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I just love this boy... hope he finds his perfect home and human(s) very soon. 
Penny B.

This boy is way to cute to be on page 2 already!!! 

Patty R.
Love this guy!  Sent in application to get the ball rolling!  Looks like a road trip to see you guys really soon.  :)  Look forward to meeting all of you!
I look everyday to see the "adopted" sign on Chips Bio. I hope it works out, I would be doing the same thing you are doing if I had room for another, believe me!   Early Congrats, keeping my fingers crossed for you. Candy
Patty R
Yes, we are trying to see Chip, however someone else is in line.  So we have to wait our turn.  We might not get the chance to see him.

Patti W
Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a guy like chip at my home as well.  Reading the bio made me cry as well. ....  Being a cancer survivor 5 yrs now.  That was a big worry for me what if??  what if?? what would happen to my 4 legged kids???  What a wonderful thing you all do at MWHF - I am sure his owner is up in heaven smiling down at all of you - and looking out for her Chip.  Wish I had an app filled out and had a chance at him.  He does look like a wonderul boy!

Oh, I guess I didn't realize someone else was waiting on their adoption, who ever it may be, I wish them my congratuations on a great boy!  candy

Big CONGRATULATIONS to whomever *Chip* chose to take him to his FOREVER home and pas ture... This is great news, and I hope you can send allot of updates and photo's of t his beautiful boy!
A giant thank you, congratulations and happy birthday to Wyatt! It was a very awesome day here at the farm and Chip was so lucky to find his girl and family today and also it will be Wyatt's 16th birthday on the 1st of December! What a magnificent birthday present this is (two 16th birthdays--Aria's adopter too). We did get some pictures today and I will be sure to share tomorrow when I have some computer time.
Wyatt did really great with Chip and he was just what she has been looking for. We are so happy that Chip has found such a great home and made someone so happy as well. Thank you Wyatt and happy birthday! Tanya, it was really great meeting you!
(Pics soon)
mel d
Hurray for Chip and Wyatt! Happy trails to you...
Can hardly wait for the photos :-)

Congrats Wyatt and another big happy birthday here! What a coincidence :) You got such a cute horse!



Patty R
Congrats Wyatt!!!!!  Lucky YOU!  Chip looks like an awesome horse, so glad he is going to an amazing home My best to the both of you!
Wendy W - WI

Congratulations!!  This boy is soooo special.  I am so looking forward to the pictures and hope for many updates.

Denise S - WW
Big Congrats to Wyatt & Chip!!!! Looking forward to pics too!!!!

I hope Chip is settling in nicely.  It was so much warmer today than yesterday!   

I have a really cute picture of Chip with Wyatt on adoption day (11/27/2010).  It was such a cold day but we did manage to get one without everyone's breath showing.  ;) 

Here is a cute pic of Chip and Wyatt on adoption day. 


Wendy W - WI

ADORABLE!!  Awe you two look great together.  Congrats again! 

mel d

Is it just my monitor, or is Wyatt's hair almost the same color as Chip's? What a match! Could a birthday be any sweeter? Think not!

Jenni O.

Congrats!  What a great birthday present!

You are so very lucky to have this boy in your life!  Look at those eyes on him, those sure tell his story.  I think he's going to love you and be your very best friend. You both look very happy and right for each other! Glad to see you have him. candy
Yes, *Chip* is a beauty to look at. His eyes and the EVERYTHING looks spectacular. Good Luck, and I hope that you can find the time to send a few photos and updates. He is a real cutie.Congratulations, Wyatt!~~ I like your name, very UNIQUE, to fit our matchup~
Tanya R.
Hi Everyone!!!
First off, I would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to both Karen and Scott for giving Wyatt (OK, legally- It is technically *me* lol!) the opportunity to adopt "Chip"!  Our visit was an awesome experience for our family.  I greatly appreciated the honesty, and affection you showed to us.  You both treated us like you have known us for years.  I would recommend the foundation to anyone willing to listen to me :) Trust me, it has already been plastered all over mine / Wyatt's Facebook!

  Due to an unexplainable and unexpected situation just this past summer, Wyatt's senior horse had crossed the Rainbow Bridge way before his time.  To be honest, we were not anticipating getting another horse until Spring. 
But then we saw "Chip" online... And as everyone knows- You have to make hay when the sun shines!  How could we pass him up!?  And so we called...  (November is kind of Spring like, isn't it?? lol.) 

Talk about a "WIN-WIN"!  Unfortunately, Chip lost his master, and Wyatt lost her companion.  But now by fate and a phone call, they have found each other! 

As a mother, I am grateful that Wyatt now has her life back by having Chip at her side.  Chips comes to not just Wyatt, but to all of us in the form of promise, and hope for the future.  Even in the short 24 hours it has been, I can already tell he is filling the hole left in her heart.  Our household has become more upbeat again.  And we are back to our family's joking ribbing of "My horse is better than your horse because..." Which usually ends in something ridiculously funny!  Yes, we do have a few other horses- But it's just not the same when that horse isn't "Yours", and yours alone.

Chip does have a new name.  I was informed of it last night!  Wyatt has named him "Reho" pronounced: rEEhO.  And if you say it 10 times fast, it sounds like "Rio"!  She decided to honor her previous horse's name "Hero" and come up with something out of the letters.  There pretty much is only one other word you can spell (incorrectly) with the word "Hero" but I don't think calling the horse THAT name would be a good idea! LOL!

"Reho" is settling in great and learning his routine.  Outside during the day, and inside his 10 x 14 stall at night.  Outside of her smothering him with affection,  Wyatt took him hand walking today.  He did better than expected!  They even had a very loud pick-up truck go screaming past (grrrr.) 

Right now our main focus is to slowly get some pounds on him.  Come Spring, the focus will be to get him out of pasture condition and to get him fitted for the upcoming show season!  He will be quite the little looker!

I'm certain Wyatt will keep his thread going from here!  What girl doesn't like to brag about her horse :)

Thank you Karen for the beautiful picture of Wyatt and Reho.  You do amazing work!

And lastly,
HAPPY SWEET 16TH BIRTHDAY WYATT! :) (sorry, couldn't resist!)

I do have a picture from yesterday that I will email to Karen to post on the thread.
Take care,


Tanya, thank you so much for posting and for your kind words.  We are so happy that Chip/Reho has found such a great home and that he means so much to you all already.  The name Reho is great, I love it!! 

The picture of Wyatt and Reho in the roundpen here at MHWF is awesome!  Thanks so much for sending it Tanya, and thank you all again. 

Happy birthday Wyatt! 

Here is the pic of Wyatt with Reho here at the farm. 

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Wendy W - WI

I think Reho is a great name for him too.  The picture is the best and I love your story even though Wyatt lost her horse this year.  But saying that, I also love your story how Reho is already a topic of, "my horse is better than yours".  I think you may have stiff competition with Wyatt and Reho.    Looking forward to many pics and updates

Denise S - WW
OMGosh! How fabulous!! The pics are beautiful!! I am so sorry for the loss of your other horse Wyatt but I can tell you & Reho will have  a beautiful life together!! Congrats again!
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