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If Chip can make you smile, McCleod, that's pretty powerful mojo.  Sounds like Layla was sending you a message.  When you're ready, you know who she recommends for you.
mel d
What a wonderful dream, think it really might have a message for you.
That's exactly what I was thinking, except then last night I had a dream about Frannie, too.... ;) There are just horses running all around my brain. I fully, 110% believe Layla will set something up for me and send someone special my way (horse, not human haha). I love thinking that she's up there looking out for me. She was my Angel on Earth and now she's got her wings back :) 

Now, back to Chip... I went all the way back to the beginning of his thread and realized I'd never read his whole story! Wow... he went through so much... :( We were there looking at Aria when Chip got adopted by his first family. It's too bad that it didn't work out, but I'm confident he'll find his forever home soon! I mean, look at that face... He just looks like a horse that would be SO easy to fall in love with!
Jenni O.
Choices, choices. You'll know when you're ready, McCleod, and hopefully you can find another that's perfect for you.

I'm amazed Chip is still here. He looks half his age, sounds like a great trail partner, and has many years left in him. I think he's really cute. I would think someone would want to snag him soon, since fall riding is right around the corner. Or here, really, the way the weather has been.
Chip has had more of a rough time adjusting to being in a new place and has been really out of sorts when we take him out.  He is finally finding his place and feeling more at home.  As many know, sometimes it can take a while for a horse to settle into new surroundings, and I think a horse like Chip who was in mainly one home for a good share of his life just had a bit rougher time of it and wondering what his spot in the herd was going to be.  We have been taking him out and he is settling in and getting into a much better routine.  We took him out this weekend and the girls both rode Chip and he did just great at walk, trot and canter.  I also want to mention what a wonderful canter he has!  His canter is smooth as glass. 

Here are a couple of pics with Nicole riding from yesterday, 8/17/2013: 

Attached Images
Name: CHIP-WALK2-AUGUST17-591-copy.jpg, Views: 1823, Size: 129.58 KB

Name: CHIP-TROT-AUGUST17-587-copy.jpg, Views: 1818, Size: 114.50 KB

Name: CHIP-WALK1-AUGUST17-572-copy.jpg, Views: 1826, Size: 150.53 KB

He really is a great horse with such a story behind him.  He is going to be a great addition to someones family!
Idk where I developed the awful habit of going from riding with two hands to one hand once I get to a trot or canter lol!! Awful awful!! Like Karen said his canter... Omg smooth!! He was very fun and listened so well.
mel d
Chip looks like a great riding horse, like anyone moving from a long time situation to new "everything" he needs time to adjust.

I originally adopted "Chip" (known as Reho ((pronounced like Rio)) )  and had him for three years. The only reason I decided to bring him back to MHWF is because I moved and feel as though it wouldn't be fair to leave him with no one to give him love. He is a GREAT horse. He is so funny to watch with such a BIG personality. Nobody would EVER know he's 20 years old. Yes I've never had problems with him with ANYTHING. If anyone looks back on these posts, I've ridden him bareback even in the winter! I've ridden him Western and English. If I had time for him, I wouldn't hesitate adopting him back. And like some other people were saying, because he just came back from being at the same house for three years, he's going to be a little unsure about things. He's a great horse I just wanted to see him go to someone who has time for him! :)

Donna R
I have a 20 year old quarter horse.  She is a favorite to ride.  She has so much get up and go but isn't silly about so many things that some of the younger horses are.  Chip is a great looking guy. Hard to imagine what it is like for them to be thrown into a new environment.  They all need time to get back to being themselves.   Hopefully his adopter is going to come out to meet him soon.
Donna, I was thinking the very same thing. It has to be difficult when the horse has been with someone for a long period of time, and then one day, they are trailered to a different enviroment all together. Sure it is an animal, BUT it even seems sad to even think about. Once they get accustomed to a regular daily routine, it has to be difficult. *Chip* is one beautiful boy.
Bump! How's Chip doing?? I haven't seen him since we came up and met Sailor! He has such a cute little face :) His person must be right around the corner! 
chris MI

