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They both look great!  Sounds like they are training you well.  [wink]  [smile]  I'm sure the boys realize how lucky they are.  
Scott: MHWF
Love the update and the photos, thank you!

People like you both are absolute heroes to us and programs like MHWF. Finding homes for pasture buddies is not easy at all and people willing to take horses that cannot be ridden are pure gold, like you are.

Most people can talk the talk, but you guys walk the walk and we thank you very much for that.
Wendy W - WI
I cannot wipe this smile off my face!  I love love love the pictures and update.  Such lucky horses.

I agree with Scott and Wendy!  You are both so wonderful and the smiles keep coming!!
Don and Marianna
A couple of more Pics:  Snack time before bed... We go out everynight at bedtime and check on the boys and give them some carrots!!  The are always ready for the Snack!![smile]

Carrots 4.jpg 

Carrots 3.jpg 

Don and Marianna

Hi everybody.  Thought we would get everyone updated on Chip and Dragon.  We got some photos taken today of them.   They are both doing absolutely fantastic and needless to say spoiled to the gills!    Both love to come in from the field and get under their fans in the afternoon.   We mist water in the fans and it blows on them – they think it is great.    Of course after grooming and the cool mist, it is nap time until supper.   Chip has changed a lot in looks and attitude the past couple weeks. He was carrying his head somewhat high and always seemed a little bit on edge. Chip has now dropped his head down to shoulder level and will even keep it there even while trotting along beside me.  He is extremely laid back and listens to every word we say.  Chip has also gained weight and is starting to muscle up.      Dragon has come a long ways also.   There were a few things that he was leery of but not anymore.   He has become quite laid back, listens, and takes everything in stride.  He is about the same weight wise but he has muscled up a little more.   They both have learned to trust us and are showing a lot of affection now.   We went through Valley Vet and bought them each a hanging net hay rack mainly to slow Chip down on eating.  Absolutely love those racks!   It has slowed Chip down 100% and now takes him 3 to 4 hours to finish what was taking him 1 hour.   It took Dragon a little while to get use to using the hay rack as he wasn’t sure about it but he has now finally figured out how to manage it.   Chipper and Drag are so easy to handle and very easy keepers.  They have turned into great horses and we adore them – we are so proud of them both!  Thank you so much Scott and Karen for giving us an opportunity to be part of MHWF and for giving us a chance to give Chip and Dragon a forever home. 

20150704_104925.jpg 20150704_105457.jpg 20150704_105648.jpg 20150704_110016.jpg 20150704_110039.jpg 20150704_110727.jpg 

Donna R
What lucky horses Chip and Dragon are!  Your update made me smile.  Glad they are working out so well for you.
Carla (Wis)
What a beautiful place you have for the horses!
Jenni O.
Happy update! Both boys look so good, and properly spoiled. (Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to spoil horses.)
Don and Marianna

You are so right Jenni O.  We don't mind spoiling the horses as long as they mind us.   We do not let Chip and Dragon get away with anything.    Both horses know the meaning of "no" and "stop" and they get rewarded when they behave.  In the past 8 weeks, we have worked with Chip and Dragon on several little things and have had nothing but positive results.  By working with them the way we have, the horses and us are developing a strong bond.       

Don & Marianna
Thank you Carla (Wis).   We have been here about 15 years now.   It has been alot of work for the two of us but we really like it here.    The horses have around 2 acres to run around in.   With all the rain we have had the last couple months, the grass has stayed quite green.
Awesome update! Chip really looks great, and your place is lovely!
Perfect home for those boys!

Don and Marianna

Yesterday was bath day for our kids !!    Chip and Dragon had a real good soaking Aloedine bath and then had hair conditioner sprayed on.    Even our dog Peyton got in on the bath detail ( as you can see he is still in relax mode ).   Both horses enjoyed their bath and getting cleaned up.   We went out and took some updated photos this morning.  

20150823_103805.jpg 20150823_103659.jpg 20150823_103644.jpg 20150823_103445.jpg 20150823_103617.jpg 20150823_103738.jpg 20150823_103754.jpg 20150823_104455.jpg 

Jenni O.
Dragon, why the long face?! I crack me up! They look so nice and shiny. When can you come bathe mine? By the way, I love that photo of Dragon's head. There's just something about that noggin of his.
Don and Marianna

Christmas Card 2015.jpg

To All:  Have a beautiful and "Merry Christmas" and a safe "Happy New Year".  May everyone be blessed in 2016.

The Anglins


Scott & Karen: MHWF
Love it, thank you! [smile]
Jenni O.
What? You have snow? No fair! Love the photos.
Don and Marianna
Snow lasted for all of one day!![smile]
Happy Holidays to you as well!  The pics are great!  Your "kids" have quite a life--heaven on earth!

Karen--don't tell your "kids" about Dragons' bath and hair conditioner or they will want a day at the "Spa" also!
You brought a big smile to my face with your pictures Don and Marianna.  May you have a wonderful X-Mas with your great looking friends
Don & Marianna
Chip is getting a Hug and a Cookie!!

Spring is Just around the corner!!!


Jenni O.
They don't look spoiled at all! And yes, spring is around the corner! It will get to you first, but hurry it on its way north.
Don and Marianna
Chip wanted to say "hi" to everybody also and let you know he is doing awesome as well !!   Chip had all his shots and teeth floated the other day and got a clean bill of health.   Like Dragon, he is waiting for it to warm up a little more so he can have a bath.  Chip has filled out alot this winter, and along with the chiro work on his back, is feeling a whole lot better.  As someone posted a good while ago - they thought of him as a diamond in the rough.   No truer words could have been spoken.   It took us a little bit to learn Chip and figure out what makes him tic but we are happy to say the diamond that was hid in him is starting to shine !!   Every now and then he still has a "Chip" moment but they are short lived.  He is finally figuring out that he has a forever loving home.    He is our little "Chipper" !


Sue J
Love the update of the boys and even better when there are pictures! Your place is beautiful they really add to the beauty of the landscape. I think everyone would love to have that view out their window. Thank you Don and Marianna for opening up your heart and home to Chip and Dragon. They are very lucky!  
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