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Cassie's Hot Delta - 12 yrs.
This will be Cassie's thread where we will post any new updates and/or photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  5/26/2012
$500 - Cassie is a 12 year old registered QH mare. She stands at 14.3 hands tall and is sound and healthy. She received all of her shots, got her feet trimmed and her teeth floated just prior to coming to MHWF, so she is all set to go for the 2012 season. Cassie is broke to saddle and has been ridden Western, almost exclusively as a trail horse. She is super sweet, easy going, very nice looking, put together well and is going to make someone a very nice horse. We will post more information and updates on Cassie as we get to know her better.

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She's gorgeous, and a nice size.  I would take her in a minute if only I were able to.
What a nice mare!

She is beautiful!! Sounds like a great horse :)


Cassie is lovely in dapples...nicely built too.

Kara W.
Holy Cow is she pretty! I hope someone gets her quick! 
Jenni O.

Coming from someone who isn't partial to QH's, she is beautiful!  Her color, her build, her head.  And she's a trail horse!

Karla Joy

Oh. My. God. I am in love! Someone is going to be very, very, lucky!


Cassie's Hot Delta - Hot Damn!!  Sorry - had to do that.  She is gorgeous!!

mel d
OMG!!!! Bet your phone won't stop ringing...what a bunch of wonderful horses at MHWF...
Kara W.

So not going to lie I can't stop thinking about this girl... Had a dream about her last night... oh how horses drive me nuts!


Drooling BIG time over here. Gus and Bella agree....she is a beauty and sure will not be calling MHWF home for long. Bet your phone is ringing off the hook.

Kara w.
She is amazing! I am a happy girl!

Congratulations to Cassie and her new family...grin..


Congratulations! We met Cassie this past week when we adopted Whisper (Wizzer). She is a really nice horse and will certainly turn some heads.

Lindsey N
She's going to get to be with Aria and our boys! Not mine, but I'm super pumped to meet this gorgeous girl!
Cassie's hotline is now closed!  ;)  :) 

Kara called at 4:01 on the day that Cassie got listed and made her appointment for today and it was a great match!  I can't wait to see pictures of Cassie and Eli together too.  Kara has a horse that looks a lot like Cassie, and lo and behold they are actually related.  We are thrilled that Cassie is going to live with Aria and Lindsey, and I know that Julie P. is going to just love her too.  :) 

It was a lot of fun watching Cassie with Kara and everyone today.  We didn't take any official adoption day pictures yet, but will do that when Kara comes back to pick her up.  I did get some really fun photos to share here though.  Thank you so much for choosing adoption Kara, and for everything! 

Here are some fun pics from today, 6/2/2012: 

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 Congrats Kara. It is always a good sign when you have a dream about a potential pet. Every pet I have had in the last few years I always had a dream about before I got them.
Sounds like you had some competition to adopt her.
Lindsey N
I am so excited that everything worked out and it's great seeing Chelsea messing around and using the springs she calls legs to test her out!  I cannot wait to get her here so I can play with her too!!  On our small horse farm, there's (now) 4 and the horses are pretty much community for the 5 of us out there (myself, Kara, Julie P, and the girls - Chelsea & Haley).  Each one has their purpose and special place, so I'm very excited to see where she will fit in.  I know that Kara has very discerning taste in horses and know her well enough to have an idea of what Miss Hottie will be like (I'm calling her that, even if no one else does lol), so I feel a bit of a connection to her already. 

Aria and my gelding have hooked up, so I decided to have a little chat with Eli today to tell him to be a little more patient because his girl would be here soon...he gave me a knicker of understanding (okay...not the last part, that was for dramatic affect, but I did give him a good scratch and told him about his new friend :P).  But maybe the girls will bond together and rule the roost!
Denise from Denmark

OMG!!!! how exciting !! : }  so glad she found her forever home. congrats to all !! lucky lucky lucky Girls!!

Donna R

Congratulations!  Oh to be so limber (Chelsea):).  What a georgeous mare you have adopted!  Wishing all of you great times ahead.   

Kara W.

I ordered a bump pad/cap for "Kass" for the ride home when we pick her up next week. I'm already researching to see what we can do to make her more comfortable for the trailer ride home... :) I'm so excited and can't stop thinking about our new girl :) Here is another picture of Chelsea and Kass:)



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mel d
Totally AWESOME!
And LOL, the Cassie HOTline is now closed...
Lindsey N
Could you believe this girl only started riding a year ago?  Chelsea is one of those girls you really love, but glare at in jealousy :P  Love how relaxed Cassie is in dealing with her...great pic girls!!
Jenni O.

I can see why you are so happy, Kara.  You have a beautiful new horse and you look like you make a great pair.  Those photos were great! 


Congrats Kara and Kass!  Looks like a great match!

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