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Kara B.
Not much to new going on here with Cassie and she has had a pretty easy winter. I've been busy with a new job that I started the end of November so I only get to see her and Eli on the weekends. 
On Sunday I took a friend and new coworker and her two daughters (ages 14 and 11) down to meet the horses. I got Cassie out for them to sit on. She just soaked up the attention. (I think the girls are hooked [smile] [wink]

Hope everyone is having a good winter.


Cassie looks pretty happy in those shots!
Kara B.
Cassie is extra itchy already. She made sure I scratched just the right spot. Lol
Jenni O.
Tell Cassie she's doing a good job training her human! [smile]
Kara B.
Friday we moved Cassie and my gelding Eli to the farm with Suds and Jewel. It was a very uneventful trip. Neither one had been in a trailer in about 2 years so I was very happy when the both loaded up in under 10 min. [smile] I'm adding some pictures from that day and some videos of the progression over the weekend. 
My mom Krista K. put them all together today and again its been pretty uneventful but I wanted to share it all with everyone. 

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Kara B.
Just a quick update on Cassie. 
WARNING! (Sorry this is going to be a bit of nasty detail update.)

About 4.5 weeks ago now she caught her left nostril on something somewhere in the pasture (no blood, hair or anything to be found anywhere), and got a pretty good wound from it. 

She pretty much sliced clean through and disconnected about half of her nostril from her upper lip. I guess I should say luckily it was still connected by a small piece of skin/muscle/cartilage from the top part of her nose. Of course she did this after hours so we had to have our vet out for an after hours emergency visit. 

2.5 hours, 7 suture packages, 3 weeks on antibiotics and stall rest to keep her away from the other horses, and $650 in vet bills, we got her healed up pretty good and her nose looking somewhat normal. 

Now the sutures did the job they needed to do and about 75% of the flap did reattach, but She did have about a 1.5 inches of the tip of the flap die off so she will end up having a little bit of a dent on the tip of her nose. Other then a small scar on the inside and outside of her nostril we shouldn't know it ever happened in a few months. 

It always surprises me at how well horses heal. I will post pictures of the progress of the wound in the treating large open wounds form. Mostly because its pretty nasty looking. I took before and after pictures the day the vet was there then 1x a week every week after so far. So as soon as I can I'll update that forum as well. 

Cassie has had no side effects from this and is doing great and is now back with all of her buddies. (I think she may have liked the attention a little bit with the 2x a day feedings needed to get her meds in [wink])
Cassie 4-30-2017

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Kara B.
Came home to my official notice of ownership today for Cassie [smile] ♡ Thank you so much MHWF for trusting me with her care. I love her more then words can describe.
Wow...what a story on that nose wound.  So glad she healed without too much added drama!!  Congrats on your ownership of your girl!!
Jenni O.
Our official ownership photo!

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Kara B.
Cassie helped me introduce my nephew Carson to horses this weekend. He loved it [smile]
Carson's first ride.jpg 

Cute. And the rubber boots and shorts is my style too
Picture taking gives Cassie the raspberries [smile]

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Kara B.
Hey guys!
Just wanted to do a quick update. There has been to much darn ice on the farm this winter to get much riding in but we have been working on some projects. Finally got a permanent stall built... only 5 more to go! :) Cassie is doing great. My Dad was able to load and haul her to the vet for her coggins draw this week with No problems at all. She fat and sassy and happy just like always. We dis get two new additions this fall. Two geldings that need a new home and were in pretty rough shape... oh and we have two sheep now too! Welcome to the funny farm! :) I will get some more pictures of her this Sunday when I go down to the farm. :)

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Heike B
Love the pictures, the stall looks great!
I hear you about the ice. Hate it!

Your Cassie looks good and sheep are cute esp. That black and white one.
Looks good! Sheep are cute. What was the story with the geldings?
Kara B.
Sorry the post was supposed to say "two geldings that needed a new home" not need a new home. (Thats what I get for using my phone to post)

Basically they were pasture mates and nobody had any time for them anymore. The older of the two is really skinny and neither had had their feet trimmed in years. So we took them in. The older one has some possible cardiac issues and we are working wirh our vet to try and help him. The younger one is going to be my new project for this year. I'm sending him to a trainer for a refresher this spring and we will see where things go from there. :)
The older one, Jordy, is a 20ish something QH (maybe) and the younger one, Ozzy, is a 10-12 yr old Arab/QH.
Should be fun!
Kara B.
Pictures of Cassie from today.

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Kara B.
Hey everyone,
Just wanted to jump on for a quick update on what's going on in my world.
Nothing really new going on with Cassie. She is enjoying her winter off lol. Trying to stay in the high dryish spots of the pasture. Mud season has started and she has started shedding and is all itchy.
I'm waiting patiently for nice weather to make safe ground to go riding again. I really want to get some trail miles in this spring/summer/fall.

The last 2 months or so has been a bit interesting around my house and I haven't made it to the barn as much as I would like to. I had a small surgery on January 25th and had to wait 2 weeks to be cleared for normal activity after that to be able to lift and such again.

Then on February 10th my husband Tim had an ice oval snowmobile race in Weyauwega, WI and he had an accident during hot laps in the morning. Long story short he crashed going about 85 mph into the hay bales they put up around the track and shattered his right femur.

I'm going to say luckily we live in Neenah, WI and that's also where Theda Clark Medical Center is. He got to take the short flight in the Theda Star helicopter to the hospital and had surgery that afternoon to fix his leg. He can not put any weight on his leg for another 4 weeks still and is starting PT today. It could have been a lot worse than it was, but he is still going to be off work for 3 to 6 months ish... 

So my days have mostly been spent taking care of him. I get to the barn when I can for some me time but for the most part I have to be at home to help Tim.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is having a good end to winter! Soooo looking forward to nice weather again!
I'm glad your husband is going to be OK (messing around with snowmobiles--what do you expect? Stick to horses.)
Heike B
Wow Kara, you have a lot going on. Sorry to hear about your husband.  It's hard to be down that long, and it's hard to be a caregiver that long. Glad your surgery is behind you and wishing your husband a speedy and complete recovery. You've earned your rides - hope you get a lot in this year!
Wow! That snowmobile accident could have been much worse. Glad he is ok.
Lots of extra work for you.
Thanks for taking those 2 horses in. I love when people do what they can when they can to help out a horse in need. Wish more people were able and willing to do the same when they come across a neglectful situation. It is often inconvenient, extra stress and definitely more money but there is such a need. So thank you for taking 2 extra on. You rock!!
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