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Chief's Sweet Dream - 14 yrs.

This will be Dream's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF: 6/16/2012
$500 - Chief's Sweet Dream is a 14 year old registered TWH mare. She stands at 15 hands tall. Dream is current on all her shots, trims and wormings and is ready to go for the 2012 season. She is sound and healthy and has always had very good care. She is a seasoned trail horse and does gait. She gets along well with the other horses in the herd and is not only a joy to have around, but she is also a very nice looking horse as well as an exceptional trail horse. Dream is a very safe horse out on the trails, but is not a slow plodding horse for people who like to take it real slow...she likes to go, as do most gaited horses. Someone is going to be very lucky to adopt this gal for sure!

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Scott: MHWF

Are you all awake out there?

Kristin K
I'm trying not to look. Her and Rebel would make quite the pair! Some lucky person is going to get one gorgeous girl!
Lindsey N
Stunned by how beautiful she is!!  Truly a dream....I am usually not taken that much with chestnuts, and I had that pitter patter, gape-mouthed face thing going on.  Dang........I VOW to one day not work and spend all my time riding horses.  She seems very confident, a great characteristic!!

She's a beautiful mare but I don't think Sierra needs any more competition at this time. Since Bella has joined us, we see that Rebel has a wandering eye.

Denise From MN
I love her look!  I wish, I wish...

OK... I am holding my breath..... is she an endurance horse prospect like Morning and Magic?   wait til I tell my friend Julia!

She's soooo pretty! Time to get my application in!
John B.

I think you should change her name to "2-weeks" (because she wont be there any longer then that)

I think an even better name for her would be "Mine", but that can't happen.  :) 

I also rode Dream when she came in, she was such a good girl and a lot of fun.  There is one lucky adopter out there somehwere! 
Yet another in the string of exceptional mares coming into the program.
And leaving quickly, I'm sure.

Hotline, hotline. Calling on the hotline, here they come...
Kristin K

I told Benj that Rebel needs another gaited horse friend, that hang out with my two "trotting" horses is cramping his style. I just got the look! Someone will be very lucky to get this girl :)


So Now we got to wait until 4 PM to call????!!!!


Grace, not sure what you mean "now we have to wait until 4:00 PM to call".  That is always the case, our telephone hours start at 4:00 PM on weekdays, we are working during the day.  I hope that is pretty clear on the website and contact information.  On weekends we take calls anytime, but we can't entertain phone calls during our work day and regular jobs.  We are ready and waiting to answer that phone at 4:00 PM! 


Yes... That is what I ment Karen.... We have to wait until 4 PM to call.... yes I read the web site contact information.... just waiting until 4 to call on her... I think Julia is gonna try because I have to be driving my bus that time....

She looks like a good match up to Morning and Magic.... our other MWHF Diamonds! 

Scott: MHWF

Not sure if your looking for an endurance horse or a trail horse, but the donor has asked that Dream remain a trail horse and we do want to honor that wish.


Drool and Dream is my new motto:-)

boy she is perfect. just perfect. her name suits her. someone will get so lucky with this girl.
I really like the look in this girl's eyes...such a beautiful horse!
Id sure like to get her. Hopefully she would fit in with my mustang mare, & little jenny. Her gait would sure be better for my back on my bad days. Trail & along the road is all I do, so that part fits.

 Congrats to Dream and her new family!! 

Linda B
The 8 hour drive was well worth the trip, Dream is naturally gaited and a real sweatie.  We will have lots of fun on the trails at home.
Well, that is quite a long drive but maybe it didn't seem like it to get to Dream. I hope you meant she is a sweetie and not one to perspire profusely LOL. have fun on the trails!
Kim B
The "sweatie" was my fault...stupid I-Phone auto correct...anyway Sweetie is much more appropriate for this girl.  Linda...I look forward to riding with you and Dream in July :) 

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Congratulations to Dream and her new family!
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