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Barb S
Oh Thank God Marjorie!!! I didn’t know how I was going to break the news to my husband that Chester B was moving in,lol. I’m so happy for you both! Look forward to hearing about him in the future.
I've been wondering when Chester would find his new home.  Congratulations!
Congratulations to Chester and Marjorie!
Congratulations!  Looks like a great match for both of you.
Update on Chester B. :

Good evening ,just letting you know Chester is doing great. Yesterday I put a saddle on him and I got to ride him with no problem.

He is very sweet and we are bonding really well. I am so glad I took him home.

I spent 2 hours a day after work and now he looks for me every day. He is a sweet heart and He is very friendly. Thank you so much. He is already a big part of my life and more to come.

- Marjorie S.

What a great update! I'm not the least bit surprised ❤️❤️❤️
Jenni O.
You and Chester make the rest of us look bad! Good for you, and congratulations on the adoption and the riding.
Marjorie S.
Chester is doing great.  I have saddle trained him and he loves attention.  He is the best thing that's happened to me besides my husband, which we were married this year on mothers day weekend, and Chester was my wedding present.  I am so glad to have Chester in my life.  
So wonderful Marjorie. I am glad you found one another through mhwf. All horses should be so treasured.
Sandy K
I'm so happy for you Marjorie . Those Standardbreds are wonderful horses and always eager to please . Looking forward to some riding photos come spring .
Wow! What an awesome wedding present!! Congratulations !!!
Congratulations to Chester and Marjorie!  Boy what a gorgeous face!
Chester meeting new friends at Meadow Sweet Ranch.

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Barb S
So happy for Chester B and you!
Margie holding both Bella and Chester.

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Chester B.

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Jenni O.
He seems popular! I can see why, he is quite handsome.
He is very handsome, and seems to love to show off his handsome profile...LOL...
Chester B.

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Looking good there, Chester!
Here is Chester rolling over in the sand in the indoor arena.

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