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Donna R
This warms my heart.  She looks wonderful!
Ann G.
She is so pretty[smile]
What a happy girl!
So is she available for adoption ?
Ava, yes, we would adopt Cheyenne to the appropriate home.  Are you interested?  
I finally took a picture of two of Cheyenne's hay quids.  Cheyenne quids hay or grass this way.  Cheyenne has had her dental work done, needed a bad tooth or two removed, but really doesn't have much for teeth with them being worn down and with her very advanced age, she just isn't growing tooth any more.  Cheyenne's diet is a complete feed diet so that she gets all of her fiber and nutrients since she cannot get down really much at all for hay or grass.  

So we get a few of these beauties daily to pick up.  She likes to suck on them, but then spits them out when she drinks water (daily picking out of water trough) and spits them out at mealtime when she gets her complete feed.  

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Jenni O.
She seems ambitious. Those aren't small!
Cheyenne is quite the character in a lot of respects.  She loves sucking on these quids.  
We've been talking about the fact that Cheyenne is probably ready to go out to pasture for some time now.  Today was an exciting day for us and Cheyenne as we introduce her into the herd and it went fabulous!  Cheyenne has been meeting horses for a while now and it became really obvious now that she has gained all of her weight and is feeling great that she'd much rather be with the crew than with the mini's (sorry mini's).  This couldn't have gone better, and boy is she happy!!  

I took a few pictures to document the day.  Of course she had to roll a few times out there right off the bat.  [smile]  

Cheyenne out to pasture, 9/17/2017:  

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Jenni O.
She looks fabulous! And appears to love her new neighborhood. Haha, neigh-borhood. Sorry, it's early.
That is very exciting! So glad she's out with the rest of the herd and is thriving and enjoying it so much.... She looks amazing!
Another amazing transformation!  Congratulations to Cheyenne and MWHF.
Cheyenne came in the paddock for breakfast and ate all of her food!  That is kind of a big deal because a lot of times when horses first get turned out they are too worried about being out and their new friends and don't want to eat all of their food the first couple of days, and for a horse like Cheyenne that's a big deal.  Very happy!  

Look at her go!  

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Looking fit and happy!
Awesome! She looks so good and so happy!
Scott: MHWF
Tonight when we went out to do evening chores and called Cheyenne up, the old lady (probably 30 plus) came running up full speed. When she was done eating, she paced by the gate and when we let her out, she raced back out by her buddies full speed again.

Very rewarding seeing a horse that was in as bad of shape as Cheyenne was run full speed, looking sound and feeling good.

What a great story!  What could be better than a big pasture to run in and friends to play with?
Can't imagine what an awesome feeling that is to be a part of her transformation
Scott: MHWF
This morning when I went out to do chores and called Cheyenne up, she came up full speed, at a dead run and even threw a buck in there. I can honestly say that I have never seen a horse that old, that was in that bad of shape at one time, run that fast. She is really liking her new life out with the big herd.

Even though we originally thought Cheyenne was about 25, we now know that she is in her early 30's.
Wendy W - WI
So dang happy for her!  
That is so dang sweet! Love her 💜
It's wonderful that you can give the horses in your care the natural herd experience. 
Yesterday (10/10/2017), Cheyenne was running around and bucking and having a good ole time, so I ran in the house to get my cell phone to do a short video.  Of course she was done with that by the time I got back out there, but I did a short video clip of her coming up when I called her.  (that is my Diva in the video with her)  We just recently had a whole lot of rain, so there is that....  
Cheyenne is growing the most velvety, shiny soft winter coat, it is so beautiful and it's hard to stop touching it when you are out by her.  That weird honking noise you hear in the background is peacock noises.  [wink]  

I thought you might enjoy seeing her moving around and how good she looks.  [smile]  

click here
She looks wonderful!!  They both do, actually...LOL!
Karen Sue


I'm just checking in on Chey as I promised her former owner.  She would be so happy to see her doing so well.  

Yes Chey has a bit of a 'tude once in a while but not often.  She is a very sweet girl.   The former owner thought she was gaited.  Do you see that at all?  I know Chey was bought at the Neillsville Sale a long time ago.   

My friends dream was to ride her one last time before she passed.  Sadly she was not able to.  I know she passed knowing that Chey was in good hands.   We talked at length about Chey and what was best for her.   Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more updates. 

Just an FYI~I feel Triple Crown senior as well.  They have a program where after 12 bags the next is free.  Please let them know and show them pictures on how well she's doing on that feed.  They may donate some grain to the program.

Karen Sue. 

Hi Karen Sue, thank you so much for posting, and thank you for keeping an eye on Cheyenne like her owner would have wanted you to.  Chey is doing just great!  She is such a sweetheart and a joy to have around.   I actually ran into Chey's former owner's husband this past Sunday and had a nice talk with him, and he said he will come and visit soon and see Chey.  

Thank you for the tip on the Triple Crown program, I will definitely do that!  
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