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Chester B - 8 yrs.

$300 - Chester B is an 8 year old STB gelding, retired from a pretty good racing career. He is current on his dental work, shots, trims, wormers, etc. Chester stands at 15.2 hands tall. He leads, loads, ties, cross ties, bathes, is perfect for the vet and farrier, he obviously drives very well, but has also been used as a buggy horse from time to time on the roads. Chester has had 59 racing starts and has earned just under $18,000, all of that at small county fairs, pretty good. He even holds a track record or two and was the WI Trotter of the Year in 2014 and top 10 Trotter of the Year the three years previous. He has stunning good looks, excellent manners, he is sweet, super easy going and if someone wanted to turn him into a saddle horse, these STBs are about as simple to train to saddle as it gets, simply hop on and put 5 to 10 hours on them under saddle and you are ready to hit the trails. Sadly, Chester fractured his right front coffin bone in 2014 which ended his racing career. That has completely healed and can no longer even be seen in x-rays. Chester does have some arthritis in his left rear fetlock though and should only be considered for light riding or light driving.

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Be still my heart.  [love]
Oh my goodness!!!!! What a gorgeous STB! Who's ready to join the club? You will not regret it!
Be still my heart is right! WOW!
Jenni O
He's gorgeous! He could be a fun little project to start under saddle.
What a handsome boy he is.  Someone took very good care of him too. With all that driving background he would make an excellent pleasure driving horse for that lucky individual who gets him.
Sandy K
He is gorgeous!
Stunning. Just stunning.
Susan H.
Hi Karen and Scott. . I have seriously been thinking about adopting. . I have even started to look for places to board. . . and have found a couple of really good places.  This guy really speaks to me .. I may need to make a trip up there to be introduced. .  

Well hello beautiful....love love love that face
Jan N
How totally lovely can it get?? Conformation, breed adaptability, smarts, easy-going STB's, color, expression, geez guys I'm drooling out here !!
Debbie M.
He sure is handsome looking, and has alot of training and experience. I just can't do another tho right now!
I'm in LOVE!!![love]
That last pic of him is beautiful[thumb].
Ohhh Karen how hard is it gonna be to let the one go? ..someone is going to be really lucky
What a beautiful boy!
Can't wait to meet this handsome guy!!! Just sayin'
Hey everyone, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'd love to meet you!  
Love, Chester

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Jodi N.
Be still my heart!. If I were ever to leave my husband, it would be for this dreamy redhead.....
Oh those eyes!
Beautiful boy[wink]♡.
Barb S
Can't believe nobody has adopted this handsome fellow. If you're interested you better hurry up. I don't know how much longer I can resist.
Tiffany S.

I am very interested in Chester.  He is handsome and exactly what we are looking for.

Is he still available?

If so, we are newer to horses, and he would be our first one.  We have been taking lessons to prepare to bring home a horse.  Would he be a good fit for a newer family?

Thank you, 

Hi Tiffany, 

Thank you for thinking of adoption!  

Our site is always current, so any of the horses that show they are available are still available.  When they get adopted we mark them as adopted immediately.  

Chester is a very sweet horse.  He actually has a vet check coming up on Tuesday, 10/10/2017, checking his soundness to have a vet's opinion on what type of work and how much work he will be able to handle.  

Chester is beautiful, that's for sure.  Since you are new to horses and have never had a horse before, going in a bit different direction with a horse who is already trained to ride would probably be the best thing for you.  I am assuming that you want to ride any horses that you get?  Chester has never been ridden before, so he will need training to get him going under saddle, and that generally takes someone with a bit of horse training experience to do that.  We would be happy to help you on your family's search and learn more about you and your family and help point you in the right direction in regards to horses so that you and your family have an enjoyable and rewarding experience with your first horse(s).  That is awesome that you are in lessons already, that is an awesome first step towards success!  
Great news from the adoption side of things today; Chester B got adopted!!  Chester had a thorough vet check a while back along with x-rays and his previous coffin bone injury is completely healed.  He just had a little arthritis on a back ankle outside of the joint, but nothing significant that was causing any lameness (just to be watched).  We are so happy that Marjorie came along and fell in love with Chester!  Chester is going to the same place that adoption horse Tequila/Annie went to (Meadowsweet Ranch), and a big thank-you to Kathy for the adoption referral!!  

We really look forward to hearing about Chester's new adventures and look forward to seeing him under saddle soon.  Chester is such a gorgeous boy, and we are so happy that he found such a great home.  Thank you for choosing adoption, Marjorie, and congratulations!  

Here is an official adoption day picture of Chester B with Marjorie.  We are letting Chester's mohawk grow out, and I can't believe how much his mane and forelock grew since he got here too.  

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Jane Liess
Awww, what a cute picture!  Congratulations, Marjorie and Chester.  Have fun on your adventures together.
Congratulations!! You will LOVE having an STB in your life! Enjoy 😍
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