It seems about time for a Chip update - he is quietly and patiently waiting for a home and hopefully with summer around the corner his person will find him soon.
I am just getting in the house to clean up to head to my little nephew's 5th birthday party, but funny enough I did snap a picture of Chip when I was outside today.  :)  I will probably post one some time tonight or tomorrow when I get a little computer time.  There is really nothing new to report on Chip, we have had a long, cold, difficult winter around here and we really did not do much with any of the horses other than maintenance.  Our round pen is still covered in about 2 feet of snow, but we are slowly taking some of the horses out and riding them around the parking lot area and driveway, and Chip's turn will be soon.  Thank you for asking about him Chris!  Hopefully we have more to update soon, and a new pic will also be coming soon.  :)  

UPDATE: 6/4/2014

We decided to give Chip some time off last year because he was having some issues under saddle for whatever reason. It seems that time off has really paid off. Chip was one of the true rock stars last weekend when we finally had him out for his first ride of 2014. He did exceptionally well and everyone who saw his first ride of the years was impressed by how well he did and how good he looks. This horse does not look like a 20 year old at all. We would call Chip a horse for an advanced beginner or intermediate rider. You don't have to be a pro, but probably not the right horse for someone just starting out either. We are so happy that Chip got his time off and is happy to be ridden again. What a good boy, fun to ride, good looking and sound as a dollar.

I was truly impressed with Chip. What a wonderful, nice looking and nice to ride horse! He's smooth, eager to please both in the saddle and ground work. If he's shown a little patience and understanding, this horse will do anything for you. You would never know he's 20. He's a true rock star and will make someone an outstanding horse.
This is one of the outcomes that is most exciting!  What a great horse who is going to make someone very, very happy!  Perhaps this Saturday's open house will be Chip's day :)
Here are some pictures of Chip from last weekend.  Thank you Dana, and everyone!  

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Name: 1VOL-CHIP-DANA-MAY31-966-copy.jpg, Views: 1023, Size: 271.06 KB

Name: 1VOL-CHIP-DANA-MAY31-970-copy.jpg, Views: 1007, Size: 250.20 KB

Time for another Chip update.  What can I say, Chip is really a good boy.  He looks to his person for guidance and is very willing.  Chip has been back with us now for almost a year and we have gotten to know him really well.  He is great in the pasture and gets along with just about everyone.  Chip is that horse that thrives on routine and will really bond with his person and do anything for them.  I really encourage people to give Chip another look and really consider coming to meet this boy.  Please read back through all of this thread here from the beginning and see his whole story.  I sure hope we can find someone willing to open their heart to this boy who went through a little rough patch in his life and almost wound up in a pretty bad situation.  I'm sure his previous owner who has passed away would be very happy to know that Chip will find his very own person who will love him.  

Thank you so much to Priscilla for all of her time and work this past weekend!  Here are some pics of Chip and Priscilla from this past Sunday.  

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Name: 1forum-CHIP-PRISCILLA-JUNE22-IMG_2705-copy.jpg, Views: 875, Size: 294.97 KB

I had another awesome ride on Chip yesterday. I pulled him from the pasture and he didn't question a single thing I asked of him, even on the ground. We did walk, trot, canter, and then even walked out of the round pen and into the front yard to trot around a bit. He was awesome, and does so much better once you've worked with him a few times. He just needs a little bit of time to develop respect for and trust in his handler. I've only worked with him 3 times and already he's a steady guy for me. Hope somebody takes a second look at this guy as he's got a lot to offer.
TIme to move Chip back up to the top.  He sounds like the kind of horse a confident but inexperienced rider could ride easily.  I hope his age isn't scaring anyone off - from experience I would think he has many good years ahead of him.
Chip just wanted to say hello and remind everyone that he is here and still looking for a fantastic home!  

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*Chip* is one handsome boy.. Now, he needs to get some SERIOUS searching done for his new FAMILY.
He sure looks nice.
I always look at chip he's such a beautiful horse, and seems like a good fit for anyone
How is Chip doing lately? 
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