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Chief - 15 yrs.

$300 - Chief is a 15 year old Shetland pony gelding. He stands at 41 inches tall at the withers and is sound, healthy, well-cared for and easy going. Chief is current with all his shots, de-wormers and has a brand new Coggins. He has been in the same home for the past 10 years and has been worked with and handled a lot during those 10 years. While he is not truly broke to ride, he has been used to give kids lead line pony rides and has had kids sit on him for photos. He has great manners and gets along great with just about anyone. He likes to go and with a tiny bit of work, would make a great kids trail pony or even barrel pony. He is put together right and likes to move out, so he would be a fun horse for a confident kid to tear around on. Did we mention he is cute too?  Chief has a little blue in his right eye, so pretty!  

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Neat little guy!
Very handsome!
Kara B.
Oh he is adorable~

Barb S
OMG! What a cutie and looks like a ton of personality to boot.
OMG...I would if I could. He won't wait long before finding a home. 
Isn't he a cool little dude!
oh my goodness!  what a cutie!
Amanda M
Oh my gosh, he is adorable.
Chris K
I think Chief and Bob could be great friends!
Chief looks adorable! Someone keeps reminding me that the farm is "full," but there's always room for a pony, right? 

I guess Tracy was correct when she said there's always room for a pony!  
It was a very happy and exciting 4th of July for Chief and his new family, as Chief was officially adopted!  Tracy and Heike came up to meet Chief along with Natalie and Skye, two of Tracy's daughters.  It was a pretty easy decision that Chief would make a great pony for all of them, and he also has a special spot all ready for him to keep another smaller stature horse company.  😉  Tracy boards her equines at Heike's place.  

Big congratulations and a very Happy 4th of July to Chief, Tracy, Natalie, Skye and Heike!  

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Congratulations all around!
Barb S
Awesome! Congratulations!
Thank you! Chief is a great addition to the farm. He is getting along pretty well with his buddies in the pasture. We went for our first ride tonight with the kids. Well, mom went for a jog and the kids went for a ride. This pony can GO. My other horses are tall Tennessee walkers and one of my worries was that his little legs wouldn't keep up, but that's not an issue. He's got a great smooth little trot/run that isn't bouncy and the kids loved it. Natalie just turned 5 and was really comfortable on him. I clipped a set of reins to his halter and my 7 year old was even able to steer and maintain control with some lead line help from mom. They all have a lot to learn before they will be independent, but I think we'll get there with time and practice. It was definitely a learning experience all the way around.

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OH MY!  Isn't that the cutest pony and outfit ever! ??  And so exciting that a 5 year old can ride him and keep up with the big ones.  

Such good news.
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