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Cheyenne - 30+ yrs.

Cheyenne is a 30+ year old QH/TWH or STB cross mare. She came from a local farm where they did the best they could for her, but sadly, her owner has cancer and was having a very hard time. They did the right thing and reached out for help. The Clark County Sheriff's Dept. then called us and asked us for our help. Cheyenne is now here and will probably live out her remaining years here with us, unless the perfect home and situation comes up for her. Even though she is an old gal and is very thin, she is still peppy, in good spirits, loves people, has near perfect manners and is a true sweetheart. We are glad her owners decided to give her up so that we all do not have to go through what happened with Roy again. We will get her teeth done, feet trimmed, get her on a de-worming program and work slowly to get her back to good weight, along with a Coggins and her vaccinations. This will be a long road ahead of Cheyenne, but we do not see any reason that she cannot bounce back like Faith did. She is a joy to be around and has a great outgoing personality. We are excited to share the beginning of her journey with all of our website readers and followers and will keep her listing updated as we move forward and watch her progress.

If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of her feed, hay, dental work, hoof care, de-worming or vaccinations, donations are accepted and appreciated.  

*Note:  When Cheyenne was examined by the vet and had her teeth tended to, the vet determined she was older than 25, probably well into her 30s.  

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I'm so glad you're taking this sweet lady in, and hope to see her improve soon. 
Hi there pretty girl ...welcome home you will love it there ☺
Smile Cheyenne. You've found a soft place to land. ❤
Welcome sweet girl.
So glad Cheyenne found her way to you.  
Sandy K
I look forward to seeing Cheyenne's progress and am so glad she came to you in her time of need . Hopefully we will see a late summer transformation with some decent weight on her.

Update: 4-17-2017

If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of her feed, hay, dental work, hoof care, de-worming or vaccinations, donations are accepted and appreciated.

Cheyenne has been moved to the front paddock and is currently living with the minis until we feel she is healthy and strong enough to live in the pasture with Sheba, Faith, Dahlia, Mack and Big Dan. She is doing very well and has a great appetite. She is super smart and has our routine down and is now showing us her sweet side. This is a very well-behaved and very sweet mare and we hope to be able to share her after photo with her chubby, happy and out to pasture eventually.

So far, not one donation to help with Cheyenne's feed, hay, dental, trimmings, shots, de-wormers or Coggins. Please consider helping us with this mare. We cannot help horses like Cheyenne without your help.

I haven't been on the site for awhile.  I just paypal'd a little something to help.
A check is in the mail.  Good to see the new adoptees.
I also sent something via PayPal this morning. Every little bit helps!
Diane S.
Thank you for asking for help...sometimes we forget! Sorry! Mail's going out in the morning.  God Bless.
MHWF would like to thank a few very special people for their donations toward Cheyenne's care this morning. Without people like these folks, MHWF simply could not help horses like Cheyenne and we cannot thank each of those people enough for their support and generosity.

Thank you:

Marisa D.
Pam I.
Faith K.
Ruth B.
Geraldine S.

Thank you!
Karen Sue
Chey's owner passed this evening.  She is a friend.  I have a blanket that I have loaned my friend for Chey in the past.  I'd like Chey to have it should she ever need it.  Please let me know if I can drop it off for her. 
Scott and Karen: MHWF
We are very sorry to hear of this sad news. Our deepest condolences to everyone who knew her.

We are at the Midwest Horse Fair this weekend, but if you want to give us a call next week, we will be around.

Again, our deepest condolences.
Jenni O.
[frown] Sad. I'm sorry, Karen Sue.
Sorry to hear this. I hope she was at peace and knew her horse is in excellent hands.
Again, our deepest condolences to the family of Cheyenne's donors and their loss. Very sad, especially considering that she was planning a trip to MHWF to say goodbye to Cheyenne one last time.

On a happier note, a very big thank you to a few special people who sent in donations toward the cost of getting Cheyenne's teeth done, feet trimmed, hay, grain, shots, Coggins and de-wormer.

Thank you to: 

Diane and Marlin B.
Ed and Diane S.
Don and Marianna A.

I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of Cheyenne's donor, my deepest condolences to the family. May they find some peace in knowing Cheyenne is in the best care possible.
A quick update on Cheyenne.  She continues to do very well and is loving her soaked feedings (except she can be fussy about what she likes and doesn't like, so we had to figure that out).  She has an appointment to go into the clinic to get her teeth done and a full workup coming up next week (first week in May).  Cheyenne really quids her hay and having a quick look in her mouth, she definitely needs some dental work done.  

Cheyenne is a very happy girl, super smart and very well behaved.  She is such a pleasure to have around.  

Here are a couple of quick pictures I snapped of Cheyenne this evening..  

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A big thank you to Kathy K. for her donation to the care of Cheyenne today....thank you Kathy!
We are really tired of all of the rain around here too.  Cheyenne is in the nice paddock area attached to the barn that has an overhang and also a large open stall to go in and out of at will.  She seems to like it and is a very happy and sweet girl.  Cheyenne goes in to the vet clinic tomorrow (5/3/2017) for her dental work.  [smile]  
Scott: MHWF
Cheyenne had extensive dental work done today. Not a lot of teeth left to float and one molar had to be pulled.....some photos from today..... 
(the vet said that she is more than likely older than 25)

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Wow....that tooth!!  Bet she feels better though.

Update: 5-7-2017

Cheyenne now has her teeth floated, once molar pulled, has been started on a de-worming program and has all of her shots. Tomorrow she will get her feet trimmed. She has a great attitude and an excellent appetite.

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