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Chip is doing good, hanging out and loving life.  With all of the rain and freezing, we have too much ice to do any consistent work with him.  There have been a few people that we've talked to about Chip, and I hope someone gives him a chance.  I know that he will be great for someone out there.  
linda b
Now that Adoptions are ramping up, need to bump Chip up!
It was a very big day at MHWF yesterday!  It is a rare occurrence when a pasture buddy type horse or harder to place horse finds a home, and not only did Dragon find himself the perfect home but Chip is also going to live with Dragon in his new home!  We are so excited, happy and grateful to Don and Marianne!  After the loss of their horse that they had for so many years, they weren't sure if they were going to have horses any more, but made the decision that having a couple of horses to love was the right thing for them.  Dragon and Chip are the extremely lucky horses who got chosen to go and live the dream life with them.  Don and Marianne did their homework in looking for a horse, and we are also very grateful that they chose MHWF to find their equine family members.  They came all the way from Indiana to do that too!  I just can't express how extremely happy and grateful we are to Don and Marianne, thank you both!!  

Dragon and Chip will be picked up and hauled to their new home some time in the coming week, but we did snap a couple of adoption day pictures with Chip, Dragon, Don and Marianne to share here.  

Again, THANK YOU, Don and Marianne!  We really look forward to the updates on these two boys.  We will keep everyone updated on Chip and Dragon's journey to Indiana.  

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Donna M
This is so awesome! I can't even begin to express how happy my heart feels right now. Congratulations to all!!
Jane Liess
What great adopters and what great horses!  Congratulations, and enjoy them.  Welcome to the MHWF family!
Very happy to hear this wonderful news!!  Congratulations and thank you!!!
This makes my heart happy.
Don and Marianna
Thanks for all of the well wishes!  We are so glad to have found this wonderful place on a google search!

We are very excited and anticipating their arrival this Wednesday afternoon.  We are very grateful to Scott and Karen for giving us the opportunity to adopt these two special horses.  We have plenty of green pasture ready to be "mowed".  We will get pictures posted when they get settled in and let everyone know how they are doing. [smile]
Jenni O.
Congratulations, you two!  And thank you for opening your hearts and pasture to these two.  I'm sure they will be very happy being the center of attention in Indiana.

Ditto what Donna M. said, this makes my heart happy.
Donna R
Congratulations on your adoption of these two great horses, Don and Marianna!  And welcome to the MHWF family!  I'm so happy for all of you.
Diane B
Congratulations!  Enjoy the two wonderful horses you have adopted!
Congratulations! It is so great you chose MHWF adoption to give these two horses a home. Love it!
Chip and Dragon were on the road this morning heading to their new home by 6:30 a.m. and we just got a report of a quick stop in Rockford, IL and all is well.  Wishing them well on their journey and new life!  We look forward to hearing about all of the settling in the coming days.  [smile]  
Don and Marianna

Hi everyone!  Chip and Dragon arrived to their new home just after 330PM (Indiana Time). Many thanks to Dean and Tracie for getting them here safely.  Both exited the trailer just fine and were easily led to pasture.  I snapped some pictures and will get them posted as soon as I get that process figured out.  We let them stay out for several hours and when we went out to put them up for the night, they both came when called! (Such good boys).  Dragon went right into the stall (Does not seem to have a care in the world), Chip needed to be led in (a little on edge at first, but he settled down).  Both were given some grain, hay and water for the night.  We will check on them before bedtime and make sure they each get some treats!  We will keep everyone posted on how they are doing.[smile]

Thank you for the update already folks! Love it!

Adding photos is as easy as clicking on "attach files", choosing your photos and hitting "add reply:. The photos do need to be sized to something reasonable though, 700 or less pixels wide. When in doubt, feel free to email them over and we are happy to post them for you.

Thank you again!
Don and Marianna
A few Photos [wave]

1430337901179.jpg 1430337846350.jpg
Wendy W - WI
So AWESOME!!!  Such lucky boys and I am so looking forward to pictures!
Jenni O.
Sounds like they are right where they're meant to be. I can't see the photos, but could be the device I'm on. Either way, I'm so glad these two found such a great home.
Wendy, are you literally SEEING these 3 PHOTOS, because I am getting NOTHING... and am anxious to see them at their new home.
Aww.  Best wishes to all.  Love Dragon...just a cutie.
Mel D.
Congratulations!!! So happy to hear they made it home and had a good first day. You two rock!
Don and Marianna
Let me try this photo thing again!

20150430_102504-1.jpg 20150429_154135-1.jpg

Don and Marianna

Chip and Dragon are settling in faster than we anticipated!!    Today they spent a busy day in the pasture grazing and napping!!   Dragon was caught all stretched out soaking in the sun earlier with Chip standing guard.  We had a lot of yard traffic going on too - didn’t bother them at all.  We had to laugh at them tonight though.   It didn’t take them long (exactly 24 hours) to figure out what time supper is.  We went out and called for them one time.   Dragon and Chip came running and went straight to their perspective stalls ready to go in for the night.   Good Boys !!!!! [wink]


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My heart sings. Thank you for giving these two so deserving boys a forever home
Don and Marianna
Finallywas able to get some updated pics of Chip and Dragon.   The boys are doing great and seem very
content and happy with their new surroundings.  Neither one misses a thing, and wherever we are, you can bet they are going to be there too!   Chip and Dragon get along real good together – UNTIL – the grooming supplies come out.  It then turns into a battle royale on who is going to get groomed first.   It takes both of us to groom as it is impossible for one person to even try. I never seen two horses literally push each other out of the way to get brushed out and sprayed.   Can you say hilarious!!!       They both do what we ask of them and are good as gold. We could not ask for anything more.  [smile]


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