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Donna R
Congratulations Katryna on adopting beautiful Charlie!  You will be a perfect fit for her.  I would love to hear updates about your adventures together. 
Jan N
You know, I noticed the tentatively adopted status yesterday not that long after it was put up. Decided against making a comment...not wanting to induce any, um, karma of the wrong variety [wink] . I am so happy to see Charlie is already in her new home! What's not to like about Charlie finding herself adopted by someone ready and qualified to train her? Awesome.
Jenny B
Congrats, Charlie Horse! I’ll let Mama Rose know you have a great new adopted mom and a good home! Be good and learn all sorts of well-behaved horsey stuff!
Congratulations Charlie and Katryna!
Sandy K
Congratulations to Charlie and Katryna. What a wonderful match! I'm hoping we will get some periodic photo updates.
Such a truly wonderful outcome!!! Congratulations!!

Charlie is starting a little bit of school now with Katryna.  😉  
She also has a new name with her new life and she is now called Daisy (Katryna already has a Charlie).  

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She looks beautiful!!
Lisa B.
She is a very pretty girl.  Love the flaxen mane.
Thank you Katryna!
Donna R
Such a pretty girl!
Jenny B
Aww! My Rosie’s baby’s name is now Daisy! She looks so big! I hope she’s being good for you! Give her a big hug and kiss from her mama and me!
Jenni O.
Wow, she has grown up! Love that mane.
She looks wonderful and like she is enjoying going to school!
MHWF, Inc.
Charlie! 😉

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Heike B
Daisy (Charlie) looks great!  I love her flaxen mane with the brown and white coat; it's so unexpected.
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