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Linda and Kim, thank you both so much, it was great seeing you both again! Kim has MHWF adopted horse Yukon. We have known Linda for years and she has adoption horse Poco Candi Chick at her place as well. Linda is also the person who delivered Poco and Taia to MHWF a while back. :)

Dream and Linda did fantastic together and Linda is very well versed in TWH's as well. You couldn't ask for a better match. It was funny when I brought out Dream's bridle and bit, Linda has the exact same Imus bit that Dream is used to. Thank you Kim for getting the riding pics too!

Dream will be with us for a couple of weeks yet, and then Kim will come and pick her up and she will spend a day with Yukon and the others until Linda can pick her up over there. We did do official adoption day pics though since Linda wouldn't be able to come back to pick Dream up.

I couldn't decide which pose on Dream I liked better, so here are 2 pics from adoption day of Dream and Linda.
Thank you again Linda, we look forward to hearing of your adventures together.

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Ok..not that there was anything wrong with the other photos but these adoption photos are gorgeous. They really show off Dream's beauty. She looks great. Congrats on such a good match. Maybe I have this wrong but didn't Taia come in with my Lobo or am I thinking of a different horse?
Scott: MHWF

You are correct, Taia and Lobo came in together, different donors, but came in from the same place on the same trailer.

Jurita, since Dream will be here for a couple more weeks I'm sure I'll get more photos of her yet too. I am really in love with her looks and I need a couple to capture those eyes of hers. :) I just wanted to be more clear about Lobo and Taia too, Linda didn't donate either one of those horses, but hauled them here for their donors and I believe is the one who had recommended MHWF to their donors.
Got it. I didn't think Linda was Lobo's donor but thought those two horses came in together and she had known the donor(s). Anyways....Just wanted to note that Dream and Linda have the same hair. I don't know why I always notice when horses and the adopters have matching hair but I do.
Jane Liess

All I can say is "Perfect".

John B.
I knew I would mess this up, her name should have been "1 week"
Congrats to Sweet and her new family.
Kim B
Dream is halfway through her journey to her new permanent home, Brad and I picked her up yesterday morning, she loaded great and has such a calming presence.  She gets along with everyone, I think Yukon is in love...to bad it is going to be short lived.  The poor girl can't get away from him, he follows her everywhere, at least he will get to visit her when we go on trail rides. 
linda b
Dream is HERE!!!  She trailered like a "dream" and was not too nervous when she got out of the trailer - those soft eyes and ears were working but she never missed a step brave girl!  Her only sign of stres was munch munch munch the grass in her temporary paddock!  I can relate  to emotional eating!  THe next morning she had settled in and was waiting for me at the fence.  Its rather neat that she is more interested in me than the other horses at the moment.  When I call from the deck she looks up and out in the paddock with her, she follows me.  Can't wait to ride - maybe tomorrow?  Heat should be leaving us this evening.  Its been so long since I had to start over with a new riding partner.
Thank you to Brad and Kim for the first half of her 9 hour journey here and Kay and Jane for the second half!!
And of course thanks to Scott and Karen and Dream's former caregiver - we'll do our best!!

Isn't it fun having a new horse? Have a fun time getting to know her. 
Thanks for posting and letting us know all is well Linda!  I know how hard it is to have to retire our older horses from riding, but I'm sure Dream is going to help you through that transition really well, you two were made for each other.  :) 
I got this update from Linda a couple of days ago along with a couple of great pics and thought I'd share here.  :) 
Thanks again Linda! 

From Linda: 
"Here are the newest pictures of my new friend - Chief's Sweet Dream - .  Kim and Brad picked her up last weekend and got her as far as New Prague, then Kay and Jane went down and got here on Wednesday.  She's had quite a week but its like she's been here all her life so I rode yesterday with Letiticia - AWESOME!!!!  Naturally gaited and like a champ loose rein most of the way!  Her brakes and steering  need a bit of tune up but shouldn't be hard at all!"

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Kim B
What gorgeous ladies :)  Brad and I are really looking forward to tomorrow when we will get to do some riding with the two of you and I am sure Yukon will be happy to see his lady friend again. 
I think that smile says it all!
Tammy M.

It has taken me almost 6 weeks to gather the courage to post about Dream's adoption... and I'm still tearing up as I type this. She was the last of four wonderful horses to leave me and my family for other homes this year... decisions that were extremely difficult, and I can't begin to explain how difficult it is to see those pastures empty. 

It's obvious reading your posts and looking at your pictures that you are both truly happy with each other, and that joy helps temper the loss that I'm still feeling. I want to thank you so much for opening your heart and home to "Dreamer" (that's what I used to call her, too). She truly needed someone with a kind soul and warm heart, along with some gaited horse experience, and I'm so thankful that I chose Karen & Scott to make that match. 
Linda B.
I am so happy you posted and so grateful that you chose MHWF to help you find a home for Dreamer.  I have known this program since the beginning!  I am so sorry that you had to go through this though. I knew that she had been well ridden when i pulled out my Brenda Imus bit and Karen laughed and said "that's what she came with!"  She is so sweet and good natured.  Please be assured that my intention is to give her a forever home.  (the last two that lived out their lives here were 44 and 37).  We never know what life will bring as you experienced but here she is and I think she likes me! Be well and at peace with your decision.
Had to just tell you all, Dream and I are doing very well.  Had a great riding season until I had rotator cuff surgery ( no one said - no riding beforehand - guess I didn't ask either!)  Regardless, she has done some trail riding without me helping a few of my friends get back into the swing of things.  Its always a great feeling to have her leave the herd and come to visit when I get out into the pasture.  Am sending a pix your way!

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Linda B.
Here's Dream on right along with Buddy visiting.  Still the best!!!

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Great pics!
Jenni O.
Gorgeous horses! And lovely ladies too, and a cute dog. Looks like you're enjoying summer.
Had another great group ride last weekend.  Dream handled herself very well as a leader - she does walk a bit fast for those QH and Arabs but all of us gaited riders pretty much stick together.
Then no one is trotting to keep up.  I sure wish every weekend could be that full of riding, laughter and bonfires!!  BEst way to spend a day.  We will be heading out on a camping trip soon - not too far away so am looking foward to that adventure, too.
Tammy M
Linda, it's so great to see pictures and your updates on Dream. She really is a terrific girl and I still miss her so much, but I know that I couldn't have found a more perfect home for her on my own. She looks healthy and happy, and I'm thankful (as I'm sure she is) that you appreciate her gait and don't force her into QH speed. So thank you again to Karen and Scott - and to you for giving her a great home [smile]
dream2 on grass.jpg 

Realxing on the yard - we don't need to ride every time!

Linda B.
Guess who came to visit?

Poco with Kim,  Frannie with Brad, Dreamer with Linda and Brittany the Aussie

Lots of great trail riding!

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Been awhile since posting here but Dreamer and I went on a trip out to Medora and she was awesome. Worked the hills, the dropoffs, through the cattle and water like nothing. Her natural gait is so wonderful.  I have a good friend who was horseless at the time and they did well.  (Her tongue sticking out is not indicative of her feelings!)dreamer.jpg
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