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Donna R
I got to see Cheyenne yesterday.  She looks fantastic!  What a great life she is having there.  Her previous owner would be so pleased.  I have a feeling she knows.

I feed Triple Crown Senior to my two older mares and didn't know about the free bag deal.  I do a free bag deal with our dog food and will now do the same with the Triple Crown.  Thanks for sharing that info!

Update: 10-30-2017

Cheyenne is now healthier than a lot of horses 1/2 her age. She has gained all the weight she needs and has blossomed into a sound, healthy and very happy old gal. In early October she was moved to the big pasture with the rest of the herd and loves her new life. To see her run, full speed, buck and play is a wonderful sight and she is really a beautiful horse in both looks and personality.

Congratulations to that wonderful old lady and to MWHW for bringing her back.
Cheyenne just wanted to say hello, and also to thank everyone who participated in the Purina feed drive!  Cheyenne loves her senior food, and is loving life!  

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Jenni O.
She looks so good!
Katie A U.
She is beautiful! Is she still available for adoption?
Cheyenne wants to say hello and Merry Christmas!  

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Wendy W - WI
Hi Sweet'ums!  You look beautiful.
Kate G
I'm so glad Cheyenne is with us. She is the epitome of grace despite weathering some serious storms. I love the white hairs on her face and sway back. I'm glad she has some happiness. It's a comfort to know she is out there. 
Sue J
She sure is a beauty with that black thick coat. Great job on bringing her back to the fine horse she must have been before falling into a bad situation.

Cheyenne and Dillinger come in at the same times and go to the same area to eat their meals (they get special meals that takes them a long time to eat).  They know each other very well and they know the routine very well.  Every morning they come up and bang the dinner bell, aka, stand around complaining to each other that they want to be in and eating NOW!  They stand there together and bicker at each other continually.  They don't move away from each other, they stand close together, and bicker.  Today I grabbed my phone to get a quick video of this from the back door.  Of course they stopped doing it shortly after I started recording, but I'm sharing the video anyway, as you can see a little of the action right at the beginning of the video.  The adorable Calamity Jane was hanging out with them this morning too.  
Don't mind the narration, I was whispering so that they wouldn't hear me.  Although I think Dillinger may be deaf or at least partially deaf, Cheyenne's hearing is quite intact.  πŸ˜‰  

Here are the old married couple in a short video clip.  

That is so funny!  I love it!
Just another little video from breakfast this morning, Cheyenne and Dillinger.  πŸ˜‰  

Kate G
Sure does look cold up there. I miss the days of layering up to go feed the horses. 
Cheyenne says, "hey, everyone remember me?  I'm still here and doing great, and thank you all for helping rescue me!  I have the most beautiful coat you'd ever want to feel, and I love being brushed and doted on".  

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Heike B
Hello, Cheyenne!!  You are looking beautiful!
Love those old grey faces
Time for a Cheyenne update!  Who doesn't absolutely fall in love with Cheyenne when they meet her?!!  What a sweet girl.  She is sound, healthy and such a wise old soul.  The seniors really are the best!!  Cheyenne was quite the riding horse in her day, and I bet she'd still love to take some nice little rides here and there.  We know she sure can rip it up out in the pasture from time to time, running full speed up for breakfast and dinner at times!  

Alisa and Karen H-R. came out this Wednesday for some spa and grooming time, and the horses loved and appreciate that, as did we!  Thank you ladies!  

Here are some updated pictures of Cheyenne.  

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Such a sweet old face.
Barb S
She is a totally different horse from when she first got to MHWF. It’s like magic what you guys can do! I’m in awe every time you make these transformations. Chey looks amazing!
She looks amazing and is so darn cute!  I love her!
A quick video clip of Cheyenne and Dillinger from 6/5/2018.  


Such shiny coats!  Gorgeous!
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