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Oh, dear.  So sorry to hear of your sudden loss.  They never stay long enough. You gave him the best of care and made him as happy as he could be.  Hugs to you all.
Heike B
So very sorry for your loss
Oh my!  Such a tragic loss!  My heart goes out to you, as we all know: saying goodbye is never easy.  Chip surely knew he was well loved and is now at peace.  Bless you for the love and care you showed him.  My deepest sympathy to you both and to Dragon.
Jenni O.
Oh, I'm so sorry! We are all going to miss the Chip updates, so I can't imagine the hole he left in your hearts. He had a wonderful home with you guys.
Don and Marianna

Thank you everyone.  We recently lost our little 13 year old beagle Peyton back in March due to cancer and now Chip so this is really hard.    I realize you only know Don and I from photographs that you see so I am going to do my best right now and try to fight my emotions to tell you a little bit more on what happened to Chip so if I ramble on please forgive me.  Looking at the forum, I did not realize the last photo taken of him was under the rainbow, so that doesn’t make it any easier.    On Saturday, the boys came in to get under their fans.   Don and I had to leave for just a couple hours to take care of errands.   When we got home Chip was sweating profusely and in a lot of pain.   We gave him Banamine and called the Vet immediately.   In the meantime we tried to keep him up which was a battle itself and keep him walking and trying to cool him down.    When Dr. Britni arrived, we gave him relaxers, tubed him, and gave him some pain medication.   Chip seemed to start responding to meds.   He had no fever and his heart rate started   coming down.   He started have belly rumbles and had started to cool down for us.   Dr. Britni thought we were through the worst for all signs were leading positive.  Dr. Britni gave him another sedation shot to keep him relaxed.  At this point, to the amazement of Dr. Britni and ourselves, as sedated as Chip was, he was able to get up and walk himself to the stall because he wanted to be under his fan.  He is one tough little horse.     That night late we checked on him – Chip was up, dry, and had ate his hay so we thought we would let him be so he could relax from the ordeal.    Little did we know that the next morning the ordeal was far from being over.     We called Dr. Britni again and we together had to make the heartbreaking decision of saying goodbye to Chip.   Through the whole process, we never left his side.   Dragon was with us also.     We did everything humanly possible to save him even talking possibility of surgery.  But, with Chip’s age and what was going on inside him, and what he would endure afterwards, surgery was not an option.  Since then, I have spoke with other Vets, and they all agreed, we did the right thing for Chip.    All we have now is sweet memories of him:  loving his carrots and apples, always running out to greet us when we got home,  always wanting to be first in everything, and always trying to open doors and gates and I could go on and on.   It just shows how quickly things can change in a matter of minutes.

Dragon has his moments, but is coping very well at this point.  We are keeping his routine the same and that helps him a lot also.   Don and I promised these two horses that this would be their forever home and they would never want or need anything again and we are doing the best to live up that.     A working friend of Don’s has horses and had offered to let us have a 22 year old retired show horse a couple years ago.  We did not have room for him at the time because we had the boys.   We called him and by a ray of sunshine, he still has the horse and will be bringing him over in a couple days so Dragon will have a buddy again soon.    We told Dragon he didn’t have to worry, he wasn’t going anywhere, this was and always will be his home here with us.  

I can not express to you out there on this forum how much we cared for and loved Chip and Dragon.   They quickly became our kids and we adored them.  They never wanted for anything.   As I told Scott and Karen, we often question why we keep putting ourselves through this agony and heartbreak.     It’s because the animals become our children and we love them.   Give your horses and pets a hug for us and never take anything for granted.

We will keep you posted on Dragon and his new friend.

Thanks again for listening.




I am so very sorry for the loss of your Chip.  Thank you for sharing him with us and know that you aren' t alone. Chip lived in horse paradise and was so loved.

Diane B
Such sad news!  Don and Marianna, you gave Chip the very best possible home, full of attention and love.  Thank you for being a forever home for those beautiful horses.  Chip hit the jackpot when he came home to your farm.  Hugs to you.  RIP Chip.
Wendy W - WI
I am so very sorry for your loss of Chip.  He was always one of my favorites.  He had the best life ever with you and as heartbreaking it is, he was one of the lucky ones.  He knew love and had the best care to the end.  Can't ask for much more.  Sending my most sincere condolences.  

Thanks for sharing Chips last days with us. You absolutely did the right thing for Chip. We all enjoyed your updates and stories on the boys. Can't tell you what a good feeling it is to see how Chip was cared for and loved in his last years. Wish every horse was so blessed. As painful as it is to lose them, I am so glad you are taking in another horse to give an awesome retirement home.
Leslie V
I am so very sorry for your loss of Chip. Your updates on Chip and Dragon always put a smile on my face. This one has left me with tears - my heart aches for you....
I am so sorry for your loss 😔 Chip was one that touched my heart and I was so happy he had his forever home with you guys! He surely knew he was loved!
Leslie V
I am so very sorry for your loss of Chip. Your updates on Chip and Dragon always put a smile on my face. This one has left me with tears - my heart aches for you....
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