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Kara W.

Kass has a brand new pretty pink halter on the way :) Her colors are going to be bright pink and black since my Eli boy's colors are lime green and black :) I can't wait to pick her up on Saturday and bring her home!


I think she is going to be smashing in pink!  :) 

Julie P

We spent some time last night getting Kass' stall all ready for her.  We are all so eager to get her home.  Is it Saturday yet??!!??

Kara W.

1 more day!!!! OH I'm so darn excited to get her home!

Kara W.
She is home an making friends with Thunder :) We will introduce her to the rest of the group in a few days once she had made a friend. Trailering went great no problems for the ride home. :) Its been a long day time for some. rest
Congratulations Kara, I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of you and Cassie, she's so pretty!
Lindsey N
So excited I got to be a part of bringing Cass home!  She wasn't sweaty or anything from the trailer ride or anything, even on such a hot day.  She is such a sweet little girl and definitely knows her place as low man on the totem pole and am proud of Thunder, my ambassador.  He's always so good at making friends with everyone.  The other two don't quite get that she isn't asserting any dominance, so they got put in "time out".  They look like salt and pepper on each side of the fence though!  A palomino and bay in each paddock :P  I think this is going to help with Thunder's separation anxiety too lol.  I wish I had some pictures to post from today, but I'm sure Karen will get the adoption photos up soon, it was a crazy busy day at MHWF today!! 
Kara W.
Cassie and Thunder are becoming good friends. They can both drink out of the big water tub together and are eating from the same hay piles. 
Either tomorrow or Tuesday we will add Aria to the mix with those two. Then we will bring Eli in after a couple of days... He seems to be a little worried the new girl is going to take his herd away from him. Might try putting her in a stall next to him for the night so they can figure each other out as well. 
Cassie just walks the other way and doesn't even really care whats going on one way or another. We just want to give everyone a little time to get settled in nicely. 
Anyway Cassie is doing great. 
My parents had to come up and see her today :) My mom Kristal is more then excited to have her around as well :) 
I have to apologize for being so late on the adoption day photos here, we had such a busy weekend I had no computer time, but better late than never! 

It was so great to see everyone again on Saturday!  Cassie has so many people to love her and dote on her, and it is so nice to hear that Kristal, Kara's mom will be able to ride with her daughter again too.  Between Kara, Julie, Kristal, Lindsey and Chelsea, Cassie really found herself a great family and is one lucky horse! 

Thank you so much to all of you for choosing adoption and we are already loving the updates and look forward to hearing about your life together. 

Here are a couple of really cute pics from adoption day, 6/9/2012.  One with Cassie and Kara and one with Cassie, Kara and Julie.  :)

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Kara W.


Lindsey N
Beautiful pictures ladies!!  Cassie is such a sweet soul :)  Aria on the other hand is being...well...she's being...I don't have nice words for her right now lol.  I'm repeating in my head "I love her, even for her faults..."  Ever have a parade of 4 horse running around your front yard, through the garden, on your front porch all because ONE (ahem) wasn't taking kindly to the new girl?  Aria must be in heat because she is just not warming up to Cass yet, but the geldings have welcomed her with open arms.  There was one moment when Cass and Eli met and I thought it was going to lead to more chasing, but resulted in the moment you see below <3 

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Kara W.
Cassie is doing wonderful. Her and Eli are becoming buddies. They actually talk to eachother in that low nicker. Its adorable!
I got her out with some of the teenage girls I mentor last night.  Two of them are new to horses and last night was thier first night out. She stood very well for them to brush her.  :)
I took her outside and lunged her in both directions and she is starting to remember what to do there. I can see it in her eyes saying "OH YEAH! Thats what you wanted me to do!"
I put one of the girls up on her back bareback and she stood like a rock for her to get on. I had her walk a few steps, and then just let her stand and eat grass. She did great!
I'm very very excited to see what else we can do with her. The next time I go out I'm going to ride. The vacation will be over soon and it time to get to work for Cassie :) My mom Kristal calls and asks about her everyday, and I can't wait for us to be able to go on our first trail ride together in well I think close to 8 or 9 years :)
Lindsey N
So, Cassie is out with the whole herd again.  Aria was being...rude...to her at first so we made introductions one at a time, starting with my Arab the ambassador :)  Then she went out with Eli and they did fine...so yesterday I went to grab my Arab to work and Aria snuck in with Cassie and Eli let himself out back, so the girls were alone in the small paddock and after I quietly subdued my anxiety, they got along great with no geldings involved.  After the girls hit it off...Aria is now protecting (I think) Cassie and they are inseparable.  The only reason I question it is because both girls are in heat and Eli is studdy and is thinking they are both pretty cute at the moment.  Aria keeps Eli away from Cassie for the most part, but they are all pretty peaceful.  Even all stood in the run-in together during the brief storms today :)  Normally somebody gets left outside to get rained on when there are new kids around.   Aria's is back on my good side.

