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Hopefully getting rid of that tooth, she starts to gain a little more weight a little easier.  There are a lot of people pulling for her

It's been a bit over a month since Cheyenne arrived here at MHWF, so looks like time for another little update.  Cheyenne has been doing great, and a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have supported her and MHWF in these efforts!!  Cheyenne is continually putting on weight now, her rain rot is gone and healed and skin conditions are getting under control with her even growing back hair in that area by her withers that was bald.  I groom Cheyenne for at least 10 minutes a day, sometimes longer, and she seems to appreciate that.  She had such a thick winter coat that was at least 2 inches long, so it has been fun watching that old hair leave and seeing shining new spots of hair growth coming in.  Cheyenne will have a bath soon, as soon as I feel it's warm enough out for that.  

Here are a couple of low quality pictures I just snapped of Cheyenne a few minutes ago with the cell phone.  I will try to get some better photos soon with a camera, hopefully after she has a nice bath.  [smile]  She has gained a considerable amount of weight and seems to be on a steady swing of weight gain now at this point.  

I forgot to mention, Cheyenne was excellent for the farrier as well.  She is really a good girl who is such a pleasure to have around.  

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Wow, what an improvement, she looks good
She looks great!!
A couple of better pics of Cheyenne from this evening, 6/1/2017.  

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Wendy W - WI
Look at all the shine!  She is a sweetie and is looking wonderful.
She is looking really good!  Love her expressive face!
Much better. She reminds me of Faith.
Cheyenne continues to do very well.  I will post some updated pictures today yet as well.  I hope everyone who came to the raffle party got a chance to visit with Cheyenne a little bit.  

People have asked about Cheyenne's diet and I thought I would break that down a little bit for everyone.  Cheyenne's teeth are basically worn down to almost nothing, and the vet ages her at much older than the age of 25 that was a guess of her previous owners.  Cheyenne chews on hay and quids it up and spits that out.  It is good for her to chew on the hay though and she enjoys doing that.  It took us a bit to find the exact diet that not only worked well for Cheyenne but also that she really liked.  She could be a little fussy about what she likes and what she doesn't like!  [smile]  

While we love Purina products and use them almost exclusively, we found that Cheyenne really preferred Triple Crown Senior.  What can I say, we will give the girl what she wants, she deserves it.  

Cheyennes diet looks like this:  
Free choice hay in front of her 24/7.  
Fresh, clean water provided 24/7, with water provided alongside her in her private eating station in the barn in addition to the water tank in the paddock.  
Salt/mineral provided choice, 24/7.  
Soaked alfalfa pellets with beet pulp two times per day at approximately 5 pounds weight each meal, soaked.  
Triple Crown Senior approximately 4 pounds per serving, three times daily.  This gets a little water on it as well, but she will not eat it if you put too much water on her feed and does not like it if it is a mush consistency.  (believe me, this girl knows what she likes and doesn't like and has let us know pretty clearly)  
ExcelEQ 2 ounces per day at 1 ounce twice daily.  

The breakdown of the Triple Crown Senior, going with an approximation of four 7-day weeks (month):  
4 pounds three times per day = 12 pounds daily = 84 pounds per week = 6.72 bags per 4 weeks @ $22.99 per bag = $154.49 per 4 weeks.  

It rained pretty much from sunrise to sunset yesterday, but I got out and took some pictures of Cheyenne today, 6/29/2017.  Here they are.  She is quite the girl and feeling great!!  
Here is a collection of pics that show off Miss Cheyenne, right from her nice roll in the sand and ruining the nice grooming job.  [smile]  

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Wow she looks great!
Sue J
She looks great and the pictures really show how good she is feeling now! I never realized what a unique face marking she has.
Love seeing her so full of life 💜
Love the attitude shining through at the trot!  She looks really good.  Job very well done!!
Wow,she looks wonderful!
She looks a lot like Faith.
She looks great! Does she get equal amounts of the alfalfa pellets and beet pulp? Trying to figure out what to feed my 34 year old to get more weight on him. He's already getting the Triple Crown Senior, Excel EQ and free choice hay.
What a wonderful change!!
Hi Faith, the alfalfa pellets and beet pulp is about equal amount.  We put it together in a bucket to soak it too.  
Do you know when she will be able for adoption
Amy, go ahead and give us a call regarding Cheyenne if you are interested in adopting her.  Cheyenne is doing fantastic, and a conversation regarding her needs would be in order if you are interested.    
Are there any Cheyenne fans out there?  Cheyenne is really thriving.  Even though this old girl is in her 30s, she is absolutely stunning!  She is such a happy girl and a good girl too, always so well behaved and agreeable.  Cheyenne is an absolute joy to have around.    

Cheyenne and the mini's love to get their exercise in the adjacent round pen area, and here are a couple of pictures from yesterday, 7/23/2017.  

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She is stunning--good weight, shining coat, happy--what a transformation and so soon.  Will she be joining the herd?
Great update. She looks great and sounds like she's
doing very well. I wish her former owner would have been able to see this.
Sue J
Wow she is a looker now, I bet she was stunning in her youth. Great job on her rehab!
Beautiful girl!!
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