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Charlie - Born May 2017 

$400 - Charlie is a filly that came from an abuse/neglect case that MHWF worked with the ASPCA on in March of 2017. She was not yet born when this all happened, but was born shortly after, while in the care of the ASPCA. She is the daughter of Rose (listed above). Rose is an Arab cross mare, so we know that Charlie has some Arabian in her. Charlie has been in the care of MHWF, fostered with a friend, since early August. We could not say anything about her or list her until MHWF got legal ownership of her. That has now finally happened. She is obviously very young, as cute as can be, sound, healthy and has had very good care since she was born. She is an open book for someone looking to adopt a young horse and build a long term relationship, grooming her to whatever discipline you want. Anyone considering adopting a young horse from MHWF should be aware that we are only seeking homes that will teach them and train them, ensuring them a much safer future. 

More decent photos coming soon!  

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Barb S
Wow! Another beautiful baby! Glad she’s at MHWF.
An awesome filly.  She should be gone in less than a heartbeat.  If I were a lot younger I'd grab her up  She reminds me so much of a gelding I had.
What a doll!
Well, whomever adopts her will have a Charlie Horse. 😜
Charlie is doing well.  She is separated from her mom, Rose, but in a stall next to her in the arena.  We will switch Cougar and Charlie's stalls in the next couple of days so that Cougar is between them.  We are separating them a little here and there when we work and play with them.  So far everything is going great!  

Here are a few pictures of Charlie from yesterday, 11/25/2017:  

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Warming My Heart In MN
I have been in love with this gal from the moment she showed up on the forum. I sure hope she, and all the others, get adopted soon. I love all my horses but I especially like spending bonding time with my babies. They give me such a sense of accomplishment, not to mention a warm fuzzy, with each milestone they reach. Saying extra prayers that this gal and her pals find their forever homes soon.
Charlie is a darling, as is Cougar.  I hope these babies find homes that will bring out their potential.
I'm not sure how some pics of Charlie and Cougar didn't make it here, but here are some pics I took recently.  Both the girls are just stunning and as sweet at they come!  
They both just turned a year old and are an open book for someone.  They are getting big too!  

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Jenny B
Oh, Charlie Horse is getting so big! Her mama is smart as a whip, so whoever adopts Charlie is gonna have a great young horse!
Do you remember how tall rose is? Any idea how tall Charlie will be?
Rose is right around 15 hands and the horse that is suspected as being Charlie's sire was huge. As the one stallion was deceased, I don't know how tall.
Jenny B
Do you think Pippa was maybe a half sibling too? These girls would probably mature to about her size then.
Isn't there a way to predict height by measuring the front leg? From corona to middle of knee bone? I've heard that but not sure if it holds true and I've never done it.
Jenny, you are correct in saying that it may be a possibility that Pippa is possibly a half sibling or even a full sibling to Charlie, since we could tell that Pippa has some Appaloosa in her by her mottling and we know that Charlie's dam was an appaloosa (Charlie doesn't have the mottling).  At the time of the rescue there were no studs on the property other than the deceased stud, so we could assume that was the sire.  All of this is assumptions and no real way of knowing for sure.  I can say that both Charlie and Cougar have grown, are extremely beautiful and are getting big!!  Cougar has surpassed Charlie on the growth scale and is the bigger of the two yearlings.  

Jurita, you are correct, people have used different measuring predictions for mature height of foals and yearlings.  Some people swear by it and some people say that it's just as good of a guess as anything else.  I can say that I believe both of the fillies will be at least 15 hands when they hit their mature height for sure.  

We could try and go with this measuring tactic, but I sure would not want to try and guarantee anything with height on the girls.  

I love autocorrect... It's like it reads my mind sometimes. Now I'm going to go have a nice cold Corona. [wink]
Sandra L
Are they both still available? I'm interested
Yes,they sure are! Here's a link to help you out with more information.

very interested in charlie and cougar! who could I call for more details?

If you have any questions about adoption or the process, please email or call us.  We try to make the process as simple as possible, and it is fun!   

Here is a link where you can read more about the whole process also.  


or click here


Guess what?  Today was Charlie's lucky day and she got adopted!  We are thrilled to announce that Charlie has found her new home.  Katryna Miller, who was one of the trainers in the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge that just took place in September came and met Charlie last week and we all decided to make it an official adoption.  We are just thrilled for Charlie to land in such a wonderful home with a great trainer and really look forward to watching their adventures together and what lies for Charlie in the future.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Katryna, and congratulations!!!  

Here are a couple of cute pics we snapped in the dreary and drizzly rain today on adoption day.

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Katryna sent us a photo already...made it home safe and sound πŸ˜‰

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Jenni Osvold
Wow, Charlie has become one pretty girl! I'm pretty excited about this adoption because I saw Katryna and her Trainers' Challenge horse and they did amazing. I'm sure Charlie is going to become a heck of a horse. Congratulations!
Great news that one of the babies got adopted!  Now for Cougar. . .
Jamie M
Congratulations to the both of you!  Excellent news that Charlie is going to a home where she will be trained right from the start.  One lucky filly to come to MHWF and then find a good home.
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