That is funny Lindsey...they always like to keep us guessing.  :)  I'm so glad that everything is going so well with the herd! 

Kara W.
Well I didn't get a chance to ride Cassie this weekend like I had planed. The rain kinda stopped that idea. My mom did come up and we did get a little work in with her before the sky dumped rain on us :) Cassie was a good girl. She is learning how to lung again. Its taking some time but then she gets a look on her face of  "Oh, that's what you wanted me to do. Why didn't you say that in the first place?" :) She was a good girl. Aria was very worried as to what we were doing with Cassie and made her voice very well known by that fact. Guess we just need to work a little more on taking horses out and away from the group for awhile. Eli and Cassie get along great now. So nice to see the two pretty blonds out in the field :) The Bays are pretty to... but I'm a sucker for a good palomino :)
Chelsea J
Kass is doing really good, all that horses are finally in the pasture together. They are all getting along very nicely. Me, Kara, and Kara's mom Kristal, are working with her and getting her use to that ways that we work with the horses. Looking forward to riding her on Tuesday when we go out to the barn. She's one lovely addition to the gang that we already have! 
Kara W.
FINALY I got the saddle out last night! Cassie did very well. Walk trot canter both directions. I'm going to start doing a lot of ground work with her to help teach her to drop her head and use her body while riding. She carries it up pretty high right now and I want her to use her body to support her and flex that beautiful neck of hers :)
I also want to work with her with teaching her how to extend herself. She takes pretty short choppy steps and I'm going to work with her on extension. Trot poles here we come! 
She did do wonderful last night for the first time she has had a saddle on since she has been home. Stood like a rock to put her saddle on. Went to put her bridle on and she tried to walk away. I ordered a nice easy D-Ring French link snaffle bit for her.
I have the farrier coming out to make her feet all nice and pretty on Monday night. After that the ground work will begin. She is very willing to please and I love working with her. I can't wait to see what else we can get this girl to do :)
I also have some bright pink SMB Boots, black bell boots, and bright pink and black barrle rains on the way for her. Lindsey is going to knit me a bright pink saddle blanket that I will attach to a nice wool saddle pad. (I have a bright green set for Eli) I can't wait to see her all decked out in her new stuff :)
I'll also be taking some pictures of her this coming weekend. I'll get them posted ASAP.

It sounds like you are really having a blast with Cassie! You know my theories on the high head thing and I bet a French-link is also really going to help that. :) I cannot wait to see her new hot pink apparel too!
Thanks for the great update Kara, the pics are great, I just LOVE them!!!

From Kara:
My mom Kristal came up for her birthday this weekend. I'm happy to say we finally were on a horse at the same time with each other for the first time in about 9 or 10 years :) Cassie is becoming a very loved member of the family. :) She loves the new bit I got her.. and she is getting all decked out in all her new Pink stuff :) I really love this horse!!!

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Jane Liess

What fabulous pictures!  Eli and Cassie look like bookends, with Kara and Kristal in between.

What a duo...smile...matched bookends!!
Kara W.
Here are some updated pictures of my bookends, proud Mama :) All the horses were trimmed tonight and we took a short ride afterwords. Cassie is doing AMAZING! Love this girl to bits:)

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What beautiful, beautiful girls (and boy too of course).  :) 
Nice photos. thanks for sharing :)
Such great photos. Horses look great, and I think I like the *3 Amigo's* strolling away from the camera. Thanx for sharing.
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