a ride down the road and through the neighborhood next to our barn... This was the first ride my mom and I have had outside of an arena together in I would have to say 10 to 12 years :) I'm one happy girl tonight let me tell you :)
Kristal K.
And I am one HAPPY MOM TOO!! What a special bond to have with my daughter:) I am so proud of all that she has accomplished with her horses!! And in her life!! Thank you Scott and Karen for giving us the  chance with your adoption program to continue what we love TOGETHER :)
Jane Liess
Kara, in your video of Cassie it seems that she's a bit off when going to the right.  I don't think lunging her is such small circles at the trot is advisable.  Do you have a longer lunge line?  I wouldn't lunge her in circles smaller than 20 meters (about 60 feet).  You might need a lunge whip to keep her going, and it's a little tricky at first coordinating a longer line, but I think it would give you a better picture of how she's moving!  Such a pretty girl!
Kara W.
She is a bit off that I know... The only reason I was using this rope was to get a video to post of her... we actually don't lunge much and it was very slick in the pasture so I did want her to get going with to much speed on a longer rope... when she goes to the right that is her harder side. We are working on getting her to flex more and use her body better going to the right. I do have a lunge whip and longer rope that I use in the arena when we are actually working.
I really just wanted to show how much better she is moving in her hocks. Last summer when she came home she would hardly lift them up and would drag her toes. The only changes I have really made was adding MSM to her diet. The vet wanted to go straight to hock injections, but at $600 a treatment I wanted to see if supplements would help. 
Thank you for your feed back Jane. I really just to the video in this size of a circle purely to show how much better she is doing :)
Jane Liess
Thanks so much for the explanation, Kara.  It makes perfect sense.  I was just trying a little too hard to be helpful!
Kara W.
Jane, I love the feedback keep it coming. You never know if someone missed something and another set of eyes NEVER hurts!
If I didn't want feedback from people I wouldn't post on the forum :)
So thank you Jane,, being helpful is not a bad thing :)
Heather H
The convo between Jane & Kara is awesome. I was sort of thinking the same thoughts as Jane had too but didn't post so thanks for explaining them Kara. I know sometimes we are afraid to ask because things can get taken the wrong way online since you don't have the paraverbals there to understand questions so kudos to you both for having a great Q&A session in a total adult like manner. I'm on some groups on Facebook and have seen things just blow up out of control where people take things to mean something else and tempers flare up.
Kara W.
Heather its funny you say that. Lindsey N. teases me a lot because when I type it comes out very abrupt... I'm not very good at putting a "voice" with how I type like she does.  So I usually try to keep a VERY open mind when I read other peoples responses. To tell you the truth I would have been a bit surprised had someone not said something about her right side :)
Since last summer that has gotten about 75% better then it was. She was sore all the way up into her hip. So it is getting better with time, supplements, and building more muscles.
Kara W.
Holy wow its been a while since there was an update for miss Cassie :) She is doing WONDERFUL with my girls and most of them are riding her in the outdoor arena now for lessons :) Mom and I have been enjoying our rides together and I Can't wait till the trail ride :) Enjoy the pics.

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